Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Take my shoes off, and throw them in the lake, and I’ll be, two steps on the water.

The other day I took O.G. to the gardens. I'm not really a nature lover, but she enjoys it. Her only goal was to see "the Lake," there are ducks there, she swears. Turns out, coyotes ate all the ducks. Not..kidding.

Still, we had to see this lake. We followed the few signs that were posted. Hours later, I said HOURS,...we were lost.

Jenn: "How is it possible to get lost in a civilized public garden that we paid good money to enter? It looks like Land of the Lost here, there aren't even paths."

O.G.: "Those signs are awful. Look, there's a helicopter overhead..."

Jenn: "I think you should take your jacket off and wave them down...SERIOUSLY."

O.G.: "You are supposed to wave something white for help, take your shirt off."

Jenn: "Um, I am not getting naked just to save you."

O.G.: "No really, how else are we going to be rescued?"

Jenn: "What is this Mardi Gras? I'm not taking my shirt off, that's that."

O.G.: "Is that a red coyote...? What if you're desperate?"

Jenn: "Well I'm not THAT desperate. If I see a coyote, I'm pushing you to the ground and taking off running, that's for sure."

Eventually we found our way back to civilization. As her punishment, I made her stand next to the worthless "LAKE" that-a-way sign, and commanded her to point in the opposite direction. She did it, of course.


Blogger Yvett said...

That's pretty funny. On a sidenote, I had tacos for dinner tonight and remembered you.

Thursday, April 07, 2005 10:35:00 PM  
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