Saturday, April 30, 2005

We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry

Something about sitting at home alone on a Saturday that makes you feel lonely yet very happy at the same time.

Sure I have a pile of things to do, but instead I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet and read the paper, or a book, or go to sleep. Look how many options I have!

The best part, I have some cinnamon Mentos and they're all for me.

Friday, April 29, 2005

the happiest soup on earth

I wanted clam chowder, so I went to Disneyland.
Where else would I go?

Today was a good day to go, not a lot of people, considering Friday traffic. My mom and I had passes so we headed down there. We just walked around, there's not much you can do with a 1-1/2 year old.

I suggested we go on "It's a Small World" simply because I really wanted to take a nap. But that plan was thwarted by the incessant doll-singing. I got the feeling that the kid wasn't impressed either, as he exited the ride with a weird dazed expression. My mom said, "he doesn't look happy, yet he doesn't look unhappy." Basically.

One thing that always strikes me as odd is the families that dress alike, so as to not lose each other. Good concept, however they always choose orange or red, just like EVERYONE ELSE. So what's the point? Pay attention, kiddo, are you with the orange-shirted family from Akron or the orange-shirted family from Orlando?

Anyway, it wasn't very good, but I got my soup, and that's all that matters.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I used all my sick days, so I called in DEAD.

I have known this one co-worker of mine for over 8 years. We worked on every project together, when something was wrong with him, they took me aside to find out what was wrong. When I had issues, they hunted him down to see what was wrong with me. So we're pretty tight.

He went missing for a few days last week, and even though I don't work there anymore, the calls still came. I remember him telling me that if he ever didn't show up to work (cause he works 70 hour weeks) that I should go and see if he's dead on the floor at home, since he lives alone. So when people started calling ME - asking where he was? Well...

Luckily he called me back right away. I really wasn't in the mood to go pick up a dead body yesterday. Today? Maybe.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

That kid, is BACK on the escalator again!

I am nerdy for Kevin Smith. Point proven by the fact that last night I went to the 10th anniversary screening of Mallrats at the Arclight. But it was more than a screening - a cast reunion (i.e. Jason Lee, lovelovelove) and the ever famous Kevin Smith Q&A session to be filmed for the dvd.

The movie still made me laugh, stupidly. The question and answer was a little dull, mostly because, well, people ask lame questions. However, there was a part where Kevin just answered random things, not pertaining to the movie, and that of course, was hilarious.

The good part, I got to talk to Kevin, and stand very close to Jason Lee. It was long. Six hours. I hope I do not end up on the dvd, seeing as how I went to the bathroom a million times.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kevin: "Stay away from my mom."
Jim: "Too late, Kevin."

The season finale of the Office tonight. It was excruciatingly painful to watch, but at least Jim got some action at the end. I will still miss it, especially with Arrested Development gone, now there's nothing on tv.

Speaking of "Office" related things, Martin Freeman has been making the rounds promo-ing "Hitchhiker's Guide..." It's nice to see his face again. Makes me want to put in my "Love Actually" dvd.

Monday, April 25, 2005

we got the beat

Last night I punched myself in the face. I was pulling the comforter up, cause I like it to be right under my ears, so I can be warm and snuggly, but then I lost my grip and my fist came right back and punched me in the eye. I laughed and laughed, cause

1) I am an idiot.
2) When I went to the emergency room a while ago for stomach troubles, the male nurse said to me, "Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence?" I laughed and laughed, til I realized he wasn't joking, so I said, "Oh, sorry. I thought you were kidding. No, the answer is no." He gave me the big squinty eye and said, "It's a serious question and routine question."

I felt bad for looking like a jackass who made light of domestic violence. Then I didn't feel so bad when the bastard didn't check on me for two hours. The only bruises I get are from me being stupid clumsy. However, I think later I will verbally abuse myself, or at least give myself a stern talking too.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

write this down

Damn. Me with a new toy, is all bad. For some reason if I have NOTHING to do, then I'm uninspired. But if I have 100 things to do, then suddenly I'm designing up a storm instead of doing what I'm supposed to. How can I concentrate when I've got a cool new clamp to play with?

It's for making "tearable" things. Hey, that's tearable, not terrible, by the way. Although TERRIBLE things sounds way funnier.

So I decided to make notepads and see how they turned out, pretty darn good. Of course I needed a guinea pig, and since I promised Ra a cd, I sent her off one of these notepads too.

Now I want to make everything "tearable." I think I will get a bunch of one dollar bills and make them into a notepad. Then I'll just go to Target and tear off what I need at the checkout. I pity the fool standing in line behind me.

*taco blog updated*

Saturday, April 23, 2005

We’re s-h-o-pp-i-n-g, we’re shopping

Remember that job I did, where I was paid to sit around and do nothing while new clients walked through? The Office got the job. I take full credit for my stellar performance, thanks very much.

Now if they'd only give me a real job, back. I need the dough. I've got a ton of cds to buy this year:

*Garbage-Bleed Like Me
*The Bravery
*Elkland - Golden
Pet Shop Boys-Back to Mine
New Order-Waiting for...
The Ravonettes -Pretty in Black
QaF soundtrack - Club Babylon

Weezer-Make Believe
Aimee Mann-The Forgotten Arm
Gorillaz-Demon Days

Foo Fighters-In Your Honor

later 2005
Depeche Mode
Idlewild - Warnings Promises
Kate Bush

Friday, April 22, 2005

call me sir, goddamit.

I have been in a mood lately.
Still, there are some things that can make me smile:

1) monkey tees

2) toast.

3) Joy Division-y dancing

4) swearing.

All good things that just may get me through the weekend.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'll be back

How many times do you have to hang up on a guy til he gets the hint that you aren't interested?

Twice this week the phone has rang, and twice it's been Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It's also been twice this week that I've hung up on him.

It just occured to me, that I HOPE it was a recording. The man sounds like a damn robot all the time, how the heck do I know? I've had politicians call me before, and not use a pre-recording, so who knows.

If he really needs to tell me something, I'm sure he'll call back.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is he strong? Listen bud...

My younger brother and his best friend, who I also called my brother, although he was 6'-5" tall, were obsessed comics, and with Spiderman. Obsessed.

SO much so, that brother #2 wanted to name his kid after said hero's alter ego. Sadly for him, he had a girl and decided to "save" the name for his next kid. Watch me snicker to myself as he spawns nothing but girls. I'm just saying.

Weird things come out of you when you're trying desperately to entertain a 1-1/2 year old. The other day I sang the ENTIRE theme song to the 1970's Spiderman cartoon, repeatedly, to the Kid so he'd calm the hell down. I didn't even realize I knew the words. I can only think it's from years of listening to those two fools go on and on about Spiderman. It's amazing the things your brain picks up.

NOW - is it any wonder, that my Kid enjoys nothing more, than when I sing Ramones songs to him, all day long. AND the Ramones just so happened to have covered the Spiderman theme song for and indie rock "Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits" album? Coincidence?

See how I made this post come full circle? Ah...

Where, where were you, when I needed you most

Nothing is worse than feeling down, calling everyone you know, and no one answers the phone.

Just lovely.

One of those days.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Invisible shivers running down my spine

I love the ice cream-ery by the beach. Why?

1) They play nothing but Elvis Costello.
I rather like to think that it's purely for me, but it seems like that's the only cd they own.

2) They have ROOT BEER ice cream.

This is what I envision heaven to be like for me.
Elvis Costello and root beer ice cream.

Don't look at me that way, it was an honest mistake


The Bravery cd...or tacos?

Bravery cd...



sing when you're winning

Rokes - in town. We went to GR/eats and met up for lunch. It was ok - horrible service, but hey, they just opened.

We happened to be there on the last day of Grand Opening giveaways and I scored a mini coinpurse and she got a weird synth pop cd. All good.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

it's a luscious mix of words and tricks

So, I taught my kid sign language. I was getting pretty ticked that I couldn't understand him, I'm sure he felt the same about me. Now he can say 'food', 'more' and 'thank you'. It's made my life a hell of a lot easier, I'll tell you.

Jenn: "I taught the Kid sign language."
MyBRO: "What, like PROJECT X?"
Jenn: "That movie with Ferris and the monkey?"
MyBRO: "Yeah. Are you sure you're teaching him real stuff, or are you just making crap up?"
Jenn: "Geez, real stuff of course."
(to the Kid)
MyBRO: "Hey, you, Project X! Come here."
Jenn: "I've got your sign language right here, you bastard."
(as I give my brother the finger)
MyBRO: "Yes, I AM number one..."

Saturday, April 16, 2005

He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his *huge* pillow!

It's amazing how opening your mailbox can brighten your day. Today I received a box, and inside was a handmade back pillow, just for little old me.
And with a "J" on it, no less!

Having friends that think nice thoughts about you for no reason at all, is a nice thing.


Friday, April 15, 2005

blah blah, Ginger, blah, blah

Ginger Ale cures all. You heard it here. You should need a prescription for it, that's how good it is.

And how excited was I to find MINI versions of the regular size cans? You know it tastes better, you just know it.
Yay. Now I can go on and have a happy day.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sing me to sleep...and then leave me alone

Ugh. Still sick.

I'm not good at being sick. I'm usually up at dawn, busy as hell all day, and then go to bed well after midnight.

This whole sleeping all day thing...not me.
I am not myself.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Or am I just dreaming?

My dreams, they're vivid.

I have a recurring one, it's exactly the same every single time. The crazy thing is, I realized, it's not a dream at all, it actually happened, I just keep thinking about it, I guess.

I took Calculus in high school, but seeing as how I nearly failed it (hello, I'm not a typical asian), I only passed cause the teacher liked me and passed me to graduate. So of course, I had to retake it in college.

Back to college. In architecture school they tell you, straight up, "DO NOT GO to your other classes, architecture is the only thing that matters." So we didn't.

I went to the first day of Calc, and that was about it. One day I was free, so I showed up, and they were talking about the final exam. I was like, whoa, wait, did I miss every single class in between? I turned to the guy next to me and said, "Uh, when's the final?" He looked at me like I was nuts, and said, "Tomorrow."

Seriously, this happened to me. I know I must have gone to a midterm sometime in there, or else, how could I have passed? That's right suckers, I never went to class and I passed, math-challenged me. Don't ask me how, but my punishment seems to be that I have to dream about this shit for the rest of my life.

I always wake up right when the guy says, "TOMORROW," usually in a state of panic, and sweating.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

these aren't even real diseases! hot dog fingers? killer nano-robot infection?


You don't understand, Ferris! He never drives it! He just rubs it with a diaper.

Is it wrong to laugh at a guy who stalls out his car in front of you? That's a rhetorical question by the way.

Well, when someone pulls up next to you in a Porsche, revs their engine, and stalls out, I mean, that's comedy. I haven't stalled out a stick shift since I was 16.

Anyway, I didn't laugh out loud, more like "HA HA" with some pointing, but all in my head.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Pam: "I totally don't agree with this, but if I have to participate, some would say your culture...are BAD DRIVERS." Dwight: "Damn, I'm a WOMAN?"

Went out to dinner this weekend with friends. One of which is a nice Southern girl. She ordered her steak as "bloody rare as possible." Of course, she had to sit directly across from me.

Gag. I am gagging.

To her credit she created a little barrier for me out of a baked potato and some nicely placed salt & pepper shakers. That's love. However, I still knew it was there. Cause it was MOO-ing. That's how rare it was. Anyway...

MsL*y: "I hit a bus yesterday."
Jenn: "You wha...?"
MsL*y: "I hit and run a bus yesterday."
Jenn: "How the hell..."
MsL*y: "I doubt they felt it."
Jenn: "How could a bus load of people NOT feel you hit them?"
MsL*y: "I don't know, I left."
Jenn: "Damn women drivers."
MsL*y: "I know."


think, George Michael doing lightsaber moves...

Ok, seriously, these movie tie-ins are getting out of hand. "Darth Mix" M&Ms? Come on. I generally like movies, I just don't like the promos shoved down my face in every aisle of the supermarket.

Personally, I am all for spicing up the colors of M&M's, especially if one of the colors involved is maroon. Hello, it's a Pantone world, baby, no one cares about oranges and greens anymore. However, this last Star Wars movie promotional campaign is out of control. AND, it's playing havoc with the fanatic's brains.

For instance, as we speak, there are approx. 122 people lined up 6 weeks in advance for the premiere of Revenge of the Sith, at the Mann's Chinese in Hollywood. Did you know, the movie isn't even playing there? It's playing down the street at the ArcLight. What the...? At least they have 6 weeks to haul their asses down the street.

Well, at least they didn't totally whore out the movie and do something incredibly lame like a Mr. Potato Head dressed as Darth Vader, called "Darth Tater." Oh wait. What?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

the "O" List

Periodically my friend and I peruse the Oprah "be a guest on our show" ads, to see what we would qualify for. Mostly cause we want free sh*t, if ever the occasion presents itself.

Sadly, the topics this month are oddly weird. I only *hope* we don't qualify for "female sex addicts" or "suburban moms & crystal meth."

I'm thinking we should go for,
"Do you want to meet a hot celebrity."
Course I already did...

Friday, April 08, 2005

We’re going where the wind is blowing...

What idiot who would take their kid to walk on the beach, on the windiest day of the year? Hello, I am that idiot.

I couldn't even push the stroller. We were just...standing still. It was awful. I watched as people ran to their cars and couldn't even open the doors. I don't know what's up with the weather today. It looked nice out!

It was SO windy that:

1. I saw a dog trying to walk straight, but it kept getting blown to the right. Tragic, yet hilarious.

2. My shirt flew up almost over my head. Thank god no one was around.

3. Heavy trash can lids were popping off like bottle caps, barreling themselves into our path.

4. The kid happily leaned out of his stroller a la Leo DiCaprio on Titanic, trying to grab the wind.

5. I saw a VERY OLD fat man wearing a shirt that said, "I LOVE INTERCOURSE."

That last one had nothing to do with the wind, but I smiled and walked quickly in the opposite direction.

Shiver and say the words, of every lie you've heard

There's something to be said about taking your kid for a long walk on the beach in the afternoon. He gets to bark at dogs and I get to listen to my iPod for an hour straight. Putting the thing on random song shuffle is a dangerous game. It can bring up music you didn't even know you had, not to mention songs that bring back memories of various times in your life.

This time around, some very old Echo & the Bunnymen, which immediately made me think of Goth Best Friend* and I going to work together on the Disney lot. One of my most fave co-workers, since we got on so well. Nice happy times.

I hadn't talked to him in about a year, since before the kid was born, so I gave him a call this morning. It took some tracking down, these goth-boys are elusive, I tell you. The first thing out of his mouth, "Hearing your voice takes me back to working together at Disney, over FIVE years ago." What a coincidence.

He's doing well, which I'm happy about. He's the happiest little goth boy I know, that's for sure.

I wonder what adventures into my memory my next iPod selection will bring.

*Not to be confused with "new-Audi-driving-goth-guy," who turns out, is kind of a dick. Over him.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Take my shoes off, and throw them in the lake, and I’ll be, two steps on the water.

The other day I took O.G. to the gardens. I'm not really a nature lover, but she enjoys it. Her only goal was to see "the Lake," there are ducks there, she swears. Turns out, coyotes ate all the ducks. Not..kidding.

Still, we had to see this lake. We followed the few signs that were posted. Hours later, I said HOURS,...we were lost.

Jenn: "How is it possible to get lost in a civilized public garden that we paid good money to enter? It looks like Land of the Lost here, there aren't even paths."

O.G.: "Those signs are awful. Look, there's a helicopter overhead..."

Jenn: "I think you should take your jacket off and wave them down...SERIOUSLY."

O.G.: "You are supposed to wave something white for help, take your shirt off."

Jenn: "Um, I am not getting naked just to save you."

O.G.: "No really, how else are we going to be rescued?"

Jenn: "What is this Mardi Gras? I'm not taking my shirt off, that's that."

O.G.: "Is that a red coyote...? What if you're desperate?"

Jenn: "Well I'm not THAT desperate. If I see a coyote, I'm pushing you to the ground and taking off running, that's for sure."

Eventually we found our way back to civilization. As her punishment, I made her stand next to the worthless "LAKE" that-a-way sign, and commanded her to point in the opposite direction. She did it, of course.

Now Milton, don't be greedy, let's pass it along and make sure everyone gets a piece.

I am a good friend. Honest! Especially when it comes to birthdays. You will NEVER get a gift late, and if I really love you, I just may bake something for you.

I'm a total freak about it too. One friend of mine was from the South and wanted nothing more than his mother's Red Velvet Cake. Of course I killed myself trying to make it just so, and he loved it, which made me very happy. Course things don't always go as planned. I made another friend his fave chocolate cherry cake, followed the recipe to the letter, and it was...awful. And never one to give me a break, he hasn't let me forget it. Making me, quite sad.

This week is Woodsy's bday and I have a brand new cake pan to bust out. It looks like a gift, you see? You see?? Of course, I have to make it really look like a gift, so I took part of the batter and added red food coloring.

I think it's pretty cute. Hope she likes it. It's LEMON....mmm...

To see how it works...go here.

slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball

The kid is completely and totally independently mobile, as of right....NOW.

Uh oh.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

flaming lips

I didn't plan this, but what a weird coincidence that I bought three kinds of C.O. Bigelow lip balm today, and this shirt?

Monday, April 04, 2005

She was a day tripper, a one way ticket yeah

Today I went up to my project manager, very serious, with serious issues regarding my future employment. I walked over to his desk and as I got there I tripped over some drawings that he left next to his desk.

I started laughing nonstop, but I managed to suffer out the words:

Me: "Tay, I need (ha ha) to tell you (bahaha) something..."

he then said:

Him: "...that you're drunk?"

That made me crack up about 100 times harder. Luckily I've known the man for 7 years, he knows that sometimes...I'm...retarded.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

If I make it through today, I’ll know tomorrow not to put my feelings out on display

A friend and I share a love for all things citrus. Lemons, grapefruit-y things, especially. When he went to Paris he brought me back tons of lovely soaps, foods, all kinds of things. So I was super excited to see the Lemon Body Lotion from C.O. Bigelow, since I love them too. Their products used to only be sold in New York, but now Bath & Body Works carries it in Los Angeles.

I picked up a bottle for me, and one for him. Then he comes up to me, with slight panic in his voice, and says, "JENN. Have you read the back of the bottle? It says, DO NOT APPLY IF GOING INTO SUNLIGHT."

Ok, first of all, what the hell does that mean? It's always sunny here. Secondly, what is going to happen, will we burst into flames?

More importantly, is it worth the risk of bursting into flames to smell lemon-y delicious all day? The answer is YES. Yes it is.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm not trying to tell you anything, you didn't know when you woke up today

Tower was having a big dvd sale, I put down the Erasure videos and backed away, but I went ahead and I bought Depeche Mode 101 for a mere $10. I haven't seen that thing since, um, it came out on VHS, (hi, i'm old) whenever that was. But does the dvd ever bring back memories.

I was at the concert for the masses in 1988, damn, that was 17 years ago. While the dvd is great quality and all, it still doesn't fully capture what it was really like to be there. It was...amazing. 80,000 people, all of whom know the words to Never Let Me Down Again, singing in unison, well that's just unforgetable, right there.

It was really nice to watch it again. The outfits and hairdos, most of which I had, yikes, insane. The music, good as ever.

Highlights for me:
1. Dave Gahan playing pinball and singing...Roxy Music!
2. Fletch's cute glasses.
3. The live version of "Stripped." LOVE THAT.
4. The interviews with the "kids." My how they've aged.


Here I am in silence, looking round without a clue

I feel...inspired.

That lull I had - the lacking of creativity, I think it's been lifted. Must be the daylight savings time. The extra hour brings nothing but possibilities and pure energy.

I now feel fully ready to be krafty again. But what should I make?

Luckily I have about 3 birthdays I have to deal with this week. I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm not as pretty as those girls in magazines, I'm rotten to my core if they're to be believed

Being a Supermodel is hard. There's all the not thinking, and starving yourself, no fun. I must not be very good at it, cause I can't stop my mind from working and I'm hungry, darn it.

Since today was my big "sit there" performance, it was a good thing I got a haircut last week. At first I didn't really dig it, but I think it's grown on me. People at the Office went nuts. Yes, I get it, you LIKE my new haircut. Right, feel free to touch me without asking, thanks. Geez.

Apparently, I did so well today, I got a call back for next week. Only, not so much based on my ability to do nothing and cute hairstyle, more actually work. Damn.

Oh well. My modeling career was short lived, but it was fun while it lasted.