Saturday, July 10, 2004

Birds of a feather...

Bird lovers, don't read this post.

I hate birds, pigeons to be exact. And they've commandeered my roof. Last night I heard what I could have sworn was a ninja running across my roof. Turns out it was just pigeons having sex. Disgusting.

So I decide to call a "bird-exterminator", but instead my brother has this bright idea of throwing rice on the roof, since we all know that rice + birds is a no no, since when they eat it, they explode. Thus the reason you aren't allowed to throw rice at church weddings anymore.

Anyway, my bro goes out on my balcony and starts throwing handfuls of rice at the roof, only it's going nowhere but back down on his head... all over my balcony. Nice. As we are cracking up, I visualize later in the evening....what if I come home and there are pigeons EVERYWHERE?? Uh oh.

Good thing Kyle's not home, he would freak....


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