Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just can't get enough....skatin'

Ok - what.

The new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game will have a hidden character in the game.... Mr. Dave Gahan! I'm no video game freak, but I'd like to see this. There's already a preview screen shot...HERE. But unless he dances like he did in the "Meaning of Love" video....I'm not buying.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight

Tonight's theme was "Duran Duran" hits, and John Stevens belted out and amazing version of "Girls on Film" that you wouldn't believe....oh wait, nope, it was just Motown night. How boring...

Diana DeGarmo
Eh. Her voice is good but, eh.

George Huff
My fave. He was so good tonight, but I didn't care for tossing the sweat rag. But he is the BEST by far.

Figgy asked me if she was a dude.

John Stevens
Good lord - he is in the final 3 this week for sure. That was horrific.

Camille Velasco
I still stand by the fact that she sucks. Badly. I promise you, she's outta here.

Jennifer Hudson
Just ok.

John Peter "Pensalesman" Lewis
He was entertaining, but I hope he doesn't win.

Jasmine Trias
She is very pretty, although I am over the flower. She didn't do well this week, but maybe next week will be better.

LaToya London
I pretty much agreed with everything Randy said tonight. Cause the minute she walked out I was like ...what's...with....the hair.....

Amy Adams
Simon said she looked like Jay Leno. HA!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Tasty...I am a writer. A writer of letters. Complaint letters to be exact. If something that normally goes well, does not... then I feel the need to express myself and write the company a letter. I get this from my mother. She does the same thing, which I used to think was totally weird, then I found myself doing the exact same thing...

Back when I was working, I wrote a letter to Burger King cause the one by office kept screwing me at the drive thru. Seriously - when I only have a short time for lunch I don't have time for their wrong order bullsh*t.

Anyway today I wrote a letter to Dreyers Ice Cream. Don't ask. But the neat thing was they told a little bit about what's it like to be an Ice Cream Taster. I love ice cream. Our family is addicted to ice cream for some reason. We could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Mmm... sounds like a good job, course I'd probably make myself sick.

All choked up
It was in the 90's today. Sick. I don't know how people have kids in Hawaii cause this heat was bad enough, I can't imagine worse. It was 80 degrees inside the house. INSIDE! I lived on a steady diet of ice water and ice cream today. Ick.

Saturday Kyle took care of the baby and my friend and I went to an ex co-worker's wedding in Santa Monica. It was at a beach club and they got married right on the sand. The club reminded me of 90210 the later years when they all worked at that beach club,... anyone, anyone? It was lovely and funny because everyone there had flown in from New York. My friend and I were freezing - it was 60 degrees - but the New Yorkers loved it, to them it was hot. You could tell they were New Yorkers too because they had the most amazing dresses, there were some gorgeous ones and all were either black or pink. Very fashionable. I wore my requisite black as well, hey you can never go wrong with black. AND, thank you very much, I got to wear my heels. Yay for me. I need more days out like this.

The most scariest and amazing thing happened at the wedding, a little 3 year old boy was choking to death on some crusty bread, and his mom just as it was happening, scooped him up, turned him upside down and started slapping his back and the bread popped out. Damn that was scary. I hope I have that kind of second nature come to me if that ever happens to my son. Then again I don't think I'd let him eat giant ass pieces of crusty bread.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Potty mouth
Grandma came over to watch the baby as she does every week. While he naps we get to talk. This is my time to have non-baby talk conversations with adults. Maybe I should stick to talking to my baby....

Me: Gram, Figgy just told me that you should put the seat down when you flush the toilet cause apparently some tv news show did a study and found feces remnants all over the bathroom counter and people's toothbrushes.

Gram: Well, when I flush I look into the toilet and watch. So I guess that means I have feces all over my face.

Me: Good lord, that's disgusting! What the hell are you looking in there for?

Gram: No reason, I just like to watch it and make sure it goes down.

Me: Brilliant. You are so nasty.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Sad Paintings for Happy People

As always has info on the coolest of cool in L.A. and N.Y. Are there any other states in between? I'M KIDDING.

This guy Luke Chueh has some of the cutest, and in some ways creepy - paintings. I love the little animals and the space monkey is my fave of course. He has a show on Sawtelle coming up. If I was one to leave the house, I'd go...

Also, Thurdee Cent has been bothering me about putting up a tagboard so she can write random shiet that doesn't pertain to any particular blog. You should now be able to see and use it on the right hand side...

Thursday, March 25, 2004

You're Fired

The Apprentice tonight made me want to gamble. I miss playing Three Card poker all night long. That's good times. Trump's Taj Mahal is gaudier than anything in Vegas, I didn't think that was possible.

That Amy seems like a b*tch. I hope Troy wins.

If you are in Pasadena this weekend and see some ewoks running around - beware - there's a sci fi convention going on dedicated to Star Wars, Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think it's gonna be freakfest up the 110 freeway this weekend...One year Figgy and I went to an anime convention to support a friend of ours who had entered some video making contest. Granted those things were interesting, they took anime clips and set them to music, some of them were very good. But the weirdos that attended that thing totally put Figgy off and I think now she harbors bad feelings towards geeks. Ha.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ma Mere
When I was a kid and my mom made a dumb mistake, say, dropping something on the floor, she'd always say to herself, "Alice, you idiot!" It was so ingrained in my brain that when I made a mistake myself, I'd still say "Alice you idiot." haha My mom thinks this is hilarious.

So tonight I started making blueberry muffins for breaskfast for this week. I was halfway done when I realized I needed an egg, and of course, I had no eggs. Dammit! So I had to run out to the store at 9:30pm.

Alice, you idiot.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you'll miss it
Sometimes I think to myself how weird it is to have a baby. All of a sudden in just a matter of months you're a different person. No, that's not it, not a different person, a different life. It's odd. When I was growing up I knew I would get married and have a family. End of story. I was never one those girls who planned out every detail of their "someday" wedding or named their unborn children. That was weirdness to me. Why do that stuff when you have no idea who your husband would end up being? Maybe because I felt I wasn't good with kids - other people's kids, I didn't gravitate towards them and want to hold them and blah blah. I used to wonder if that made me heartless, and not fit for motherhood. But it's different with your own kid. It's better. Motherhood is innate, at least that's what I've found, and it's one of the best feelings in the entire world.

So when I see myself with a baby I think how odd it is. Not because it doesn't feel right, but because I wonder how I got to this place. Getting married, buying a house, having a baby, being a grown up is a very scary thing, yet altogether exciting.

Maybe all this reflection is because one of our best friends is getting married. It's such a great thing to find that person and move ahead in life, and it's amazing cause it all changes so fast. Maybe it's because Kyle turned 31 yesterday. 31! I remember distinctly, sitting in my room when I was around 12 - wondering what my life would be like in the year 2000. Now 2000 has come and gone. Like I said life moves pretty fast...wait - suddenly I'm quoting Ferris Bueller. Or maybe - this odd stream of consciousness is from the fact that I am totally doped up on Tylenol with a massive migraine. Yeah, I think that's the real reason.

My baby is learning to stick out his tongue, I guess to emulate all the adults talking to him. My grandma comes over once a week to help babysit.....

Gram: "Hi baby! Oh...don't stick your tongue out, that's a bad - why don't you learn to stick your middle finger out?"

Me: "What? How is that better?"

Gram: (pulling on his finger) "Come on baby, do it!"

Me: You know what I'm going to teach him to say as his first words? "Get that crazy old lady away from me."

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Who let the dogs out?
This is why Figgy and I are friends. Hound of the Baskervilles was my FAVORITE Sherlock Holmes story - precisely because of the way it was written - the fog description, the writing was brilliant, it just sucked you in. Course i'd bet money that no one knows what the hell she's talking about except me.

Well, Leah Lebelle was voted out on AI tonight. I couldn't stand those group performances. Let's just say my baby took a dump during the broadcast. My sentiments exactly.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Resistance is futile
So this Thursday Star Trek: The BORG Experience opens in Vegas. Why this is important - well, I was "supposed" to work on that project. We did a lot of research and took a few trips out there and even started on it - then they gave the project to someone else. Whatever. Point is, it was fun while it lasted. Believe it or not I have not really seen any episodes of Star Trek (the newer ones) or any of the movies! I am excited to go and see it someday just because I worked on it for a short period, and it's always nice to see your work in it's full glory!

If lovin' the lord is wrong, I don't want to be right.
My brother has a superior memory when it comes to remembering movie dialogue. For instance, we always call McDonald's McDowells cause of "Coming to America." Love that movie. "Instead of the Big Mac, we have the Big Mick.." Ha.

Anyway, today I went to "McDowells" cause it's March! And that means yummy Shamrock Shakes. I love em. I always get one and regret it cause I feel sick from all that shake - but hey - it only comes once a year. So today I got my fix, and man, was it delish! I highly recommend everyone going and getting one - there's only a few weeks left til they stop making them!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

The goods
You know, before you have a baby, you have no idea what you are gonna need. Do I really need a pack of 192 diapers? (YES.) Do I really need a pair of suede booties? (NO.) So I've compiled a list of what I've found indispensable for a new baby in your life. Granted - these are things I've found necessary, some are expensive, but luckily we had three baby showers and everything was bought for us by generous friends and family. If you can get them - DO IT. I'm telling you, it will make your life a hell of a lot easier....

1. The Boppy
If you're going to breastfeed, nothing is better, i'm telling you. It makes it so much easier.

2. The Diaper Genie
It keeps the smelly poops all tied up.

3. a pack of cloth diapers
We use these for burp cloths, clean ups, and everything.

4. The baby BJORN - or some kind of sling
This is great because if you have a baby like mine, that HATES to be put down, you can wear this and do chores. Even your husband can wear it and still feel manly...

5. a bouncer or swing
Heavy duty rocking really knocks a kid out. It also helps relieve you of having to do it yourself. This aquarium one is the bomb cause it lights up and makes sounds and the kid can make it run just by kicking it himself!

6. the Medela breast pump
If you're on the go, or just sick of breast feeding, the Medela is the best. The carrier comes with everything you need. Plus it's great to pump so that your husband can feed the baby while you finally get some rest...

7. Curity breast pads & Purelan lanolin
Again, if you are breastfeeding, Curity is the ONLY brand to buy cause all the rest, HURT. Sorry, it's the truth. Speaking of pain, if you are "sore" - Purelan is the only thing to cure it. 'Nough said.

8. A stroller, carseat combo
We did a ton of research on this and we liked this one best cause it can be used as a carseat, clipped into the the base and then you can clip it into the stroller with one smooth move. This is the best idea ever because the last thing you want to do is wake a sleeping baby. Plus this one is good cause when you fold it up - the foodtray folds UPWARD - it doesn't touch the disgusting ground, like most of the others do. That will definitely help when you have a toddler using the food tray for cheerios...

Sure, some of these things are expensive, but I am telling you from experience, they are worth the money. Or if you're not having a baby, but having a friend who is, do them a favor and buy them some of these things. You will be revered and loved forever.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I said NOW Silent Bob!

So having TIVO is great. In my wishlist I have tivo'ed all the Kevin Smith appearances promoting Jersey Girl. I was very anti-AffLACK, but now that he is sans J-Lo he has become much more appealing. This can only mean good things for Ben. I can't wait to see what he says when he hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend.

AND - watch Kevin Smith on Jay Leno - touring Hollywood. Hilarious..

Meanwhile - TIVO taped Mallrats for me. Yeah I have the dvd - but will that stop me from watching it? Not likely. Like I said before about networks cutting the bad stuff out of movies - in the USA Cable version of Mallrats - all Brodie's lines are: "Holy SNOT." Hah hah, it's just not the same...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Gonna have you naked by the end of this song

Oh my god - what? I was reading E! Entertainment News, as I do every day, and this article was too much. Some dude is making and selling dolls of Justin and Janet's Super Bowl fiasco.

Check it out - it's actually selling on ebay. Dolls of Justin and Janet's Super Bowl fiasco. People are nuts. No--people who bid on these things are nuts...

Market's up - sell
So I have the best husband in the world. He takes the late night feedings - which is - 7pm on to 4am. It's nice to have a break. Poor guy still has to get up and go to work.

The nights the Lakers play he comes home early - lord I wish they'd play everyday. Anyway - him coming home early allows me to go out and do fun things - such as........ go to the supermarket. Ho hum. Anyway - I thought I'd go to the supermarket so I could make him a treat - Saucisson En Croute. That's "pigs in a blanket"for you non-Francophiles. So I go to Vons cause they have a special on Smoked Sausage. Bearing in mind that the supermarket strike just ended, there are ads in the papers and low prices begging consumers to come back to the markets.

Well I go there and they don't have sh*t. Nothing they advertised and the aisles are empty. Ridiculous! What a waste of time. Although I must say - I did get an entire Corned Beef for only $2.25.... Some sort of St. Patrick's Day special - but hold on! That doesn't satisfy my anger!! Screw the markets I'm gonna keep shopping at Trader Joes.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

what a headache
Why god, why is it so hot?? It's only March and - ugh - it's over 80 degrees and I dying...

Today we went to the Beverly Hills farmers market and I swear I think I got heatstroke. Cause when we got home I felt dizzy and almost fainted. Luckily we grabbed some shave ice on the way home - root beer shave ice with ice cream - that's a definite spirit lifter. Still, I didn't get away without a migraine today. UGH.

I hate the heat and with summertime coming I know the goddam ants will be invading my kitchen. Yuck.

Dating Game
So I have this friend who tends to date girls who are desperate to get married and have kids. I don't get it. I guess cause they are all approaching their late 20's, time's a ticking? Who knows. It just seems ridiculous to talk about those things when you've only been dating a few months. It's like - what is with these girls?? But I guess there's no time to waste. It just seems like a real turnoff to be under that kind of pressure all the time.

When Sex in the City went off the air, they were doing a retrospective that said - that show made being single and taking your time, fun. Well, I have yet to see someone who isn't freakin' desperate for a man and marriage - a la Charlotte.

What's the point of this? Well nothing since it doesn't concern my life. It's just irritating to hear all the time, as an innocent bystander.

Speaking of - I hate being asked questions. As in, question, after question, after question. Yeah you want to get to know me - shut up. 30Cent is at work telling me how there is a new guy - who all he wants to do it chitchat all the time. Goddam that would drive me nuts.

Friday, March 05, 2004

I'm like a broken typewriter - I skipped a period

How funny is it that in all the millions of times I've seen Grease - apparently I have never seen the full length version? Perhaps because everytime I've seen it - it's been on tv and therefore all the "bad" parts were cut out. So tonight I'm watching it on VH-1 and they show a scene where Rizzo and Kinicki "do it" and don't use a condom. Duh - a key scene which later explains her false pregnancy at the drive in - but in all the network airings, that part was cut out.

Much like how I've seen Caddyshack a million times and it wasn't til years later that I saw the scene with the Baby Ruth in the pool. Yet another offensive scene to the networks apparently.

Anyway - now I wonder what other little nuances I've missed by watching television instead of renting full length movies??

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Shoe in
Now that my feet have shrunk back down to normal I see all the spring lines are out and there are some tasty looking heels out there. Course now I really have no need for them.

Macys Beverly Center is having a "Shoe Extravaganza." They are having a shoe fashion show, and if you spend $250 you get $50 off. Nice deal. I wish I could go. Not that I can afford to spend $200 on a pair of shoes nowadays, not that I could before either, frankly, but at least then I had an income.

Now I get dressed up just to go to the supermarket, because when else am I going to have an opportunity to wear all my shoes??

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto
Robots f*ing scare me. The thought of them taking over the world is scarier than Martians taking over the world.

Goddam Robots.

Happy Birfday

Birthdays are a sacred thing to me. I just love them. Not only my own - which I start looking forward to the next one the day after my actual birthday - but other people's as well. I like to at least acknowledge people's birthday - cause I feel it's special, and well, because it feels good.

My mom's birthday was yesterday and I sent her a cookie bouquet and a gift. One of her really good friends didn't even say happy birthday to her. Rude. I think it's rude when people forget. Maybe just because I have every single person's birthday down in my palm pilot - even people I don't speak to anymore. What can I say, I'm organized.

It's not about the gifts, it's just nice to have people remember. Kyle's birthday is coming up soon - we're not making a big deal of it since last year was our 30th so that was like our big final blowout. This year is much more understated especially with the kid and all. Still, I bought Kyle's gift back in December. See, I am a organized.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I wanna run to you
That girl from Hawaii is probably going to move on. She has a good voice. That Whitney Houston song is one of my favorites and I think there was no way she was good enough to even try to sing it. But she was good enough to be better than those other losers tonight...

Susie Vulaca
Do you remember the show A Different World? Remember the girl with the big hair? Yeah....

John Preator
How old is this dude?? He looks like John MacEnroe.

John Stevens
Good voice, but weird and boring.

Heather Piccinini
This girl is forgettable. Did you notice how they pixelated out her boobs?

Jasmine Trias
The only person from Hawaii who has a shot.

George Huff
His picture on the official webpage is SCARY. Hat = bad. But after he got over the beginning I really liked his voice.

Lisa Wilson
This "model" was HORRIBLE.

Tiara Purifoy
Girls, girls, please stop trying to sing Whitney Houston.

Stop your whining
Sitting at home watching the news and reading the paper just makes me angry. First of all the supermarket strike is over. Whoo hoo - big f*ing deal. I'm still not gonna shop at those janky ass places. Plus I was reading an article where this clerk was saying that she wants to keep her "American Dream"- a job where she can work part time and take care of her kids and still get health and dental. What the f**k? I want that too but you don't see me picketing out in front of my office.

Now on the front page of the times today there is an article on Countrywide home loans and how their employees are suing them for having to : "work 10 hours a day - 5 days a week with no meal breaks." Hello - that was our reality at work all the time.

I'm just gonna watch Newlyweds reruns on MTV. Screw the news.