Wednesday, October 13, 2004

working 9 to 5

Geez, this must be a sign. I have been bombarded with job "opportunites" lately. I got an alumni list of want ads through email, a friend sent me one, another friend called with an offer, then a headhunter contacted me. What's up with that?

The thing is, I always thought putting my kid in daycare would be easy, but when we went to go visit one, I teared up, man it's hard. I guess it's harder now that we spend every day together and he's older. I should have just thrown him in there at 6 weeks like the rest of those parents.

Ugh. No one tells you about these kinds of feelings before you have kids. I guess if you don't have them you don't know. That's how it was for me. I could only assume things would be easy.

At my old office people brought their dogs to work and kept them under their desk all day. Think the kid would go for that? I could do the George Costanza naptime thing and crawl under there with the baby. That sounds nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you can afford it then DO NOT chuck your kid in daycare! Honestly - my son & I completely agree that was the one biggest thing I'd have changed if I didn't have to be the breadwinner. No one else will ever care for or take care of your kid better than you. He'll be in school soon enough.

There was a time when moms could take their kids to work. I think it's coming again slowly...Where I work there was a time when women had to sign a paper saying their kids wouldn't interfere with the job. It's not like that now!
-kat and yes I'm passionate on the subject.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004 7:23:00 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Hey Jenn! (*Warning* I rambled a bit)
Childcare vs. staying home is such a huge dilemma. Frankly it's just not as easy for women to stay at home as it was in the past.

Initially we were going to put my daughter in Kindercare (and I almost cried at how stark the situation was), but then I ended up staying home w/ her for a good year and a half. My husband then tag teamed and took a 9 month LOA to stay at home w/ her. So my daughter was nearly 2 1/2 before she went into daycare (we happened to move into a neighborhood who has a WONDERFUL daycare lady who takes them on field trips). That made my decision a little easier.

At that age my daughter was really, painfully shy and clingy (ugh!), and being away in childcare has allowed her to become more independent and talkative. She has blossomed, and I can't imagine that she would have grown as much as she did had she stayed at home with me the entire time.

Do you think that maybe you could job share with someone else? That way you could work and still spend time w/ your baby? A friend of mine paired up w/ a co-worker and they split one job and one daycare position.

Anyway, I've rambled. I do think that the George Costanza method is perhaps the best. You know, build a little cot. Your babe would love it!

Thursday, October 14, 2004 1:24:00 PM  

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