Friday, June 27, 2003

Futures made of virtual insanity now

So lovely Tivo taped Naked Chef on the food network for me, just as I asked it too. Aw, Tivo, you shouldn't have.

Much to my surprise Jamiroquai was featured! They are truly brilliant and really underappreciated in America. Most people only know they from that retarded moving sidewalk hook and fuzzy hat back in like 1996. They are so much more than that - a truly funky groovy brand of acid jazz. Apparently they are releasing a new album - probably only in the U.K. so I better revisit my Amazon UK account for that one.

Jamie made a delicious looking roast for the band - and I got to see how Yorkshire Pudding was made - not the way I had thought it was. Man, Jay Kay is a British superstar - cause his kitchen was to die for.


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