Saturday, July 02, 2005

Land of the dead

My Grandma wanted to go to the cemetary to put flowers on her brother's grave. The Kid came, and thought it was an amusement park. He ran and laughed with O.G. while they ran through the grass. Hello, creepy.

I am truly this woman's bitch, as the things she makes me do, is just crazy. Along with the flowers she brought 8 chopsticks. I was like, "What the hell, don't tell me we're eating here..." But no, the chopsticks - her brilliant mind thought this up - are to hold up the potted flowers. I should have taken a picture. They sort of, hold up the pot, so it doesn't fall over. This of course, she made me do. So here I am in a cemetary, on all fours, pushing these chopsticks into the grave. I told her if a hand comes up and grabs me, I'm kicking her ass.

She made us do a "drive by" of her future grave-site, so we can easily find her later. NO COMMENT. Just go HERE.

She also decided to bring along a polaroid camera to take pictures of headstones she likes. CRAZY. Just say it with me. CRRAAZZY. Instead I took it and snapped a shot of her and the Kid, playing with a pinwheel on SOMEONE ELSE'S GRAVE.



Blogger cessna said...

That is pretty damn weird. Cemeteries can be nice places, actually, but not with spinning pinwheels and old folks plotting their...plots. In advance.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 8:52:00 AM  
Blogger funkyjenn said...

LOLOLOLOL. Jenn, I have not stopped laughing- this needs to be written into a sitcom character..She is HYST-erical! Pinwheels! On other person's graves no less!! LOLOLOLOL.

Monday, July 04, 2005 2:02:00 AM  
Blogger justJENN said...

Well, you've got the connections. Get me my own sitcom and we'll figure out the residuals. Or I can be paid in tacos. Whatever.

Monday, July 04, 2005 8:52:00 AM  
Anonymous c.beans said...

We've encouraged her to write a column for years...but the idea of a sitcom is even better! lol

Ofcourse, I can encourage her because I don't run the risk of being written about. lol

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:13:00 AM  
Anonymous myra said...

Your Grandma is hilarious! Yet she seems a lot like my parents which when they're related to you, not always so funny. :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 12:00:00 PM  

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