Friday, April 09, 2004

Stayin' fresh stayin' cool
So the doorbell rings last night at 10:30 and I'm like, "What the hell?" I never answer the door after 5pm. I don't care who it is, kids selling candy bars, jehovahs, the pizza guy at the wrong house, whatever, I'm not opening the door. I'm watching Access Hollywood and they can just take their peddlin' wares asses somewhere else.

So the doorbell rings and I'm like, don't bother, but Kyle goes to see who it is, and of course, it's sTIVO. Hello?? It's 10:30 crazy bastard, he gave me a heart attack!

Anyway my panic was quelled when he came in bearing gifts from his trip to Japan. Guess what he brought - GRAPE Mentos. Yep, I said GRAPE. That is some crazy shiet. There was also Peach flava and Lemon Mint but he only brought grape. But that's fine with me. Why they don't expand and sell that good stuff over here in the states I don't know. sTIVo said he ate a roll every single day. Ha - I think he should change his name to the FreshMaker.....Grape Mentos can rule the world...


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