Sunday, March 23, 2003

“Nobody walks in L.A.”
I went out shopping today and there were limos everywhere you turn – all the celebs were going to the Oscars. It’s a good day to shop in L.A. cause the streets are virtually empty – the whole town prepares for this day so it’s easy to get around.

Speaking of driving - the other day we see a PT Cruiser with the license plate “PT TUDE.” That is so retarded. I have a problem with people who get personalized plates that just restate what car they drive. Hello – we can tell it’s a “PT” and that you have a “TUDE.”

Yeah, yeah, I have a personalized plate, but it doesn’t say “CRVLOVA” or something craptacular like that. Throw a shoutout to your fave sports team or put your kids names, I’m just saying don’t state the obvious. I.E., “TTROCKS” or “911FAN.” Let’s be original, people.

Check it out - the California DMV let's you see if the personalization you want is availiable.


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