Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pain in the…

I had the most awful abdominal cramps today. I was literally crippled on the ground as the Kid ran around me, thinking we were playing a game. I thought I was going into labor, it hurt so bad. I busted out the old pregnancy books to look stuff up. Funny, that with the first pregnancy, I read those books cover to cover, watching every week with such interest. This one, I barely found the books on the dusty shelves. I was cracking up, at some of the ‘advice’ for this trimester.

"If you have hemorrhoids, sit on a bag of frozen peas."

Yikes. Don’t go to dinner party at a pregnant woman’s house. You never know where those veggies have been.

"If you want to have sex during pregnancy, do a ‘dry run’ and try out positions fully clothed."

HA HA. That is awesome. It’s like the handbook to ‘virginal fun’ or something.

Anyway, I ended up calling the doctor. She was booked and said, "it's probably JUST NORMAL." i.e. I'm booked, don't bother me. I guess I'm ok. Well, sort of. But that doesn’t make my tummy any less painful. Owie.


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