Wednesday, June 30, 2004

If you want to view, paradise...

Ok. I told you we went to the Science Museum. Don't you think that since it's a SCIENCE museum, smart people would work there?

Now that I have a stroller I can't use stairs or escalators, and this museum is a huge three story place. To always trek back to the same elevator is a pain in the ass. There must be more than one. So in the lobby I go up to the guy working the gate entrance, I point to the lobby elevator and say, "Excuse me, is that the only elevator in the building?" The worker goes, "No. There's one on every floor."

Collaborate and listen.

If you don't understand what's wrong with that sentence stop reading this post. One on every floor? Hello? You don't have to be an engineer to figure out that there is one elevator shaft and it opens onto each floor. ONE... ELEVATOR...SHAFT. Not three separate elevators, - one. Ugh.

What we need in this world is the WONKAvator to take us anywhere we'd like to go. Then the workers won't be so puzzled...


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