Saturday, May 10, 2003

Spare us the cutter

I need a haircut. Badly.

I'm trying to grow it out and it looks just horrible. But for some reason, everytime I look in the mirror and tell myself, "God, this is the worst, I need a haircut," the next day my hair looks fine. It's tricking you or something. My hairdresser confirmed this. She said that happens all the time.

The salon I go to is called "Curl Up and Dye." I picked the place soley on the name. Much like I lean towards things with good fonts. Speaking of - we were driving the other day and I saw a new restaurant called "SHABU2" with the most gorgeous glowing backlit "Arial Black" font for their sign. Simple, classic, understated. No curley q's or garish colors. Just simple. Based on this I told Kyle, we HAVE to eat there. He said, "But what if the food is awful?" I told him, it's not the food, it the font.

Friday, May 09, 2003

I hope the Russians love their children too

I am an idiot. Only an idiot would voluntarily drive to and from Hollywood on a Friday afternoon. Only in L.A. would it take me over an hour to go 14 miles. But I was on a mission you see? I wanted the Stereophonics and I am too much of a cheap bastard to buy it new. Anyway, the end justifies the means. Nothing like that sweet, sweet exhiliration when you walk up the stairs to the open floor of Amoeba Music. How could I forget about this place (cause it's far away - would be the answer.) - the best music store in Los Angeles. With over 1,000,000 - yes that's one million cds, it's a music lovers paradise.

An hour and $50 later -- I had 6 cds.

Sting - Dream of the Blue Turtles
His best solo cd - the entire thing is completely brilliant. I wore out my cassette and never replaced it.

Weezer - (the Green Album)
Rivers Cuomo, oh yeah....

Depeche Mode - Exciter
I broke down and bought this thing. And you want to know what the final selling point was for me? The cute photo of Fletch on the back. Aw, who can resist that face?

Stereophonics - Performance & Cocktails
Don't make me repeat this fiasco...see below**

Nerfherder - Self Titled
For only $4.95, you must be joking?

Badly Drawn Boy -Have you Fed the Fish
God, "All Possibilities" is just soooo great...

**The bad news - I found the Stereophonics, bought it - brought it home---no cd. Goddamit why didn't I check? Must I repeat, I am an idiot. Oh well. I just called Amoeba and they said no prob - they'll take it back. Thank God.

Take the Red Pill

So...I wonder if the guy at the counter of Barnes & Noble was concerned about me - since my purchases included the two books, "Please Kill Me" and "The Pill Book - A Guide to over the counter prescription drugs."

Then I just read that you know who is reading "Please Kill Me" too! It's fate I tell you, fate.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

So thumbs up or thumbs down?

So I talked to my grandma today. Usually she goes to the movies alot, but lately, she's been too busy.

Me: "So what was the last movie you saw Gram?"

Gram: "Holes."

Me: "Dude, that sounds like a porno."

Gram:"Hmm...Maybe that was Holes Part 1....."

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Happy Birthday to you...

xXx's birthday was actually last week, but it was only last night that we got to celebrate. YAY!

Here's a pic of the two of us, looking our best.
(psst...I'm the monkey on the left....)

I'm angry, and I have a hat on!

Goodbye JoshUSA Gracin.

Top 5 Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, and today I am a little unprepared. Again I had weird dreams last night. I dreamt that my realtor called me and had two houses for me to buy - but the owners were both related to Dick Van Patten...Really, I've got to ease up on the crystal meth....

So let's go this route -

Top 5 reasons why I am unprepared for the Top 5 Wednesday
5. I had the FLU
4. I was bashing my TIVO with a baseball bat (Office Space style)
3. I was busy arguing the fact that I do NOT drive an SUV.
2. I was up late helping Martin Gore comb his hair.
1. Ok, wait, there was this giant evil rabbit....

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Been running so long -I've nearly lost all track of time
I thought I was gonna die. From 2pm yesterday to this morning, I slept, vomited, had the shakes--I thought this was the end, man. No I wasn't coming down off a crack high--I caught the FLU! They're not joking when they say 24 hour flu though - cause it's pretty much gone. Thankfully my husband took excellent care of me.

I know I caught it from someone in Vegas...and you know who you are...

You dream weird things when you have a fever and the chills at the same time... Last night I thought Jane Wiedlin was the devil and she was beckoning me to hell.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares

O.K., What’s Dave singing about here, if you ask me it’s about barfing. I mean hello,

“praying on the porcelain throne, on my dirty sticky floor.”

NASTY. I love it.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Addiction, thy name is SIC BO.
I have found the best game in Vegas. If you aren’t a gambler, or have very little money or if you just have a lot of time to kill while your husband is busy playing Caribbean stud….er…is that just me? Then SIC BO is the game for you!

I think the reason I love this game so much is that it is very similar to roulette, and you are just betting on dice combinations. Basically - it's three dice in a shaker, and you bet on --
1. The dice combos
2. The dice total
3. Whether or not the dice total is low (between 3 and 10) or high (between 11 and 18).
There is also that rare possibility that the same number will come up on ALL THREE DICE. The dealer told me that that’s just once in a lifetime…uh – I saw it happen four times this weekend. Still, I’d put money on it – it pays 180 times your bet.

Dick Lau and I played, and he made up to $175!! Whether or not he still has that money today isn’t the point…the point is it’s a fun and very easy game to learn. Also the minimum bet at the average casino is a mere ONE DOLLAR. How can you argue with that? Next time you go to Vegas – play SIC BO. You won’t regret it.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Last night Kyle was playing Everquest and damn that game sucks. It is so boring. They just run around killing weird animals. So I grabbed the keyboard and starting typing crazy shiet to the other players...

Like - Kyle's character only "heals" people, he doesn't even get to kill anything! So I said:
"Why does my job suck?"

The game is pretty dull, and being animated characters and all, it looks like they are just running around in circles...
"Hey Ray Charles, the Boar is over here!"
"Hey YOU - I saw that other player stab you in the ass instead of the boar!"

And then you can go up to other players and trade things - so I went up to one guy and said -
"Hey you - I'll trade you a bag of pot for an ounce of crack."

Fed up by my antics I suppose, someone said to me -
"I'm gonna kick your ass"
First of all....these boys don't know who they're playing with, don't try and play a playa - sucka, so I said,
"Not in that outfit you punk ass b*tch."

I told Kyle - now I know why you play this stupid game - it's a laugh riot! And Kyle's like, " one usually types anything, we just play the game..." Most of them guessed it was me, since Kyle doesn't say rude things - EVER, so the responses, if any - were "Jenn? Is that you...?"

Most of the time they were trying to ignore me. RUDE. But I quite enjoyed myself...indeed.

My fave line was of course was:
"Don't eat the boar meat, it's got the SARS."

And together, we're WYLD STALLYNS!

HOLY SH*T. How much do I love MTV"S Real World...and how much do I love Keanu Reeves?? Well Rebecca from Real World 7 Seattle has started a new band and the members are none other than Keanu Reeves and Rob Mailhouse from Dogstar!!

They are called BECKY and playing the Viper Room Monday night!! But I will be so beat, since we are going to Vegas this weekend and I am going to Martin Gore on Tuesday. I just don't have the energy. Damn it all.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Note to self: Don't hang with 30 Cent when she's had a bad day at work....

So I questioned the validity of 30 Cent's fave POP ROCKS ice cream - I'd never heard of such a thing. I shoulda known better. She was pretty cheesed off that I would even doubt her. I haven't seen her this mad since I questioned whether or not "cho cha" was a real word.

Oh wait - I have seen her more po'ed. That time that I was being a good friend and saved her some of my kettle corn, knowing how much she loves the snacks.

30 Cent: "I be hungry..."

Me: "I just happen to have some kettle corn that I save just for you, aren't I a thoughtful friend??"

30 Cent: "LIAR!!!!!!!!"

Me: "What the hell are you talking about?"

30 Cent: "You CLOWN, you didn't save it JUST for me."

Me: "RUDE! Yes I did! and why are you so damn angry and sh*t?"

30 Cent: "I'm having a bad day!!! The Bossman was all up in my grill!"

ME: "Jesus, well come and get your popcorn, beyotch."

Sheesh. By the way - I looked it up, there's NO SUCH THING as pop rocks ice cream!! So she can take that popcorn and shove it up her cho cha. RUDE!