Sunday, May 30, 2004

hooked on Mentos
At the end of the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ they play the song "Don't bogart that joint" and there is a sound bite of a stoner guy going, "They say marijuana is a gateway drug, sure...a gateway to GOOD TIMES." Ha, I always laugh out loud when I hear that cause it's so stupid. Anyway, Mentos is my drug. I am addicted to those darn things.

sTivo on his "Mad Mento Hunt" found me some mini mentos. Yah, sTivo! I only wish they had better flavors. Anyway, they are so cute and tiny.. here's the mini roll next to the regular size roll, look how cute and small it is! Then the regular Mento, the Mini Mento, and the new "breath mint" Mento (not for the weak.)

Now I'm mento'ed out.


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