Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I could be strung out on ham for weeks...

I told you before how Lowes Cineplex offers "Reel Moms" Tuesdays. It's very cool. Moms can bring their kids and they can cry and breastfeed and no one cares. So I tried it for the first time today. There were newborns and toddlers - some cried, others were quiet. I guess when you become a mom those cries don't bother you as much, however if I was in a refular "non-mommy" theatre, for sure I would be irritated.

Luckily my son was VERY good, he slept the whole time so I got to see the whole movie. Some moms let their kids crawl around and put their mouths on the floor of the theater, which is just nasty, since, hello, the rest of the week it's still a regular movie theatre.

This week's movie was "Supersize Me" - the documentary of Morgan Spurlock, who went on an all McDonald's diet for one month. Oh my god it was so disgusting and yet so informative. I loved it. You have to go see it.

His blood and cholesterol levels shot up and he gained 26 pounds. It was informative because they said supposedly "healthy" things like the McDonlad's fruit and yogurt regular serving was actually just as much calories as the ice cream sundae. How stupid. And that even the salads have sugar in them. The grossest thing was learning that McNuggets are made from "old chickens with unusually large breasts." Blech.

The movie made me sick, yet made me want to eat a burger. HA! I don't blame McDonald's for America's "fatness", sure their stuff isn't healthy, but you don't have to eat it all the time. Show some self control, eat some lettuce.

The theatre was great, I will definitely go back. I don't know what to have for dinner tonight, but it won't be McDonalds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now don't go getting logical :D. I wonder if any of the movies I'd have wanted to see at that kind of theater would have been too inappropriate for the kiddo.

I like Wendy's nuggets. Tried to have a big mac a while back. They sure ruined them...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 4:34:00 PM  

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