Thursday, April 29, 2004

Band on the run
My kid keeps crying. Hello, he's tired, just go to sleep and shut it. Ha. I guess that makes me a "heartless wench."

That's the name of my new band. Heartless Wench. Sometimes when I read things, certain phrases stick in my head, and I think to myself, if I had a band, that's what I would name it. Usually something obscure. For instance I was just emailing Figgy about how much I hate the show Friends. After all these years it's just a load of crap. And the biggest load of crap on that show is Ross. I hate Ross. My new band name.

Others include - Ouch, my Nutsack, Font lover, and Cheese equals barf. I should add a column on the side for all of the ones I think up - I pretty much think up new ones everyday...

Try it, before you know it you'll randomly be thinking to yourself, "That's the name of my new band...."

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hole in one

You know you are getting to a different stage in your life when you're sitting in the dentist's office and you pass over the Cosmo for Parents magazine.

Being the fashion maven that I am, let me inform you all - golf clothes are in.

Never gonna give you up
Well, i'm glad Johnny boy is gone. Not cause he's bad - which he is - but the whole thing was torturous for him. Now the good news. I got a free scoop of mint chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Come on shake your body baby do the conga
I dunno. Kyle said that if Jasmine goes home he's gonna stop watching. **Note - he said that the week Amy "Pinkie Tuscadero" went home. I am not voting this week. I don't care. They were all bad tonight.

She was good. That's about it. Her crazy voice when she responds to the judges is so grating. Like bRuiner said, 'she sounds like Chris Tucker.' When she said, "Thank ya, Rand-eh," that will be in my nightmares.

George Huff
Eh. His dancing was entertaining.

John Stevens
Listen up teenage girls, Johnny boy picked an NSYNC song this week - smart move kiddo, he's not going home. This poor bastard. Come on. Put him out of his misery. I feel bad for him. He knows he's not great, but sadly like a existential play, he is tortured by his own mediocrity, and forced on stage each week.

LaToya London
I thought she'd do better than this, it was a little boring - but her dancing was really good.

Jasmine Trias
I thought her performance was so...weird. She was off or something. Damn, and I thought this was her night to win it too.

Diana DeGarmo
I thought she had the best performance of the night, and that's not saying much considering how horrific everyone else was. The only thing that ruined this performance for me was when the camera showed the "fairy-esque football player" dancing. ugh.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Heat+Chocolate= Barf
Ugh, I totally threw up today. It's like 90 degrees, and as I said, I can't stand the heat. It makes me sick.

So the baby and I went out on an adventure to get away from the house. I was craving chocolate croissants really bad. There are no longer any good french bakeries down my way - save for one, by the beach. So we drove down there, and since it's on the beach, the weather was fairly cool. Very nice.

I bought the croissants, and they weren't all that, but satisfying enough. Anyway - long story short, I ended up throwing up this afternoon from the heat - so frankly, I'm off chocolate croissants for now, if you know what I mean.

When we got home there was this plastic bag tied to my door handle. Now, across the way from our house is a big open field, where people have been taken to making it their own personal dog park. So naturally my first thought as I entered the house is, "who the fuck tied their dog shit to my door." Turns out STivo came by to drop off some Cinnamon Mentos he brought back from Vegas. How thoughtful!! But hello, leave a note sucker. You might as well have dropped a box of powdered sugar at my door while your at it, and I'd have thought it was anthrax!

Maybe cinnamon mentos will cure my upset stomach. Nah, not likely...

Secret Ingredient....Mario Batali's forehead sweat

Well, that did it. This thing is rigged. First jackass Bobby Flay wins over Sakai (total BS) and then the fat man wins over Morimoto. Is there no justice? Kyle was incensed that Bobby Flay's big dish was a freakin' fish taco.

The first show - Sakai vs. Flay - I thought Sakai kicked ass. WHATEVER. I'm over it. The second show - Batali vs. Morimoto - or as I like to call it, "Battle Ponytail" - was very close. First of all Batali is so fat he can't wear shorts or pants he has to wear SHANTS. Both did a really good job. I think the clincher was the fact that Batali served his soup in cracked open sea urchins. The best part about that show was the fact that Seinfeld's J. Peterman was a judge. If only he did the Peterman voice....

I bet those Iron Chefs can make a lot of money at their restaurants doing a special dinner night where they serve the things they thought up for the show.

And how awesome was Alton Brown as the Fuku-san character? That man knows his stuff. That's GOOD EATS.

Good Morning
This morning is a perfect L.A. morning. Do you know what that means? I can't explain it, but growing up here as a kid, I always remember Saturday mornings in the summertime, where the weather was just right. Not too hot, a perfect 70 degrees. It's quiet out, not even birds are chirping and it's just...calm.

I got up and the baby was happy. I fed him, put him to sleep, watched "Love Actually" and ate an english muffin with Nutella. Now that's a perfect morning.

Nutella was my standard for breakfast every morning when I lived in Italy. 15 years later, I still love it. It's the breakfast of champions, I tell you, and despite what you think, it's not just a jar of chocolate. It's so much more. In fact it's skim milk, hazelnuts and cocoa. Nope, no chocolate.

Check out these so called "recipes" on the Nutella website, hello, all it is is spreading nutella on things. That's no recipe! Then again the "Spiced Hot Cakes" sound interesting...Nutella and cayenne pepper? Weird....

Friday, April 23, 2004

I will not eat Green Eggs & Ham
You can do anything from your house without ever leaving...such as buying stamps!

This morning I bought 4 books of the new Theodore Suess Geisel commemorative stamp. Very cute.

If you have never been to Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando - get there now! The "Seuss-land" was so amazing, the best themed land I have seen to date.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

tv time
I watched an old Chapelle Show tonight with Wayne Brady trying to change his image, and they pull up to some prostitutes on the street and Wayne introduces them and says, "Ho's - Dave, Dave-ho's." and Dave Chapelle goes, "Evening, bitches." haaaaaa I laughed so hard.

What else have I been watching on tv? Yep - Harvey Birdman, attorney at law.

You're the one I really really love
Did you see Jasmine shitting bricks when John Stevens was called into her group? HA!

Ugh - the reason Paula was wearing a sling was cause she had a manicure and got an infection and they took off her fingernail. Barf-o-rama.

How funny was it when Ryan told George to go to the "Top Group" and he chose the divas. You know the other groups were like, "oh no you didn't..." Anyway - it sucks that Jennifer Hudson left, but it just proves that the only ones voting are goddam 13 year olds for Teen Martin. That fool may win the whole thing.

Next week the theme is Morrissey and John Stevens is singing, "You're the one for me Fatty." Joking, I kid, I kid.

Mutha's day
Mother's day is coming, and this year - I'm a mother! Whoohoo, more presents. Now that I don't have a job I basically just window shop. However I do still have leftover gift cards from Christmas - which is awesome. It's like having money to spend, so I love them. I should ask for giftcards for my brithday and christmas and everything. Course asking for a gift in the first place is pretty rude. Anyway, the dumb thing is, since I have these gift cards, I dont' want to give them up. I'm even more picky abotu what I buy cause I don't want to waste them.

All I know is, I'm pissed that they have all these new colors for Kitchenaid Mixers. I wouldn't have gotten my boring old white one, I would've gotten lavendar or the new Susan G. Komen pink one.

With my Christmas gift card, I bought this buffet (see left)for our living room to store platters and things, but mostly to hide all my gambling accessories, our crap felt, roulette wheel (yes I own a roulette wheel) and blackjack accessories. Anyway, I bought it from Pottery Barn and it arrived cracked. Wahhh. They should send a replacement next week, but nothing sucks more than when you are all excited about getting something and then you have to send it back. Ho hum.

Monday, April 19, 2004

You came and you gave without taking
Is Paula happy all the time because she has been known to wet herself? Just wondering.

Diana DeGarmo
She was better than all the other times I've seen her. If anything I liked her hair, ha!

George Huff
Man, he was my fave for so long but I felt like he really did poorly tonight. He really needs to clear his throat.

Jennifer Hudson
I thought she did great! She was the best of the night as far as I was concerned.

I guess it was good. To quote QT, She sang. So what.

John Stevens
Uh - not a fan, but he was ok tonight. He is so lackluster it's weird.

Jasmine Trias
She did ok, thank god that stupid flower was hidden. Then again now she is unrecognizable - ha hahaha

LaToya London
Again, boring. This whole show was boring. Maybe because no one sang Copacabana or I write the songs. Everything seemed unrecognizable to me.

Knee deep in the hoopla


As Johnny Cochran would say, "This is an outrage." Blender magazine ranks "We Built This City" as the worst record ever.

You know why that's sad? Cause --- Someone's always playing.....corporation games...

Everyday is like Sunday
My Sunday night lineup is now filled. Last night I tivo'ed:

6pm: Sopranos
7pm: Queer as Folk
8pm: Extreme Home Makeover
9pm: 24
10pm: Deadwood

Now usually I don't watch Deadwood, but since Kyle watches it, I am now hooked. Also I NEVER watch 24 - but again, since Kyle watches it, I guess I will have to, too. Luckily it was only on Sunday this week.

I still don't get it. I watch it and periodically look over to Kyle and ask, "Uh, is this a comedy?" It's so ridiculous I don't get it. All I know is some chick named Chole is crraazzyy....She told Keifer, "Your tone of voice is not helping." I'd be like whatever beyotch, but Keifer didn't even care that she was all up in his grill.

I am going to start saying that from now on. Like at McDonalds, server: "Can I take your order?" Me: "Your tone of voice is not helping...."

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Slam Dunk
The Laker game was the bomb. Sitting down behind the basket is worth the money cause you get to see all the action up close. The Lakers played the Rockets and that Yao Ming is one weird freak. No human should be that tall. When he runs he looks like some sort of FrankenMonster.

I sat next to some dude who was seriously star struck and he kept pointing out every single celebrity to his girlfriend. I didn't even have to look for them cause he'd be all, "There's Denzel Washington - two rows up to the left." Whatever celebrity stalker.

The funniest thing was - they were showing Rocky 5 on tv yesterday and Kyle was watching it to kill time before we had to leave, then guess who was the first person we saw when we got to Staples Center. That's right. Sylvester Stallone himself. Who else did the celebrity stalker point out? well being that it was a playoff game and were down so low to the court, we saw Sylvester Stallone, Andre Agassi, Denzel Washington, Dyan Cannon, Magic Johnson, Jack Nicholson and David Hasselhoff.

Anyway - it was a good game even tho I didn't get any cotton candy.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Here are random things in my head right now:

Kyle is watching Witch Hunter Robin - there are killer dolls...even though it's an anime, I am still freaked...

I was looking for info on this animated show that Wil Wheaton is doing a voice for called Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go! (anything "monkey" and i'm there, right?) anyway - I googled it and Corey Feldman came up instead. What are the chances. It's a big Stand By Me Reunion...

Well, we don't get to see Kill Bill Volume 2 this weekend. Poo. However we DO get seats behind the basket for the first Laker playoff game. Nice. I want cotton candy, is that too much to ask?

Maybe on Sunday I should go to Norco, California - Travis Barker from Blink-182 is opening his own Wahoo's Fish Taco stand. Be there or be square.

Have a good weekend - oh and here's Morrissey licking a chocolate bar, courtesy of Beaucoup Kevin....

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Dollar bills, ya'll
JPL was voted off Idol tonight. In the words of Quentin Tarantino, "You sang... so what." I'm gonna say that after every sentence from now on.

So more important than Idol was the Apprentice. I'm pissed. Kwame is the man. Omarosa is a straight BEYOTCH and if it wasn't for her he'd have won. Sure he should've kicked her ass, but you can't do crazy shit like that on t.v. Donald said he should have fired her, hello, who knew that was an option??

Bill is dumb to take the job he did, I would totally take the golf course. I've been there, it's more gorgeous than the pictures on television. Then again, it was a good political move for him to pick the Chicago skyscraper, since he is from Chicago. Now that he chose to go back, they will all love him. Just wait til they erect that thing and the citizens are up in arms....

Does it really matter anyway? You know the Donald is gonna offer Kwame a job, hell, he already offered Amy a job!

Goddam reality shows. "I watched what."

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yomigaeru Aiyan Sheffu
I love cooking. If I could I'd cook all day long.

Is it sick that I am excited for Iron Chef America to start? The new host/Chairman Kaga role is going to be played by Mark Dascascos, yes the martial arts guy. Yes, the guy from Hawaii. We'll see how the show goes. I f*cking hate Bobby Flay - this is all I know. Mario Batali is too fat for his own good, this is why - in the picture - he's carrying a giant ham leg. He ate the rest. Now he's angry.

Since it's Iron Chef America, how awesome would it be to do "Battle HOT DOG?" Yes Fukui-san - those are pigs in a blanket.

Donuts & Pee Pee
This morning I was inundated with emails regarding this article on Krispy Kreme in Hawaii. That reminded me of what happened to me last week....

Last week I had to take the baby to the hospital to get some tests run. It was stressful for both of us - course I wasn't the one being pushed and prodded. My son doesn't like his legs being pulled nor does he like being naked. Who can blame him. So he's screaming like a crazy man and as we are sitting on the table he decides to pee - a lot...right into his own mouth. Ah the joys of being a boy. The nurses are cracking up.

Poor kid is even more pissed now. So I lean over to calm his screaming and clean him up, and he pees right into my mouth!! Nice. I'm spitting baby pee out of my mouth onto the floor and the nurses are laughing even harder. Disgusting.

So after all is said I done I decide to drive over to Krispy Kreme and buy a dozen donuts. Cause nothing can kill the taste of urine more than sweet fried dough...

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Going to the chapel...
Someone I know is going to a wedding this weekend where there are NINE bridesmaids. Good Lord, that's nuts. I can understand if you have a ton of sisters, otherwise I don't really get it. I mean, I picked people that I believed I would be friends with forever, no matter what. Now of course I could've picked a few more people too, but it's like, lets not get crazy here.

I once knew a girl who picked bridesmaids from every stage in her life, a friend from whether or not she even talked to them still! That is dumb - why would you pick your friend from kindergarten if you haven't spoken to her in 25 years??

When I got married I picked lavender as my color, why I don't know. It's not even my favorite color. I think if I got married tomorrow I would do it differently. The good thing is, the color lavender looks GREAT in pictures. So that's good. And it's not like the girls had to buy their bridesmaid's dresses cause if they did, it'd be much wiser to get something that is reuseable.

I was lucky enough to have my grandmother make all the bridesmaids dresses as well as my wedding dress. However, if I didn't have that luxury, I would love to have bought these JCrew dresses instead. They are gorgeous and pretty damn affordable. Not to mention the fact that you can wear them again and again....

One scoop or two
Now that Lent is over Figgy is back on the ice cream train (like Ozzy's crazy train).

It's time to hike up the cholesterol....MSN has a list of the
Top 5 L.A. Ice Cream stores.

5 to Try: Ice Cream Treats
By Lesley Balla, Los Angeles Editor

Diddy Riese Cookies
926 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Create a personalized ice cream sandwich for a whopping $1 at this Westwood favorite.

Mashti Malone's Ice Cream
1525 N LA Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Ordinary vanilla can't compare to the exotic rosewater, orange blossom and saffron flavors found at this unassuming strip-mall shop.

Eiger Ice Cream
124 S Barrington Pl, Los Angeles, CA
Bypass store-bought drumsticks for a scoop of homemade vanilla covered in a thick, peanut-studded fudge shell.

Al Gelato
806 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Even the biggest movie stars with the tiniest waistlines indulge in this creamy, handmade gelato.

Soda Jerks
219 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA
Pasadena's stay-awake treat: Fosselman's cappucino and espresso ice creams and homemade fudge sauce are blended into the ultra-thick Graveyard milkshake.

While I don't really agree with their pick of Diddy Riese, Soda Jerks has a very cool coffee syrup that is sooo good on vanilla ice cream. And I would love to try Mashti and Eiger's, both sound great....Mine would be:

1. Baskin Robbins - Two words, Mint Chip.
2. Haagen Daaz - Coffee plain, all the way.
3. Fossleman's - Everything is handmade and goooood.
4.Cold Stone Creamery - I'll take the coffee ice cream with TWIX bars...
5. Tutti Gelati - In Pasadena, it's delish...

Monday, April 12, 2004

Baby on board

Ok - dude, I have a kid. I didn't think that would change things in my life, but unfortunately it does. My co-worker always used to tell me tales of his single friends that had no idea what it was like to have a kid. They'd come over to his house and stay past 9pm or call on the phone just as his kid was going to sleep. It would drive him and his wife nuts. I used to laugh at those stories. Now they aren't so funny.

I can understand both sides cause we just had this baby and before I had kids, I had no idea that it was an intrusion. But NOW that I do I'm like, damn, so this is what he was talking about. I'm dead tired at 10pm and don't want to do shit but sit on the couch and watch TIVO.

Plus I was never one to use the phone anyway - I hate the phone. Hell I email my family before I'd ever pick up the phone. I guess part of the problem is time difference too.

Whatever. I'm going to bed.

I like to a soak the cork - what year was that?
Good morning cork soakers... I am up late this morning cause last night I was watching tons and tons of Tivo. Trying to get rid of the cache I'd stored up for a while.

I watched SNL, the Sopranos, then Deadwood. Good lord. They said "cocksucker" 8 times during that show. I counted. I don't believe the old west used that term so liberally. I did TONS of reasearch on the town of Deadwood for work last year. And I find it so odd the way they've intertwined these actual historical figures. There was an article in the Times about the show and even the creator said he doesn't fully recount history cause "actual history is boring." Nice. The kids of today will learn all they know from tv, they might as well be a little bit accurate.

Then I watched the Nick and Jessica Comedy Hour. Uh - Kitt the talking Car? Whatever. I know the whole show was bad, but damn, the worst part of Jewel's TEEF. Fo' real that snaggletooth needs dentures. I also thought poor Kenny Rogers looked bad, how sad! Kyle said it's casue of all the chicken he's eaten, ha ha! But I told him, chicken doesnt do that to your face. He's old.

I thought the comedy hour was horrible, but then again, it was totally in the vein of the old 70's variety shows, so I think a lot of their young fans won't get it. They shouldn't have copied the old format, they should have done something innovative. Now they've jumped the shark. However, I will now refer to him as Nick La Shave.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I can't drive 55
The gas prices in Los Angeles are outrageous. They say that by July the price will be up to $3 a gallon. It's horrible. So today I go to Costco to fill up and the lines are ridiculous. Every line has 5 cars and they are all SUV's so you know it will take forever. I finally get up to my pump, and hello, I have a flat tire. I'm not just talking a leak, I mean I was riding my rims. All the other tires looked a bit had it, too. How this happened I'll never know.

Luckily the Costco Tire Center is about 50 feet away, so I am driving as carefully and slowly as I can, but it being a Saturday at Costco - there is no parking. So I circle again. As I drive in front of the tire center this random guy points at my car and yells, "Hey lady you've got a flat tire!"

Ok. What the f*ck. Am I a moron? I'm driving into the tire center you idiot. Why do people point out the obvious? Next time I go to Starbucks I'm gonna ask, "Hey do you sell coffee?" Ugh.

Then as I am being driven home by my brother, we come to a stop and I look over, and there is a pet cremation center, next door to a meat market. Now I'm not sure, but something about that sounds very fishy....

Friday, April 09, 2004

Stayin' fresh stayin' cool
So the doorbell rings last night at 10:30 and I'm like, "What the hell?" I never answer the door after 5pm. I don't care who it is, kids selling candy bars, jehovahs, the pizza guy at the wrong house, whatever, I'm not opening the door. I'm watching Access Hollywood and they can just take their peddlin' wares asses somewhere else.

So the doorbell rings and I'm like, don't bother, but Kyle goes to see who it is, and of course, it's sTIVO. Hello?? It's 10:30 crazy bastard, he gave me a heart attack!

Anyway my panic was quelled when he came in bearing gifts from his trip to Japan. Guess what he brought - GRAPE Mentos. Yep, I said GRAPE. That is some crazy shiet. There was also Peach flava and Lemon Mint but he only brought grape. But that's fine with me. Why they don't expand and sell that good stuff over here in the states I don't know. sTIVo said he ate a roll every single day. Ha - I think he should change his name to the FreshMaker.....Grape Mentos can rule the world...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Get my just desserts

Jell-o is good for you boys and girls. Even if it is just made of horse hooves. It's good for your hair and nails.

While vacationing in Japan I ate COFFEE Jello everyday. Mmmmm...good. Yesterday I made cherry flavor, but instead of using cold water, I used Sprite. It's delish...

Goodbye Norma Jean

O sweet Justice. Thy name is Camille. Aloooohhhaaa!

Although, I must say I could have sworn that red haired boy was out of here, but there's always next week. Now let's hope Hawaii can come to their senses - join forces, and put all their votes towards Jasmine. That would make sense. I still like George Huff the best but whatever.

Kyle said if Jasmine was kicked out instead of Camille, he'd be so angry that he'd force himself (and me) to watch The Swan. Luckily we avoided a catastrophe...

Man-whoring, it's all I know...
Did you ever see Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo? Remember...rasberry bibingka...Check out the NAME of this recipe, ha!!

AND - while I was looking up the movie on - turns out they are making a sequel, can you believe it - Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo. Secret society of "he-whores." Hilarious...

** Like an idiot I actually "fell" for the dave gahan/tony hawk video game story. Turns out it was an April Fool's joke - now you know why I hate April Fool's Day.....

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Candle in the Wind
Figgy says it seems like I don't like Hawaii people. I don't think so, I think my distaste for bad talent transcends state loyalty, but if you can't say something nice....

Uh...did you see Fifth Element?

John Peter "Pensalesman" Lewis
I didn't hear him sing, my baby was crying and I was occupied. From what they tell me, that was a good thing.

John Stevens
Oh this poor, poor bastard. He's young. He'll get over it. I think he's going home for sure.

Jasmine Trias
Darn it all, I picked this girl to win - but after tonight, I'm not so sure....

George Huff
Did I tell you this guy was my fave or what?? Damn that boy can sing!

Diana DeGarmo
I JUST told Kyle yesterday, "ponchos are in." Seriously!

Camille Velasco

Jennifer Hudson
My friend asked my why they focused the last shot on her hand. Hello, cause Simba goes in there!

LaToya London
She is too good for this competition, I don't think she'll win - but she'll get a record contract from somewhere else immediately....

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Fashion, turn to the left...
On ABC's The View last week, Elisabeth did "make UNDERS" on some New Yorkers on the street. It amazed me that these women actually walked around in $2000 skirts and blouses, but hey, that's New York. So she basically took people who dressed in labels from head to toe and found them an entire outfit for $100, instead of their high fashion. Let me just say - these people looked better before.
They found this one girl on her way to work dressed in Chanel all the way and her total outfit cost over $6000. Crazy, right? But the outfit from the GAP that Elisabeth picked made her look ridiculous. I mean, who wears a pink hat, those are on their way out before they are even in.....Just let the girl spend her $6000 on her clothes, if she can afford it.
Well, I can't afford it. But if anyone knows where I can get an authentic Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano bag for cheap, let me know.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Me and my monkey ....with a dream and a gun

Hello monkey lovahs...

As you know I love Robbie Williams, and his song "Me and My Monkey" from the Escapology album. Well this student in England, Steve Edge, was so inspired by the song that he did a "Wallace and Gromit" type animation video. It took him three months and is very well done I might add.

Go to Robbie's site and click on "LATEST". Then, if you scroll over the little yellow buttons you can see screen caps of the animation. However, the full version with music and all is the bomb! You can only view it if you register on Robbie's site in the "inner sanctum", but trust me, it's worth it.... - be sure to look out for scene when they call a pimp to get the "monkey whores..."


A quote from the man himself:

"There are no links to the past. This is a much brighter sounding album, than much of my previous work. We've turned the page with Quarry. It's a dynamic album and I couldn't be any happier."

What the? Who wants a happy Morrissey? That's ok, I'll buy anything he puts out.

Since all the L.A. dates are sold out, I wouldn't mind going to Vegas to see him at the Joint, hello, three card poker is calling me....

Time after Time

Don't forget SPRING FORWARD - set your clocks ahead Sunday morning!!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Cuts like a knife

Tomorrow I am going to buy the knife of all knives - the Santoku. No kitchen would be complete without it.