Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Hey you guys!
Well, I went to see Lord of the Rings - Return of the King last night and I must say I wasn't impressed. The only good thing about it was that I saw it at the Cinerama Dome. The Arclight Theatres are the best movie going experience for any movie lover. 'Nough said.

I have to agree with my brother who warned me, "It's nothing but hobbits climbing rocks for three hours." Oh and he did point out that there was a character who looked exactly like Sloth from the Goonies, as if they just used the old face mask from the 80's.

Also I hate that stupid Gollum - that son of a bitch was evil and Sean Astin (speaking of Goonies) knew it. Sean Astin should've just kicked from Frodo's ass for always doubting him. The only thing I loved was Orlando Bloom of course.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Oops she did it again
I'm finally off bedrest! The doctor said I can do anything I want, and if the baby comes, it comes. Whew.

Thank god too cause my grandma was driving me nuts. I yelled at her at Christmas cause she was all up in my grill about not getting up. Hello, what am I supposed to do if I have to pee?? So anyway - the doctor just wanted the baby safe for a week, now it doesn't matter.

Me: Hi Gram - I just called to say IN YOUR FACE OLD LADY.
Gram: In my face?
Me: The doctor said I could get up and do all the things I normally do so you can shut it with your comments now.
Gram: Really? That's good. (changing the subject) I wore those pajamas you bought me for Christmas.
Me: Oh, they fit well? What about the elastic waist, I hate those personally.
Gram: That's ok, I wear them low like Britney Spears.
Me: What? Gross, since when are you taking fashion tips from Britney Spears?
Gram: Well, just the pants. They're comfortable.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Losing my mind
I have been watching a lot of Trading Spaces. Tonight's was a nightmare. I hate circles. Polka dots, circoles, dots patterned spheres - they all make me seriously physically sick. I don't know what it is but if I see polka dots - I want to throw up.

So the fact that Hildi wallpapered an entire living room with polka dotted paper - it made me want to cry. If that was my room I'd scream at the reveal and immediately tear the sh*t down.

Also if I see that stupid b*tch cry one more time about her brown fireplace, I'm gonna lose it. That room looked great and she has some bad midwestern country taste.

Besides all that I have been obsessively watching the Travel Channel's World Poker Tour. Hello, I can't help it. I like to see how these guys think. Now I am learning how to play Texas Hold 'Em. All very interesting. Maybe I'm intrigued since I won all that money at three card poker last Vegas trip.

Anyway - I can't wait for my doctor's appointment Monday. Hopefully she'll lift this bedrest sentence and I can stop watching crap tv.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


This bedrest thing sucks. I seriously hate being at home. Hate it.

Today kyle went out and did errands and I rode along in the car. I never got out of the car - I just sat there, in the parking lot. So I took the portable dvd player and just watched dvds while he went and did his thing. Sad to say, but damn it was fun. It was just so nice to just get out of the house.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Baby, baby
Well I went to a routine doctor's appointment this morning and look out - the baby is on his way!

Although I still have a month to go - I am dialated already and the doctor said the baby is so low that she felt his head. Sheesh. It's too early. I really didn't want to have him before the new year. If he's born on Christmas Kyle really will insist on naming him Jesus.

So now I'm on bedrest for at least a week and then we'll see how it goes. So here I am fulfilling my dream of staying home from work and watching Oprah, and it's a freakin' rerun. Damn it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Every year we do a "Secret Santa" for our family. Where we write down a list of things we want under $50 and whoever pulls your name just buys off the list. I thought I was well prepared this time, but NOW I've found so many other things I really want. Poo. True - most of them are over $50 - but this is just a wishlist so who cares.

1. Fish's Eddy HULA coffee mugs ($9.95)
- these are too cute!

2. EIEIO gift wrap. ($7)
-Sure giving gift wrap is a weird gift but since I LOVE paper it's not sooo weird.

3. Let it Be; Naked - The Beatles ($12)
- The sound difference is amazing. I can't wait to load this on my IPOD

4. A one year membership to e-stationery ($15)
- It allows you to send personalized emails to people with cute custom designs. Very smart, why didn't I think of that? Test it out here...

5. Return to Tiffany tag Necklace ($210)
- I have always wanted this necklace, as much as it looks like a "dog collar" as someone once noticed. But it looks very good with a collared button down shirt. Of which I have many.

6. Dual Purpose Tongs ($20)
-You know I love Martha Stewart, I'm sure you can find the same items somewhere cheaper (Surfas) but hey - I love my kitchenware.

7. Gucci blush/brown pochette purse ($160)
- Do I need another purse? No. But I love the shape of this one. And the color is gorgeous. It's all about the design.

8. Depeche Mode 101 DVD ($16.60)
- I saw this movie in the theater with my cousins. AND we were at the original concert as well. Now it's on dvd and the extras are great, according to Mike P**M. Plus it's like $10 less at PLUS free shipping! Who could ask for anything more....

9. Alton Brown's Good Eats dvd pack ($49)
- This is the best cooking show on television. You learn so much and he is entertaining as well.

10. Single Button Fleece Cape ($25)
-I am an accessory kinda gal. I can't get enough of them. When I went to the opera on sunday with my mom it was FREEZING. If only I had a nice warm black cape to wear....

Monday, December 15, 2003

merry f*cking christmas
So my Aunt is hosting Christmas at her house this year. Her brother is visiting from out of town. So she sends out an email to assign dishes for people to bring to the dinner.

At the end of the email she feels compelled to say this:

And just a special note: there will be 2 little ones (7 & 9) and their parents who do not use "b+~!@$, f*#>, or s*~!" words.

Now, granted, our family swears alot and yes, I am the main culprit, but I thought that was pretty rude to say. I mean, hello, why would we swear in front of strangers and CHILDREN. Ridiculous. So I went to my Grandma's house and had this discussion:

ME: Hey Gram, did you read that email from Auntie? Don't you think that was rude to "warn us" not to swear? I mean - come on - it's offensive that we would be that stupid.

GRAM: I don't know why she wrote that - kids today just talk like that no big deal.

ME: It makes me WANT to swear on purpose now. What if I grabbed that kid and said, "Merry Fucking Christmas, Nolan."

GRAM: That would be good.

ME: In fact I'm gonna change all my Christmas tags to say "Merry Christmas and shit."

GRAM: (Laughing hysterically) That sounds pretty good to me, you should do it.

ME: Fine then - look for that on your gift.

Friday, December 12, 2003

We had a really nice shower thrown for us a few weeks ago, by sKog and xtina. They gave everyone onesies (baby outfits) to paint. Let's just say some of our friends have interesting ways of expressing their artistic side.

I don't know if the baby will leave the house with the "GOT WEED?" t-shirt. That was one of Figgy's. Another of hers was "FCUK Baby Clothes. An homage, if you will, to the French Connection UK clothes.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

The Donger needs food
Anyone looking for a gift for me this year - this rocks.

Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club & Weird Science. Three 80's movies in one pack? How can you go wrong? Except for the fact that it has Weird Science in it - which I actually don't like. Plus Kyle refuses to watch any movie with - as he refers to him - "that druggie" Robert Downey Jr., in it....

Speaking of 80's movies I have this weird yearning to watch Young Guns. Maybe cause Kyle watches 24, so when I walk by the tv and see Kiefer I think of that movie. Or maybe it's the ringing in my ears of my brother repeatedly saying "NAVAJO..."

On yet ANOTHER note of 80's people I love: Wil Wheaton is selling....himself.

Thoughts for a Thursday morning
This morning something compelled me to pull over to the nearest McDonald's and order and egg Mcmuffin. It was all worth it too - Damn good.

As I'm sitting in the drive thru and Clay Aiken is on the radio - I'm thinking - what happened to Ruben? Does anyone even care? What up with that when the runner up does better than the actual winner?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

This morning I put a tri tip roast into the crock pot with pepper, salt and a ton of garlic. Now that's all I smell. It's terrible. I wonder if people at work think I smell like garlic.

This week I start my christmas baking. Last night I made these lemon pepper cornmeal cookies. Very weird. And not as bad as you'd expect.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Christmas is coming!!
Today is a beautiful day in Southern California. Cold crisp air and sunny days. Yay.

Friday, December 05, 2003

To all my fans, you know who you are...
Well, my cousin Janis has made it.

You know you're famous when you're on the list. Or is the fact that there is even some fool wasting their time making the list -- just annoying??

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Work related incident
So I come to work late today cause I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. That's what sucks the most about being pregnant - all the doctor's appointments - it really cuts into your daily schedule.

Mind you at my office there is a minimal amount of parking. This proves to be a problem especially if you show up late. So I pull in - and nothing. No spaces. Fine - I'll park on the street and WALK. Which I normally would be pissed about - but hey - I was late. Goddam there's no street parking either! This is ridiculous. NOW I'm pissed for sure.

So I pull up to the front door and just sit there. I call my boss and tell him that I plan to sit out there til a space opens up cause I have no choice. So I'm going through my bills, looking at my cell phone and the owner of our company comes out and asks what I'm doing sitting in my car.

Ha. I tell him and he's like, "uh - go park in that reserved space over there." My boss then came outside and said, "Huh, I thought for sure you'd yell I'M GOING HOME and just leave." Haahahaha Too bad for him - I stayed.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Greetings, from me!
I need this stationery. I must have this stationery. The "shopping lady" is too cute for words. AND you can personalize it!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Pictures like Georgia O'Keefe?
We have three bathrooms at work - they are one seaters - handi-cap accessible - yeah right - if you count the one on the second floor, to which we have no elevator just stairs. So basically 3 toilets for both men and women to use. They are quite gross at times. Poo streaks - etc. The latest craze being - tell - me - how does one piss all over the toilet seat and not know it? Just asking.

So one of the women upper management decided enough poop is enough and pushed for a "women's only" bathroom. That's all fine and dandy but I'm thinking - maybe the poo problem isn't a man - it's a woman. Whatever - I don't know how they'd prove that anyway.

So they designated the women's only bathroom - of course my company being the way it is - they still haven't told anyone. I'm sure people (the men) will be pissed. I would be - I mean, fine - a women's only bathroom but then doesn't that say that the other two become "men's only?" Nope - the women can use all 3 but the men can only use the two unisex. Seems wrong to me but whatever, I don't make the rules.

So the woman who pushed for this change says the "women's only" bathroom will be "fully stocked' and have pictures on the walls. What the hell does this mean, pictures of what - vaginas? What kind of pictures are you hanging just cause it's a women's only bathroom?

Whatever with this place - I'm just glad I only have 3 weeks left here then it's off for maternity leave - yay!

Monday, December 01, 2003

Drinking in L.A.
I love peppermint. Peppermint anything. Williams Sonoma has a ton of yummy peppermint stuff this season.

So tonight I had a craving for peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks. I go in and the woman in front of me asks for camomile tea. The exchange goes something like this

counter-guy: "we dont' have any camomile-we're out."
customer: "how about peppermint?"
counter-guy: "nope - we don't. how about "Refresh" it's kinda minty."
customer: "ok, and a chocolate chip cookie."
counter-guy: "uh - we don't have any - how about oatmeal."

At this point i'm thinking - good lord NOTHING she wanted exists in this damn store. Should I turn around - or try my luck?

me: i'll take a tall peppermint hot chocolate."
counter-guy: "we're out - how about a regular?"

Good fucking lord! At this point i just turn around and leave. My peppermint hot chocolate was not meant to be.