Monday, December 31, 2007

Woke up this morning feeling fine

My final day of 2007 - why should it be any different than the other days? I spent the morning in the ER of course. After being given a near clean bill of health, they gave me a bottle of codeine to ring in the New Year and get me through the night.

Then I walked out of the ER and straight into the kitchen. Yes, despite my protest, even with my four days in a coma, apparently the party is still on and I'm still cooking for it tomorrow. Although half the guests don't want to come near the flu-house (I don't blame them) the other half know how much food I make, and flu or no, they want some. Already prepped for tomorrow - somen salad, sweet garlic chicken wings, won ton, an mochi and O.G.s flank steak. There's still more to be made tomorrow morning.
The best part of today was being able to hold the boys again. I hugged the Kid and didn't want to let go. If only all the GOOD people in the world who should have children could feel that sort of love. It's overwhelming. Then he coughed on me and now I'm wondering if the Circle of Sick is going to continue. Lord.

While I had to turn down two rockin' party invitations, I have a feeling that I will be dead zzz before the ball drops on the west coast anyway. So Happy New Year to everyone!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The sweetest infection, of body and mind

I am writing to you from my isolation chamber. It has been days since I've had human contact. It's like Outbreak up in here and I'm the monkey. This flu took me out. It left me crying and writhing begging for someone to make the pain stop. Childbirth was ten times easier.

When I gave birth to the Baby the doctor said it was so easy for me I should consider having a few more. No thanks. But she was right. It was a breeze. I wanted to jump off the table and pack up and go home. I felt like I understood how those women who gave birth in the fields and then went right back to work did it. It was that easy.

But this. This flu, was crippling. I feel like I don't even know what happened in the past four days and if I sent you an email, most likely it wasn't coherent.

Being alone for four days just leaves your mind to wander about unecessary things. Like the bananas rotting on my counter. I HATE bananas. I hate the way they look, smell and taste. But the kids love them, so I always have some on hand. But when they go bad it's that much worse. So the first thing I did when I got my sea legs, was go to the kitchen and make a batch of banana crumb muffins. Goodbye rotting bananas. Goodbye flu.

Banana Crumb Muffins recipe, HERE.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daddy, I got asthma! Take some Robitussin! I got cancer! Here, Robitussin! Daddy, I broke my leg! Put some Robitussin on it, let the it sink in there.

That so called tiny cold I had, turned into the straight up flu from hell. I couldn't even walk or stand up, I was in so much pain. Today is my first day out of bed and first attempt to eat something. I just lived off of Robitussin for the past two days. Man, that thing hit me like mack truck.

I dreamt of food, I was so hungry. Mostly, I had a craving for tortilla soup. So first thing, I made up a big potful, and got carried away and made some quesadillas for the boys. It tasted sooo good. The soft tortillas in the soup and the crunchy ones on top. Yum. Then again anything tastes better than Robitussin with an orange juice chaser.

Tortilla Soup recipe, HERE.
*scratch what I said. After I wrote this post I feel woozy, and ready to pass out. Back to bed. Again.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dwight: TripAdvisor is the lifeblood agri-tourism.That's what took down the Stalk Inn, one of the cutest little asparagus farms you'll ever see.

Blergh. Second day off, this one sucks ass. I caught the kid's colds. While it didn't really affect them, it's dragging me down. I'm not so much, "oh god I'm dying", more like, "man, I feel like crap," kinda sick. Just tired, tired, tired.

So I've just been sitting in bed, going over some books I got this holiday. This one was pretty awesome:
My friend went down and met Morimoto in Newport and got this book signed. I really wanted to go too, but driving past the Orange Curtain on a weekday is on my list of, "I would rather die." She got some good pictures and talked about meeting him, here.

This book is AMAZING. The pictures are perfection, truly. I have already picked out a few recipes that I'd like to attempt, Asparagus Pocky is not one of them. He takes white asparagus, and dips them in chocolate to make them look like Pocky. That is the worst deception, ever.

As far as gifts for the kids, Santa brought the boys 'Rock Em Sock Em Robots'. The Baby was so excited when he saw those robots in the boxing ring, that he ran up and...PUNCHED THE KID IN THE FACE. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a sucker punch to the face. Yikes.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You triflin', good for nothing...

First day off, not bad. I went to Target at 6:55am, bitches! I got some great stuff.

I am always the Queen of overloading on sweets. When I have a party I like to have the table littered with baked goods, just in case people want something sweet throughout the day (our parties last for hours, usually.)

For Christmas I made snowman cupcakes. While they were supposed to have a jaunty beret, they ended up looking more like freakish clowns/Hasidic Jew-snowen/snowmen with afros, as people have pointed out. Oh well. They tasted good and that's all that matters.
For the main dessert I made a trifle. Well, sorta. Not a traditiononal one, I did it my way, and it came out quite good, or so everyone said. Maybe they were just high on chicken and waffles.

Jenn's English Trifle recipe, HERE.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

Well this holiday has come and gone, and it was all good. There was lots of fun, lots of presents and lots and lots of food. Having it at my house wasn't easy, but I did manage to shoehorn 13 people and two kids into one table. I also busted out the good china and festive place settings. And yes, the chicken and waffles made it the best christmas ever.

I have the rest of the week off, which is nice, but I don't know what to do with myself. All I know is that since today is over and done with, now, the real work begins - planning the menu for New Year's Day, which is far mightier a task than measly old Christmas. Yikes. I already have 13 dishes so far, I think I have a few more to add as well.

Pictures of a past New Years feast, here.

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Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Life isn't about endings. It's about a series of moments.

Because I am a genius, I forgot to ask for today off. Great. So off I head to work, I guess my baking will have to wait until tonight. When Santa comes.

Here is a scene from one of my favorite BBC Office episodes, the finale, Christmas themed of course.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

The great pumpkin

Lordy. The eating never ends. Christmas isn't even here yet and I can't fit into my pants. Tonight some friends are coming over to exchange gifts and so I thought I'd make dinner. I put together some dry rub baby back ribs, chicken chili, rice and a salad. I am Southern like that.

With New Years coming I am wanting to play with more and more mochi recipes. So to end our meal, for dessert I made a Pumpkin Mochi. Kinda similar to the Blueberry Mochi that I made before, more like a cake/mochi combo than anything. It definitely had a fall flavor to it, and it was REALLY GOOD. More than that it was REALLY EASY. Try it out.

Pumpkin Mochi recipe, HERE.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I heard it through the grapevine

I swung by Banana Republic today, I am a cheap bastard so a big 'ol coupon* helped buy me the world's cutest jacket. It is good for keeping my boobs warm. That is what jackets do, you see, because I have boobs, not like the girl in line next to me who was returning her clothes because they were 'too big' and she would like to have a 'size ZERO instead, please.' Someone shoot my fat ass.

It IS a happy Christmas afterall! Today the kids opened some gifts that they got from school friends. The big winner? The Baby got snacks that he thought were too cool and so the gift opening stopped right then because - who wrapped up this totally awesome food and kept it from me screw those other gifts I GOTS RAISINS. (Note to self: return all gifts and go wrap up some Sun Maid, tout de suite.)

Click here for 30% off BR coupon, good until tomorrow!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eddie: "Let the music lift you up, sweetie."

So after a day full of vomiting, I should probably eat something, huh? Or not. And yes, I still went to work. At my old job when I was sick they told me to 'go to the car and sleep it off.' Another time I had to come in while sick, so I went in my pajamas cause I didn't give a crap.

But today, I just puked, and moved on. It's a good thing I cure cancer with my work. OH WAIT. I DON'T. I've got a deadline and in architecture there is no time off. All I can do is just sit back and listen to one of my favorite songs and dream of non-vomit filled days...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She's got a gold tooth you know she's hardcore
She'll show you a good time then she'll show you the door

Well the grinches have won. I love Christmas but it seems everyone else hates it. I don't know why. It doesn't have to be annoying unless you make it. It doesn't have to be stressful unless you make it so. So fine, they win. Now I hate Christmas too. I'm just sick of hearing about how pissed off everyone is that it's the holidays.

Today the guy in front of me in line had never been to a Starbucks before. It was fascinating. He didn't know what the different coffees were on the menu, and he stared into the bakery case as if it contained alien food. Then when he waited for his coffee AT THE REGISTER, the cashier explained that he was to wait to the side until they called his name. The people behind me were pissed, but I was fascinated. How could he have gone this long having never stepped into a coffee place? And what made him decide to do it this of all mornings, at the height of coffee rush hour? So interesting.

Even more news on the oddities front, what is the deal with holding doors for people? (Now I sound like Seinfeld) While I do enjoy a bit of chivalry, the fact that I am FORTY FEET away doesn't deter you? That is too far! Don't hold the door, I ain't running for it! Ok, sometimes I do cause I feel bad that these guys that just keep waiting, but come on. Lame. And can you believe this happens EVERY DAY?? I actually counted last week and the 'holding the door for Jenn' phenomenon happened at least once a day, every day, last week. Why? Stop. Please. I hate running.

I can't wait to go to Starbucks tomorrow. I wanna see if that guy comes back and makes another go for it.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Jenna: Oh, it's the Japanese porn star diet. I only eat paper, but I can eat all the paper I want, so...

I haven't eaten a regular meal in a week. With all these free holiday gifts pouring into the office, my lunches have consisted of a couple of pieces of chocolate covered toffee, some mixed nuts and and a handful of mint cookies. Since I usually only eat one meal a day, this is not very good.

Why one meal a day? Breakfast is non-existent. I usually try to down a handful of frosted flakes while I get the kids breakfast, make their lunch and get them dressed, but before the cereal makes it into my hand, by then I have to shove the kids in the car and we are off. Lunch is, well, whatever I find lying around the office kitchen, or if I'm at the jobsite, usually some of the kids cookies I find in the bottom of my purse. Dinner, while I do feed my kids well, I am definitely the mom from A Christmas Story, in that I "haven't had a hot meal in 15 years." Mom, "I need milk. Mom I dropped my fork. Mom I spilled." Good lord. I usually get in one bite and that's about it.

But my kids? They eat like kings. I try to get them as well balanced as I can, and make things quick quick quick. Cause I don't got alotta time. Baked Lemon Chicken. Simple, easy recipe, excellent for the busy mom. Or working woman. Or a busy-as-hell person who should be eating better. (That'd be me.) Too bad I'll only get one bite of this. Dammit.

Baked Lemon Chicken recipe, HERE.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

White on white, light, sublime, subliminal

It turns out the "white boy" that the Kid was referring to was...The Pillsbury Doughboy. (Wow, Robin, way to figure it out!!) I was making those mini pigs in a blanket, and he thought that little white boy on the package was too cute. "Super Size Me" was right. It's all about marketing, baby. Good thing Joe Camel isn't around anymore.

I know everyone's grouchy, but I love Christmas and I can't wait for it. Then today my family informed me that Christmas will be at MY house this year. Way to plan ahead, people. I do not like changes of plans and I hate last minute things even more. The holidays don't stress me out, family does.

Now that it is my responsibility, my brother and I have decided to do as we please, and plan a meal of fried chicken and waffles for Christmas. We're Southern like that. It's a meal we both love, so why not have it on Christmas too. The rest of the family will probably be like, WTF, but who cares. I did run the menu by O.G., who plans on making her famous Gulliver's corn. However I know she hates birds/poultry/anything with wings, so we'll have to figure something else out for her or else she will just be having...waffles and corn.

The best part of this news is that I can make dessert. Our family always does pie, and while I do love pie, after November I am usually pie-d out. So now I am hunting through my recipes for something...good. When I was younger, I made a series of traditional French Christmas desserts. One year I made a Buche de Noel, another a croquembouche. It's sort of odd that I didn't turn out to be a pastry chef, isn't it, given my penchant for eating fabulous desserts, even as a child. I dunno. I'll figure out something. I just hope my brother is sharpening his knives. Someone's gotta carve the Christmas Waffle.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you

The Kid said:
"Mommy, I love the white boy."

Now while it is true that *I* love the white boy. (See: My love of Rick Astley.) I had no idea what he was talking about. THEN I figured it out. What do you think he meant? Any guesses?

While you think about it you can enjoy a Rick Astley MEGAmix. All mixes should be MEGA. Including Chex mix.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Upside down. Boy, you turn me. Inside out. And round and round.

From the 'Things I Did NOT Buy" file
The Kid and I were scoping out holiday crap at Stats when he spied this beauty:

The Upside Down Christmas tree. Despite the lead-tastic holidays around my house, I felt that this was an unnecessary addition. First of all $500. Second of all. Upside down. Lame.

In the old old old days trees really were hung upside down and also it was supposed to evoke the Trinity. Nowadays people think it's sacrilegious because the tree is supposed to point to heaven. I think it's sacrilegious to ask $500 for a piece of crap. I get it, it's edgy, it's supposed to make 'more room for gifts'.

I'm sure you're not supposed to take pictures at Stats, but I did it on the sly while the Baby was distracting them by screaming at the top of his lungs whenever he saw a fake reindeer. I wish I had gone to the Pasadena Stats. Check it out. It's like Christmas threw up all over the place. Fan-freakin'tastic.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller

So this stupid potluck is killing me. The no desserts issue was the least of my problems. None of the girls in the office are over 100 pounds. They all wince over the thought of eating anything with fat in it, and so my options are limited. But when it comes to parties, and holidays and food, what can you do? So I just said screw it, and made the old standby, Little Smokies. I don't feel like putting much work into this and I don't feel like bringing carrot sticks.

Late at night, the kids are asleep, I am alone, and I can finally relax. You know, get things done. Clean up the house. Then I see this and...

What the?? Let's take a closer look:

That - is a BALL jammed into the neck of my water bottle! How it even got past the first rung, I don't know. Man, the Arrowhead guy is gonna be pissed. *grumble*


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One-eyed Willy

My balls hurt. My eyeballz, that is. I sat happily in the chair at my follow up visit, thinking that all was well and good in eyeball land, that is, until the doctor pulled back and looked at me in disbelief, nay, horror. Apparently those eyelashes he so tenderly pulled out had completely grown back in less than a week. He was dumbfounded, which is not how you ever want a doctor to look at you.

My kryptonite eyelashes perplexed him so, that he had to CALL SOMEONE ELSE to say, 'what the f*ck?" Great. Thank god there is a solution. Not just one, but three:

1. Burn them.
2. Freeze them.
3. Stick lasers in them.

While my mind wandered at the thought of shooting lasers out of my eyes, only shortly later did I realize he meant sticking a laser DIRECTLY INTO THE EYELASH ROOT. Barf-tastic. And there went my dreams of being a Jenn BORG.

This problem is going to plague me for the rest of my life. In more good news, it isn't covered by my insurance, as were none of the visits to see him. He seemed genuinely concerned, and said that he has been thinking about me all week, since he had no answer to my problem. SIGH. He was nice and gave me some options and said, "Good luck." We'll see what happens. Until then I can't stop humming "The Candy Man." Huh.

Cause he has one eyeball, see? Oh, nevermind.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Miss Teschmacher: He can't see through... lead!
Lex Luthor: And Kryptonite will destroy him. Any questions, class?

Blergh. I was joking about saving the environment. Perhaps I need to resort to putting "j/k xoxo :) :P" after every not so funny thing I write. Yes, yes, I suck and I hate the Earth. I am in construction, I destroy and rebuild things for a living. Not only that I drive my car half a block a la Steve Martin in L.A. Story. And if that's not good enough for you, those 50 baby seals I clubbed yesterday oughta do it.*

Lately I have been consumed with wrapping gifts. It's quite therapeutic, in that it takes my mind off work, which has been causing me much grief lately. The wrapping, the paper, the bows, it takes my mind off things. I stacked all the gifts up in this vacant armoire that I have, it's like my own little mini gift closet!

I only wish they were for me. I hand out a ton of gifts every year and rarely get any. Probably because I am on the Naughty List for serving my kids lead flavored candy canes. Boy, you people just don't let up, do you?

Here's the thing, if you have a problem with lead - the next time you go to the dentist, try getting x-rays WITHOUT the lead protector apron. Mhmm. Yeah. That's what I thought.

*To be fair, those seals had it coming. "j/k xoxo :) :P"

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Are those real?

I single handedly saved the environment today. Yup. I bought a FAKE tree. I have struggled for years with this decision. Sure, I love the experience of going out and buying a real tree, shoving the damn thing into the car and dragging it into the house - pine needles everywhere. However, the guilt about killing a live tree, the cleaning of said pine needles, and then my insane paranoia about the tree catching on fire while I am at work, those were my pros for a faker.

And really, I couldn't be happier with the decision. The tree is perfect with perfect lights and perfect branches and here's the best part, it looks dead. No I'm serious. I bought the fake tree that had a few brown tinted branches and I swear it makes it look all the more real.

The kids didn't know the difference, or ask why it was coming in three pieces out of a box, and we had a fun time decorating the tree. Our tree topper? Stuffed Mr. Hankey doll. I told the kids it was POO, they seemed fine with that.

I feel like this is the future. And until there are robot trees, which could be awesome cause maybe they'd vacuum my floor and make me a smoothie, I will stick with this fake tree as long as we are compatible. Sure there's no smell, but there's also no paranoia, so all is good in the world.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007


I know a lot of people are very bah-humbug lately, but for me, this weekend was very Christmas-y. In years past I have busted my ass hand making 80+ holiday cards. It was always pictures of the boys, hand cut into circles, folded, glued and turned into ornaments and mailed. (See the nightmare, here.) While I loved how they turned out, it usually takes me weeks. This year, change of strategy. While the card is still 3D and still features the boys, now there is only cutting and I am making the receiver do the work. I even drew a diagram so they know what to do:

Then I baked two dozen cupcakes. I wanted to do something FANTASTIC, but it always goes unappreciated, so I said screw it. Basically I made the Elmo cupcakes, but just stuck candy canes on top. Don't get me started on my candy cane nightmare.

Finally, I have a potluck this week, and they specifically said NO BAKED GOODS. The hell kind of nazi potluck is this? Anyway, now I am stuck. Anyone have any ideas for savory foods to make? I should bring meat cupcakes, just to stick it to them.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

"Happy birthday Jesus. Hope you like crap."

As we drive past the holiday lawn ornaments in the neighborhood, the Kid and I have this argument every night:

Kid: "Mommy, there's ZURG!"
Jenn: "No, that's Jesus."
Kid: "No it's not, it's ZURG!"


Zurg from Toy Story:

Who knows, maybe he's in there. Even I am confused at this point.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brown eyed girl

Guess what I did today? Hung out with a guy who took a pair of tweezers and PULLED MY EYELASHES OUT. Yup. Let me give you a little backstory. My left eye started hurting about a week ago. I thought nothing of it. Monday morning the firey pain was too much to bear, so much that I had to pull my car to the side of the road because I could no longer see. After a visit to the ER, I was diagnosed as having a corneal abrasion. No that's not a Thanksgiving sidedish, it's where your cornea is scratched and infected.

Leading me to the visit with the opthamologist today who said, "Did you know that some of your eyelashes grow backwards??" Yes, I knew that. Ever since I was 15 and went for my first pair of glasses. It never botherered me much. Now and again I'd have to pull one out. But today he took the world's longest sharpest tweezers and pulled them out one by one. Pain? Hell yes. He said the backwards-ness is hereditary (no one in my family has this) and common in asians. Lovely.

He also....wait for it...pulled off part of my cornea that was scratched and hanging there. Go ahead. Vomit. I wanted to. Thank god he didn't tell me til afterwards. No I do not have a sexy eyepatch, please stop asking.

I wonder if I will have to visit him every week to see what's up and hey by the way can you pull some of my eyelashes out here's a check okay thanks? Let's think of happier things...

Gift Ideas for Women:

1. Orchid drop pendant - Frank Gehry for Tiffanys $150
My friend gave me a gift card for being in her wedding and I've been holding onto it for just the right thing. This was it. Whenever I wear it I get nothing but compliments. This is a stunning pendant at a reasonable price.

2. Pomegranate Spa Set - Murad $35
I love Murad products. Especially their pomegranate line, which is great for all skin types. Right now they have this spa set only for the holidays. Visit their spa too, if you want the ultimate gift!

3. Conair Ionshine Hairdryer - Target $19.29 and
Hair care organizer - Container Store $9.99
This hairdryer is cheap and man does it do the business! My hair never looked so fantastic! Even under a hard hat for hours, my hair still looks fabulous. I LOVE THIS HAIRDRYER. Now, the secondary thing, you may think that a hairdryer organizer is stupid and useless. I thought the same thing but I was fed up with cords, and my brushes lying everywhere. This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever bought. Seriously.

4. Cupcake wallet - Queen Bee $27
Queen Bee has the cutest stitched vinyl and fabric bags and accessories. I have been eyeing their items for some time now. And mmm...cupcakes.

5. 16 Baby Brownies - Fat Witch, Chelsea Market $25.85
I know, I know, I never shut up about these things. SO much so that a fan of this blog actually bought some and had them shipped to me. Thank you kind stranger! (Those Java Witches were gone in a day...)

Jenn's Women Pick:

- amazon $20
Ok, it's oddly fitting that this is my pick and yet I wrote it before the "Eyeball Incident of 2007". Tweezerman tweezers are the best tweezers on earth. They really are. Sharp, precise, and the best part ever, is that if they ever dull, you can send them back to the company and they will sharpen them for free. FOR FREE, I said. So you can pull your eyelashes out to your heart's content. Ugh. I feel woozy.

I know you're getting sick of these, don't worry. Last gift list tomorrow: Gift Ideas for the one who has everything!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's raining men

O.G. loves meat. So we went to her favorite, Lawry's, which is a Los Angeles institution...for meat. Prime rib to be exact. This is a carnivore's dream. The meat comes rolling by in a cart and is hand carved at your table. All the waitresses are dressed in old skool uniforms and toss the 'spinning' salad next to your table, like in the old days. People who are not from Los Angeles, will probably know Lawry's best from their line of seasoned salts.

Since it is the holidays, the place is decked out with all the college football flags, because it is tradition for the two competing teams who play in the Rose Bowl, to go to Lawry's and eat before the big game, rightly named...The Beef Bowl. We had our own Beef Bowl, as I watched O.G. pound down a big ol' slab of rare prime rib, in no time. Nasty. The best part of Lawry's, and a big hit with the kids, is the free appetizers that are laid out in the waiting area. Saucy meatballs and freshly made potato chips. Mmm, just the thing to get your started before you giant meal of meat and potatoes. Which leads us to...

Gift Ideas for Guys:

1. Lawry's VIP Club - Lawry's Prime Rib of Beverly Hills $25
This thing pays for itself. You earn points when you eat there and earn $25 gift certificates. You get a $25 one right off the bat, so in essence, the 'membership' is free. The best part? Personalized seasoned salt. That's right. It doesn't get any more PIMP than that.

2. Film Fest snacks - Dean & Deluca $35
Movies and snacks, one goes in hand with the other. Dean and Deluca offers this perfectly salty/sweet assortment of treats to go along with whatever your viewing pleasure. Even if it's holiday porn.

3. Boba Fett USB
If there is awesomer packaging for a usb someone tell me. Sure the Leia one's cute, but Boba Fett is hardcore, baby. However the Han looks eerily like that blowup captain from Airplane!, does anyone else see that??

4. The Wire & Deadwood first seasons - amazon $40
Seriously, there isn't a man alive who doesn't love these shows. Is it the violence? The cursing? Who knows. I did like watching Deadwood, even though I covered my eyes at the gore, but I worked my way through it just to see cutie Timothy Olyphant. My favorite sportscaster, ever.

5. Charging station - Bed Bath & Beyond $19.99
This isn't just for guys, I, uh...bought it for myself. Hey I have two phones and two cameras and Ipod, sue me. I have seen these everywhere, and they are asking for an insane amount of money, $75 and up. Screw that. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99 PLUS 20% off. Take that suckas.

6. Personalized Team Jersey - East Bay $45
Now you too can pretend to be a team player. East Bay is a great company, I made jerseys for the kids and they are insanely cute. I'm sure the grown sports fan in your life would like them just the same.

Jenn's Guys pick:

Sampler pack of pistachios - Santa Barbara Pistachios $20
I love nuts. And I don't mean these kind. These pistachios are the most flavorful that I've come across. They have plain too, but why you gotta be like that? Onion-Garlic is where it's at, baby. I buy these everytime I go to the Farmer's Market, but you can get them online too.

There's the guys. Tomorrow, Gift Ideas for Women.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Kids, don't try this at home

Every year we have the good fortune of Santa riding down our street via police escort. They announce for you to come out of your house, (I assume all criminals hate this time of year) and the streets are filled - waiting for Santa's arrival. My kids hate this tradition. They hear the announcement and totally freak. NO SANTA, NO!!

Still I drag them out of the house, camera in tow, and force them to sit on a large, oddly dressed, stranger's lap for all to see, while I yell, "SMILE. BETTER THAN THAT. PLEASE?? JUST DO IT." while they cry and cry and beg for it all to end. Yes, I am the greatest mother ever.

Gift Ideas for Kids:

1. Personalized Anywhere Chair - Potterybarn Kids $99
Yes, yes, I love all things personalized. Since I have two kids, everything is a fight. So their own chair, with their own names, well that just solves one at least. As opposed to the argument they were having this morning over who farted first.

2. New York City in a bag by MUJI - MOMA store $14
I love New York City. Now I can carry it around with me in a bag! I love all of these buildings so to be able to build my own little city seems like nothing but fun to me. But I am a dorky architect. I suppose I'd let the kids play with me...

3. The Pigeon books by Mo Willems - $10
I love these pigeon books, mostly because I can relate to the yelling, I guess. I like the 'sketchiness' of the art and the stories are a hoot. The Baby especially loves the Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog book, cause the Baby loves him some processed meat.

4. Flo Water Deflector - Boon/Follow Function $15
This little spout cover is stylish and great fun for the tub. The flowing 'waterfall' makes washing hair a cinch and if you have a kid you know what a nightmare that can be. I also love the futuristic shape of it.

5. Roller Car by Small Paul $175
As you know, Paul Frank is huge in our house. Now there are ride on toys too?? Oh dear. I wrote this post before they announced their online store, which opened today. Free shipping through the holidays!! (The kid pictured here looks dangerous, just sayin')

6. wall decals by Blik $45
I am definitely getting some of these when I redo the Baby's room. Better than paint, let me tell you. But which ones? Personally, I love the Space Invaders and Giant Robot ones, but the kids might disagree. I guess I'll just have to put them in my room. ~sigh~

Jenn's "Kids" pick:

Dinnersaurs by Fred $13
Of all the products I have photographed or recommend over the years on this blog, this gets the most comments. These dino utensils are easy to handle and way fun to eat with. Finally, they are available again. Buy them while you can!!

Next up: Gift Ideas for Guys.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

This weekend was all about gifts. I wrapped and wrapped til I could wrap no more. Then I packaged up little treats for the kid's school friends (read about it HERE). Also I spent the weekend surfing the net for gifts. For myself. HA. I was supposed to be looking for other people, but what can I say. Anyway, I compiled quite a list in the end. So I put together a bunch of lists in case you were looking for unique gift items too. First up,

Gifts ideas for the Foodie:

1. Personalized mini spatulas - Williams Sonoma $14
You know I love anything personalized and everything mini. I have a set of these (not personalized) and they are very useful. They come in a bunch of colors too and I suppose the personalization part comes in handy if you loan it out and then you can say, "Give me back my spatulas, bitch!" Or something.

2. Apple slicer - MOMA store $38
I am ridiculous when it comes to kitchenware. While I won't buy just any gadget, I will buy things that are designed well and useful. If only you knew how many damn apples I peel around here. My kids could eat an orchard. I like the idea of this. It's clean and minimal. My two favorite things.

3. Hot Chocolate Cups - Crate and Barrel $2.95 - $4.95
When I saw these I did a double take. The fact that they look like paper cups but are made of porcelain made me giddy. I am weird like that. These cups are too cute and paired with a little tin of cocoa would make a great inexpensive gift.

4. Peanut Butter & Jelly gift set - Peanut Butter & Co./WS $36
Peanut Butter & Co. is a little store in NYC that serves up America's favorite sandwich. This is a great gift set because it's something different than the boring old gift basket.

5. Everyday Food magazine - Martha Stewart $12 (65% off)
I can't tell you how much I adore this magazine. The recipes are simple, they photograph the steps (hello, familiar) and it's in a small compact format. Gift subscriptions to magazines are great for a gift that gives all year round.

Jenn's "foodie" pick:

Donut Maker - Williams Sonoma $49
Oh crap, this is fantastic. I have a donut baking pan, and I keep meaning to put it to use again, but it's a pain in the ass. This thing is like a waffle maker, but 100 times better. 100 times better because donuts come out of it. God, how I want this. I hope Santa knows I've been a good girl.

While today was all about the kitchen, the next list will be Gift Ideas for Kids. But for now, I dream of donuts...

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