Friday, July 30, 2004

I want CANDY

It's August! My favorite month because --- well my birthday of course!! This is the first year I'm not doing a big party or anything.

August is a month FULL of all my friends birthdays, not to mention my brother's bday which is two days after mine. We spent years sharing birthday parties as kids and I hated it. Maybe that's why I always threw big parties as an adult. Cause I wanted to make it my own day for once.

I love buying gifts for other people and let me tell you - I picked a perfect one for sTivo this year. Candy Crate sells "Retro Candy" kits. Old skool kinds of candies you had as a kid. I sent sTivo the 1970's box. It was filled with over 2-1/2 pounds of candy - Tart & Tiny's, Pop Rocks, Now and Laters. All his faves. Next year I better send him a diabetic kit.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Amazing RACE how sweet the sound

I know I'm late but I finally watched part two of "Trading Spouses," where the moms had to determine the other family's use of the $50,000. It was crazy. The Poor lady gave the whole amount to the Nana of the Rich family. And man did she deserve it! That Rich mom didn't do shit. The Nana did everything. I wonder if her friends watched the show and realize what a crazy bitch she was. I wonder if her kids thought the same thing...

Onto more reality tv - on the Amazing Race they had to eat an entire bowl of caviar. Two pounds. God that's disgusting. Two pounds of anything is disgusting. I just hope that next week the Christian Models get voted out. They screwed over every team and did some very un-christian things. I think Jesus would be pissed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Vacation's all I ever wanted

I've been hanging with my mom all week since she took a week of vacation. We have been doing such exciting things as going through the Starbucks drive-thru and going to Target daily.

Today I ate like 70 peppermint patties. Ah the joys of vacation.

Monday, July 26, 2004

How 'bout them apples?

The mommy and me movie this week is Bourne Identity. Clearly my Grandma is a Ben affLACK fan...

Me: So do you wanna go see Bourne Identity?
Gram: Ebert & Roper gave it two thumbs up.
Me: I guess they don't mind Matt Damon's pig nose. Ha. Sorry - is that offensive to say?
Gram: Maybe to a pig.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Well we didn't go see Keanu this weekend. Oh well.

However, we did get to go out to a movie to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We went to Kyle's favorite theater, Grauman's Chinese in Hollywood. I'm telling you that sound system was so loud I felt like I was being shaken out of my seat. My only complaint about that place, besides the inordinate amount of tourists, is the bathrooms. They are old and in the basement and you have to climb down these curvy stairs to get there. It's kind of creepy. Especially when you're trying to make your way down there in the middle of a scary movie. Yeesh.

Anyway, we saw i, robot. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I HATE ROBOTS. I do believe that they are evil and will kill us all. Believe it. However I love Will Smith so it all works out.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Swing out sister

So my grandma's new apartment has closet doors that swing out. This a problem because it takes away a good 2' radius of space. So I took the doors off the's the "before" picture...

Then I put up a tension rod on the inside of the closet and attached 84" panel curtains. She's particular about the pattern of the curtain, she hates sheer and had to have Damask. Or as I like call it, DAMMIT. Anyway, she made a good choice cause it's looks much better and now she has room to maneuver...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Well, Comic Con is this weeks peeps. I'm not even into comics, but last year I went -just to see Kevin Smith - and I wasn't disappointed. It rocked. I wasn't going to go this year - with the baby and all - until Kyle pointed out something very crucial in the lineup.....

Keanu Reeves is going to promote Constantine.

Holy crap. Not that I haven't seen him up close and personal before, but wow, how cool is that?! I don't like scary movies, and this one looks freaky. But I've seen every Keanu movie so how can I not watch this one? It's based on the DC comics - Hellblazer. View the trailer here.

Guess who else is going to be at the Comic Con - that's right folks, BOTH Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. You heard me.

I do

Last night a close friend of mine called with news of his baby girl. He was so excited and it's so weird to think that we were once in that position of bringing a newborn home. Now I feel like an old pro.

We talked about how - when you're in the pregnancy stage - you make all these plans to still do the things you used to, and see your old friends etc. And the reality is, none of that happens.  But I guess it doesn't matter since all of our friends are at the same stage in our lives, married, having babies. So if we only see or talk to each other once a year, it doesn't feel that long since everyone's life is so full anyway.

Speaking of - it's our four year wedding anniversary this week. It only seems like longer cause we have actually been together for 12 years total. That's longer than some marriages...


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I want a new MOMMY

I just watched the worst show on tv. And I will watch it again next week...

Trading Spouses was originally a British show called Trading Wives but that was too risque for America. I did not want to watch this show, it sounded awful. But sKog called me and demanded I change the channel cause it was too good to miss. He was right.

On this show they traded moms between a rich family and a poor family. And when I say rich, I mean RIIICCHH. Those people are living LARGE. And man was that rich mom a queen beyotch. She had the poor kids up in there making her breakfast while she slept in. It made rich people look like a-holes. Whereas the poor mom was super nice and when she did the puzzle with the rich kid he even said, "my mom would never spend time doing this with me." That's disturbing.

Oh well, I'm sure next week tides will turn. Apparently each family wins $50,000 but the opposite moms decide what the families spend it on. Now that sucks.


The heat is on

Ugh, it's so hot. There is a clock in the baby's room that tells the temperature and it was 79 degrees in his midnight! So we let him sleep with us - not that that made any difference, but at least he slept.
And with the heat you know what that means. SPIDERS. Goddam spiders everywhere, it's so sick! When I put the baby down on the bed one came running right towards him! I screamed like a mutha.
Then to make matters worse I got a lovely note left for me yesterday that said "the water will be shut down from 8am to 5pm." That's a long ass time frame if you ask me. What am I going to do in 90 degree weather without water? So I'm heading to my grandma's....

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hell on wheels

Man, it was another scorcher this weekend. We drove everywhere - which is so stupid because we live in the coolest area of Los Angeles, so where the hell are we supposed to go?
First we went to the Beverl Hills Farmer's Market, which they moved to a great location by City Hall. Even tho I put sunblock on the baby he still got burned. That's how hot is was.  It was so hot that we didn't even feel like eating chilaquiles. First time ever, that we passed that up.
Then we went to Rusty's house way out in hell. Well, they should rename that city HELL, it's damn hot and people drive like crazy bastards. To me, that's hell.
The BEST part of the day was when we had Fosselman's!!!!! Fosselman's espresso. That's the bomb. One better than that --- Fosselman's root beer ice that's heaven.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Oh god help me.
Kate Spade has teamed up with Maclaren to make a limited edition "Quest" stroller. Thank god I already had my baby or I'd be trying to think up ways to convince my husband that I need this. 
It's a baby boom. A friend of mine just had a baby girl, and another friend will have her boy any day now. Hurray, babies all around! 
I guess you really know you are growing up when all your friends start to have kids. Yikes. I'm old now!

shoplifters of the world, unite and take over

Man do I hate hot weather. Seriously, we live by the beach and it's still sweltering. I think it's the humidity. It reminds me of a mild day in Hawaii. Therefore, root beer shave ice sounds too damn good.
The baby and I took my Grandma to the Marukai 98 cents store. That place is the bomb, cleaner than a "99 Cents" store, and has cooler weird Japanese products. I took my kozy coach and put it in the cart. 
Gram:  Wow! That cart cover is neat! We should "borrow" a cart to KEEP at home, that way we always know it's clean.
Me: Uh, that's stealing, number one and two, hello what are we homeless people?
Gram: I didn't say steal - I said "borrow."
Me: I'm not keeping a shopping cart at home.
Gram: (always sly) I really think we need our own cart...
Me: I'm not going to steal you a shopping cart....

Thursday, July 15, 2004

go cart

I was in the market and this kid put her mouth on shopping cart bar. It kind of made me cringe. I go to the market all the time and I knew shopping carts were dirty, but I didn't know how dirty, til I saw this article.

Think about it, the carts rarely get washed (maybe hosed down now and then) and how many strangers a day touch the bar? In the cart people put raw meat, household cleaning chemicals, and don't even get me started on people who sneeze into their hands and then keep on pushing! But don't forget, moms put their babies in the seats too, and they have even found fecal matter - hello - leaky diapers...

So I bought this shopping cart cover from It's one of the more expensive ones, but it's padded (good for little ones) and has loops for toys. My kids needs his toys...constantly! It has a safety belt so it's secure, and the colors are too cute.

After reading that there is fecal matter in the carts - now I want a shopping cart cover for my poor little veggies too!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Running on a dream

Aw man. The Amazing Race is over for me. I thought for sure Allison and Donnie were going to take it all the way. Now they need to find a new reality show to go on. I'm sure Donnie could get on a dating one like the Bachelor, he's a good looking guy who loves bitchy women.

The teams consist of people who have a close relationship. My husband and I could never go on that show, we'd kill each other. I know I'd end up looking like Allison, yelling in the street like a crazy woman.

The funniest show on tv --? The Assistant starring Andy Dick. Now that's comedy. He basically incorporates every reality show punchline and puts these people through the ringer to become his "assistant." He calls this one guy by the nickname "A**hole." As in, "Good job, a**hole." Think Trump, but HIGH.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I could be strung out on ham for weeks...

I told you before how Lowes Cineplex offers "Reel Moms" Tuesdays. It's very cool. Moms can bring their kids and they can cry and breastfeed and no one cares. So I tried it for the first time today. There were newborns and toddlers - some cried, others were quiet. I guess when you become a mom those cries don't bother you as much, however if I was in a refular "non-mommy" theatre, for sure I would be irritated.

Luckily my son was VERY good, he slept the whole time so I got to see the whole movie. Some moms let their kids crawl around and put their mouths on the floor of the theater, which is just nasty, since, hello, the rest of the week it's still a regular movie theatre.

This week's movie was "Supersize Me" - the documentary of Morgan Spurlock, who went on an all McDonald's diet for one month. Oh my god it was so disgusting and yet so informative. I loved it. You have to go see it.

His blood and cholesterol levels shot up and he gained 26 pounds. It was informative because they said supposedly "healthy" things like the McDonlad's fruit and yogurt regular serving was actually just as much calories as the ice cream sundae. How stupid. And that even the salads have sugar in them. The grossest thing was learning that McNuggets are made from "old chickens with unusually large breasts." Blech.

The movie made me sick, yet made me want to eat a burger. HA! I don't blame McDonald's for America's "fatness", sure their stuff isn't healthy, but you don't have to eat it all the time. Show some self control, eat some lettuce.

The theatre was great, I will definitely go back. I don't know what to have for dinner tonight, but it won't be McDonalds.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Pop up

My sister in law says that in Hawaii a pint of heavy cream is $4.50. What in the hell? What a nightmare. So she doesn't want to use her ice cream machine cause it's just cheaper to buy some. I found a solution.

Pineapple Ice Pops. Hello, I didn't even realize pineapple : Hawaii...well, there you go, even better for her.

Here's the recipe. They are easy to make and no dairy required. Good for all those with lactose probs...

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Birds of a feather...

Bird lovers, don't read this post.

I hate birds, pigeons to be exact. And they've commandeered my roof. Last night I heard what I could have sworn was a ninja running across my roof. Turns out it was just pigeons having sex. Disgusting.

So I decide to call a "bird-exterminator", but instead my brother has this bright idea of throwing rice on the roof, since we all know that rice + birds is a no no, since when they eat it, they explode. Thus the reason you aren't allowed to throw rice at church weddings anymore.

Anyway, my bro goes out on my balcony and starts throwing handfuls of rice at the roof, only it's going nowhere but back down on his head... all over my balcony. Nice. As we are cracking up, I visualize later in the evening....what if I come home and there are pigeons EVERYWHERE?? Uh oh.

Good thing Kyle's not home, he would freak....

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I can see clearly now

My oh my - summer tv is just getting good. The Amazing Race is the best show on tv. Where else can you see so many cool parts of the world and get so much in-fighting, all in one episode? If we're learned anything from past seasons, it's that if you're old, super-religious, or fat, you're not going to win. I must admit I was lured to this season because one of the teams features Allison from last year's Big Brother. She's a crazy beyotch - and I think she can win.

I am also hooked on Newlyweds. This episode Jessica gets lasik eye surgery. I have been trying to convince my husband to get it done, ever since I did it 5 years ago. He says he's waiting to see if I get any side effects, such as blindness. So far, so good. It was the best thing I ever did. It only took 10 minutes and the minute I sat up I could see out the window all the way down the street. Now that was cool.

Cheeseburger in paradise you can enter to win a years supply of In & Out Burgers and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Why not. I'll never have to cook again, but on the other hand, I'll weigh 500 pounds...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Running on empty

Here's the reason I NEVER ANSWER THE DOOR when the doorbell rings. Tonight I'm standing in my living room looking out the window. We live on a one way street. I see EIGHT cop cars going the wrong direction down the street and a helicopter overhead. We live in a generally safe area, so I say to my husband, "that's odd."

The phone rings. My brother says "Turn it to channel 11."


There's a guy with a gun in his hand running down the front...of What the f*. On the tv they tackle the guy - I look out the window and there he is getting put in the cop car. Ridiculous.

Apparently he started on the run from Burbank. If you don't know L.A. Burbank is no where NEAR where we live, so how this moron ended up on our street corner is beyond me. This is why I watch the news, to see where there car chases go to because it may end up someplace you know.

Again, I never answer the front door. sTivo stopped by earlier tonight without calling first, now you know why it takes us so long to answer the door, if I don't know you're coming might as well go home.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Chop down a cherry tree

Well, inspired by the cherry season and my new ice cream maker, I made cherry ice cream sandwiches for Fourth of July. Mmmmm....They came out so delicious, you wouldn't believe it. AND the cookies for the outside of the sandwiches were the best ever!

I added almond extract to the ice cream cause it goes great with cherries, but that was so dumb because my aunt is allergic to nuts. HELLO. So I made up a quick batch of chocolate chip ice cream also. Always a winner.

My uncle has been impressed with the ice cream treats, first the BOMBE, now the sandwiches. However, now I have to think of some new ice cream concoction for our next family get together. But what else is left besides...crazy ice cream animal pops??

**Want directions for the cherry ice cream sandwiches?

Friday, July 02, 2004

Happy Fourth of July!

** Let me revise this post - sTivo reminded me that every 4th of July is ALSO the weekend of anime expo. I heard that this year over 25,000 people pre-registered! Can you believe that? I won't be going but perhaps we should have bRuiner write up a review for us. I predict it will be something like this: "A weekend of men w/b.o. dressed like sailor moon." **

For some reason the only pretzels I really love are the ones from Disneyland. They are the tastiest. They also come in a cute Mickey shape.

Fourth of July was a huge deal for us as kids. We went to Disneyland for FOUR days and stayed at the hotel! This happened every year growing up. Thinking about it today - that's nuts. Especially the cost of things nowadays. I can't even afford one night in their hotel these days!

When I was small I wanted to grow up and work for Disney and Hello Kitty. I did both. I guess my goals are met, now I can retire. HA!