Friday, October 29, 2004

my little dumpling

Martha Stewart's Everyday Food is my favorite magazine. The recipes have great pics and are pretty simple, so if you only have a half hour to cook (don't even mention Rachel Ray to me - I can't stand her) then this is the way to go.

Last night I made her "dumpling soup" - super easy and very tasty. I made a few changes, but all in all it turned out the same.

Ancient Chinese secret...Martha Stewart is Chinese. Who knew.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

hang your chads

I voted today. This whole early voting thing is a lifesaver. I hated waiting in line for some cranky old bat who forgot her glasses, to look for my name in a giant leaf of papers. That was what deterred so many people from voting...I assume.

Anyway, this time around I happily lined up for touchscreen voting. What a welcome change, and so easy! So it's a little impersonal, at least I was in and out of there in 15 minutes.

It was cool cause if you made a mistake you could always go back. And I did hit NO, when I meant to hit YES, so thank goodness the system worked. The machine was so advanced it even allowed me to order a pizza. Just kidding.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

when we pretend that we're dead

With tears in my eyes, it's sad to say....The Office is over. Wah. So it ends, the greatest television comedy of all time. (David Letterman's words, not mine, tho I agree.) Damn I love that show. I watched the finale - that is, The Office Special on BBC America this weekend. If you have ever worked in an office enviroment, you must watch this show. I won't give it away, but I was very satisfied with the ending. Any other outcome and I would have been ticked! Yay Tim!

Speaking of all things British, we finally saw a real movie in a real theater - we saw Shaun of the Dead! The in-laws watched the kid, and we made a night of it. I also realized...who cares? I don't miss going out at all. I don't want to go to the movies, I have tivo and netflix - AND now going to the movies costs $10 a ticket! Hello? To sit next to a stranger in the dark with my feet stuck to the floor? No thanks.

Anyway, Shaun of the Dead was GREAT. Considering I don't like blood and the like, it was basically a comedy - or what they call a "ROMZOMCOM" - ahem, romantic zombie comedy. Great movie, great lines. Plus you get a 10 second cameo from Martin Freeman. See how I tied the beginning of this post to the end? Yay.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I don't knit, I never have and I never will. There are just some crafts in this world that I won't tackle. Ceramics, glass etching, beading. I've done 'em all. Knitting - I won't do. I just don't get how two little chop-sticky things can make a scarf. Whatever.

My aunt, however, is teaching herself, and of course, the "bible" - Stitch 'n Bitch, is helping her through. I leafed through that thing, and hot damn if I didn't see the cutest little hat with cat ears. I begged and begged for her to make me that for Christmas, but I have a feeling she hasn't reached that level of stitchdom yet.


I want my cat hat.

Monday, October 25, 2004

tweeDy bird

Tweed is so IN right now, it's enough for me to keep it OUT of my closet. Well, I'm usually not for jumping on the trend wagon, but I'm never one to pass on a deal. I went to Old Navy this weekend and they were having a huge clearance PLUS an extra 50% off.

I found a nice tweed jacket, not overly cute, but just boxy enough to make me look twice. I needed something for Rusty's wedding this weekend cause it's gonna be COLD. I took it up to the counter -- $12. NICE. Perfect for my budget. While I was there I also picked up a chicken costume for the kid. Why a chicken? Because it was three dollars sucker, that's why. Next year when I'm more prepared I'll sew him a monkey costume. I swear!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

pick at it

I can't believe that from now to December every freakin' weekend is booked with something to do. Amazing. I've got so much going on my head is spinning.

So I took a break and played Katamari Damacy. It's a cute kids video game where you roll around and pick up objects. Whoever designed this game was CLEARLY high. There are crazy colors and some weirdo moustached King, very "Yellow Submarine".

I am very bad at it of course. My carpal tunnel inhibits me from using those stupid joysticks. I'm going back to my sewing...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

call me, call me any, anytime

So I'm stamping and embossing all these favor envelopes for Rusty's wedding. Like an idiot I decide to use the most toxic embossing powder, with all the windows closed up. I nearly affixiate myself and want to vomit.

The only phone my kid knows how to use is his toy one. So unless Old MacDonald knows CPR, I'm screwed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

wrap it up

Last year, (god have I been writing this long..) I posted about the coolest things I wanted for Christmas under $50. Well, someone was listening!

I have long been a fan of good graphics and graphic artists - and they are just that - ARTISTS. EIEIO paper is the coolest thing ever. The most bold and vibrant designs and just for gift wrap - pure genius! Imagine showing up to a party with a gift wrapped in this stuff. You'd be the talk of the party.

The lovely people at EIEIO shared the wealth with me and sent me a wonderful care package. This made my day. I can't wait to use them, I don't even know where to start. But of course you can buy them online at the best paper store in New York -!! How can paper make me so happy, just look at them!

puff d*ddy

I just realized I've done nothing for Halloween. I can't get a good pic of my kid to carve into a pumpkin, so I've been avoiding it. Also, I haven't got him a costume. Why am I so uninspired?

Despite all that, I made some cute little zipper puff bags. I was going to make them as stocking stuffers for Christmas, but decided to practice on this upcoming holiday instead. I'm gonna pass em out to some of the kiddies at Rusty's wedding.

They're fun and easy to make. I taught my mother-in-law to make them, cause she has a zipper phobia. Zippers are not that hard people, face your fears. I made eight of these little babies tonight, but I just didn't feel like posting the instructions. I made eight for god's sakes. I'm tired.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Ok, my kid is a vegetarian. He is, because I SAID SO. To try and expand his palate, today I opened a jar of "ham and apples," good lord did that look gross, but I tried it out. His face said it all, and the stench made me want to lose my lunch.

So I tossed it and went back to the green beans. Still, he smelled like ham. So I looked him in the eye (like he can understand me) and I said, "Yuck, don't breathe on me with your ham breath." What does he do, go right up to my face and SIGH loudly. Gross. It's hard to reason with a 9 month old.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

60 years

This weekend was my grandparents 60th anniversary - 60 years!! It was a huge party with like 150 people, it was Hawaiian/Japanese themed. Don't ask me why, we're not even from Hawaii - I just attend, I don't ask questions.

In this case, I didn't even get to attend! My cousin and I were at the tables outside - our assignment was to take everyone's picture with a digital camera and then print it on the portable printer and slide it in a frame. wouldn' Crap. I had to hand cut each one of those buggers. We were out there for 5 hours. We missed the entire party. Ha- crazy!

The old people (and I do mean old) were dumbfounded by the portable printer. They couldn't believe their eyes when the pictures were coming out right in front of them. They stood around us in a circle and ooh'ed and ahh'ed. Totally hilarious.

60 years. Most people never even meet their grandparents, all four of mine are still alive. Pretty good genes I guess.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

my breast friend

Well, the kid is officially done nursing. I celebrated today by drinking a Coke. I haven't had a Coke in over 16 months. It tasted pretty darn good. Next on my list is coffee with caffeine, I usually always got decaf anyway, but what the hell, I can. Also peanuts, meaning peanut M&M's, orange juice and grapefruit. Yay.

I don't drink, so missing out on alchohol wasn't an issue, anyway. But not eating those things for over a year wasn't as bad as I thought. And I'm telling you - not eating peanut M&M's for a year, well, I'd rather die. But I did it. I love my son.

Dealing with the pain of it? Someone told me to use cabbage leaves but I felt like a damn salad bar.

Now...the depression. without kids didn't know? Yep, depression is part of the weaning process. Not for everyone, but for some. And it sucks. With all the highs and lows that go with pregnancy they should include the number of a licensed therapist right there on the home pregnancy test.

Anyway, on to the foodfest. Course now when I eat all my poundage with stay with me instead of just melting away. Crap.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

working 9 to 5

Geez, this must be a sign. I have been bombarded with job "opportunites" lately. I got an alumni list of want ads through email, a friend sent me one, another friend called with an offer, then a headhunter contacted me. What's up with that?

The thing is, I always thought putting my kid in daycare would be easy, but when we went to go visit one, I teared up, man it's hard. I guess it's harder now that we spend every day together and he's older. I should have just thrown him in there at 6 weeks like the rest of those parents.

Ugh. No one tells you about these kinds of feelings before you have kids. I guess if you don't have them you don't know. That's how it was for me. I could only assume things would be easy.

At my old office people brought their dogs to work and kept them under their desk all day. Think the kid would go for that? I could do the George Costanza naptime thing and crawl under there with the baby. That sounds nice.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

everyone around me is a total stranger

Yes I hate using the phone, but if it's someone I know that's one thing. If it's someone I DON'T...prepare for my wrath.

PHONE: "Hi, I'm calling from the As*an Amer*can (blah blah blah), on November 2nd the elect...."
ME: "Where did you get my name?"
PHONE: "Uh...from the voter registration...?"
ME: "So you're just randomly calling people with asian-y sounding last names?"
ME: "I think that's horrible and a violation of privacy. Take me off that list."
PHONE: "Well the as*an amer*can vote is very important..."
ME: "No kidding? Well guess what - I've been registered since the day I turned 18, so I don't need any help from you."

Harsh? Maybe. But hell, why just put me on a list cause my last name is as*an-esque? That is ridiculous. I mean, what if I was Latino and married an asian, hello?? Furthermore, if we were all classified by our last names, then explain how my cousin received a letter addressed to "MRS. CORNHOLE." (And no that's NOT her last name.)

What next, "Hi, we're calling from the CORNHOLES for america...."

Monday, October 11, 2004


This post is lame, but helpful. Hey give me a break, I've been extremely busy. I haven't even used the computer in a week, now that's something!

I make guacamole a lot because my husband loves it - it takes either a whole lemon or a whole lime, and juicing it can be a pain. So I've found that the easiest way is to take the half lemon, put it between a pair of tongs, and that way you can squeeze the heck out of it and get all of your money's worth. Forget those juicers and reamers. This works better.

Friday, October 08, 2004

things that go bump in the night

The in-laws are here and that means...things are getting done around here! I feel like a project manager gathering my punch list. My father-in-law is the king of building things.

We have to start baby proofing the house, and at the top of the stairs we installed a gate. But due to the height of the rail, the gate was a little high, just enough for a baby's head to get stuck. NICE. So my father-in-law and I designed a bumper to prevent injuries. We took a piece of wood, wrapped it in bubble wrap, then felt, then a nice colorful hawaiian quilt fabric. Hey, might as well be stylish as well as functional.

Now the kid can bang his head on the thing all he wants. For instructions, go here...

extreme makeover

Well, I swore it would never happen to me, and today it did.

I'm a mess.

Today I was rushing out of the house, as I got onto the freeway I looked in my rearview and realized I hadn't combed my hair. I wondered aloud if I even remembered to brush my teeth. As I neared my exit I realized...I have no idea where I'm going. I didn't have the address of my destination or the phone number.


I admit I was a hater way back when, when my friends with kids would cancel on me, or always be late. I couldn't understand why it was so difficult. Now I get it. Jesus. I fully and completely apoligize to all my friends, who never knew, as I sulked and cringed as 10 minutes passed, then 20, as I cursed their names when they didn't have time to get together. I get it, I get it. Being a mom is tough and it takes up all the energy you have. Even your free time. Just watching tv is hard, just to concentrate and not fall asleep at 8pm!

As far as the not combed hair...I used to pride myself at always being on time and always being well dressed, especially for work. My office was very lax when it came to wardrobe and I always wore office attire, while the rest of 'em tooled around in the most casual of gear. Nowadays I'm lucky if I even remember to wear the same shoes on my feet. Such is life. I must say, my kid is dressed pretty cool though, so I guess that's good enough. I'm only his chauffer anyway!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Today I used my pumpkin pan. It's always hard when you try a recipe the first time.

I followed the recipe exactly and it came out very good, perfect and moist. However, it got a little dark from sitting in the pan to cool, so next time I may take it out earlier.

Also, I HATE cream cheese. Blech. But I followed the directions for the cream cheese frosting, and I guess it turned out well...if you like cream cheese. (blech). Also I would use less green next time as far as tinting the piping for the leaves. It was a little bright. But I used a food gel color because I hate those liquid food colorings, they make frostings so watery.

All in all it turned out good and VERY delish. So I'm prepared to make it again for Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

PUMP it up

I got a few emails asking me questions about the carved pumpkins that I do. So just to clarify, you take a photograph and take it into photoshop and alter it to a black and white line drawing. OR draw over one by hand making sure you have negative and positive space clearly defined.

Then print it out, tape it to the pumpkin, and use a pushpin to "trace" around the image. Then get your xacto and go at it! I never actually puncture the pumpkin because it actually ruins the image. Whatever you want to leave "black" don't carve, leave the skin. Get it?

Still confused? Go to to find out the steps for a stencil! Here's the stencil I used for Kyle's face, as well as the finished product!

Monday, October 04, 2004

anything for candy

Well I was thinking about dressing my kid up as a monkey for Halloween, well, since I love monkeys. However. There is something so wrong about making an infant with no free will dress up. Especially after I saw this costume...


sick of it

Ugh. blogger keeps deleting my posts. I'm too tired to rewrite all of them...

Friday, October 01, 2004


I hate wrong numbers. I know it's not your fault that you dialed a 9 instead of a 7. However, it is your fault that you INSISTED that my name was JULIE and you misdialed me at 8 in the morning.

Maybe it's because I hate talking on the phone, period. Even to people I know. I'm a multi-tasker and handling the phone is a pain. Maybe i just like the quickness and ease of email. I like machines, they intrigue me.

My grandma's convinced that machines are going to destroy the world and goes out of her way to talk to a human first. My mother in law is like that too. She can spend HOURS on the phone. That's not for me.

Today I went to the post office and now they have a machine to send your packages, no human interaction necessary! Not that I am against human interaction, I'm just against standing in line to get human interaction. Now you just put your package on the scale, follow the touch screen, and voila! You're done! Thank god.