Saturday, April 24, 2004

Good Morning
This morning is a perfect L.A. morning. Do you know what that means? I can't explain it, but growing up here as a kid, I always remember Saturday mornings in the summertime, where the weather was just right. Not too hot, a perfect 70 degrees. It's quiet out, not even birds are chirping and it's just...calm.

I got up and the baby was happy. I fed him, put him to sleep, watched "Love Actually" and ate an english muffin with Nutella. Now that's a perfect morning.

Nutella was my standard for breakfast every morning when I lived in Italy. 15 years later, I still love it. It's the breakfast of champions, I tell you, and despite what you think, it's not just a jar of chocolate. It's so much more. In fact it's skim milk, hazelnuts and cocoa. Nope, no chocolate.

Check out these so called "recipes" on the Nutella website, hello, all it is is spreading nutella on things. That's no recipe! Then again the "Spiced Hot Cakes" sound interesting...Nutella and cayenne pepper? Weird....


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