Monday, June 09, 2003

We all scream for...
Talk about overindulgence. This has been a weird food weekend for me - of which I will spare you the details - but I capped it off tonight with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery. Their rather enticing billboards were what did me in. First we couldn't find the damn place and just as we were about to give up - we drove right past it. It was pretty darn happening for a Sunday night at 9:30pm.

If you haven't been to one before - it's basically ice cream, with a twist. You pick your ice cream flavor, then a mix in. The server then throws these ingredients on a cold marble stone and mixes it together with two paddles. Sounds disgusting? Well it's pretty damn tasty actually. The ice cream flavors are pretty basic save for one or two strange ones. Let's just say I passed on the "Cake Batter Ice Cream." Instead I chose my fave: Coffee. I'm such a sucker and so predictable. Now for the mix ins- the first one is free, but any additional is like 75cents - so it can get pricey. I went with Twix bars. There were also brownies, Snickers, chocolate chips, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, gummi bears, and fresh fruits, too many to name. I just went with my Coffee ice cream and Twix bars mixed in. If you can't even begin to imagine what to concoct - you can go with one of their "Cold Stone Original Creations". I would suggest this is the best way to go cause mine was rather plain - and since they invented the stuff, they really know what tastes best. Kyle decided to get their "Apple Pie ala Cold Stone." Darn it if that didn't taste EXACTLY like apple pie, it was amazing! They started with sweet cream ice cream, added apple pie filling, graham cracker pie crust, cinnamon and a touch of caramel. Yum.

Although we bought smalls, there was no way I could finish it. I used to love ice cream to the point where I could eat in morning, noon and night, but in my old age - I've over it. Now small doses is about all I can take. Still, it was an experience and I will of course, be going back. After all, the "Coffee Lovers Only" is calling my name...


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