Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Get ready, get set, start shopping! While the holiday sales are crazy nuts right now, wouldn't it be nice to sit your butt in front of your computer and buy quality goods in the comfort of your home? Sounds better than fighting the crowd for the last pair of toddler Uggs. UGHS is right.

Here is a list of things that I adore and are all made by artists who just happen to be friends of mine. Yep. I'm pimping peeps.

Ben Walker - shirt $20/artwork $30+

I sat next to Ben Walker for 4 days at SDCC and I'm telling you, seeing a bear with a gun NEVER gets old. His art is stunning. Western. Modern. With a twist of dark humor. I bought two prints and hung them in the guest bathroom - why the guest bathroom? Because everyone goes in there and I wanted it to be seen by one and all.

My pick: The bear with a gun t-shirt of course. Just $20 for pure genius. Hell, even Wil Wheaton owns one.

Snarkydork - hammies $8-$10

Did your kids drag you to go see Bolt? Oh good lord, then you know all about the hamster in the ball. My kids love these things, they treat them just like real pets. The reason I love them? They are not real pets. No poop to clean. No feeding involved, but yes, it is still possible that you might vaccuum them up if you're not careful. The kids like the regular ones, but me - I like the punk one.

My pick: Pom pom hammies $8

Lil Sprinkles - Custom dolls $16-$37

These two sisters are the nicest gals ever. They've recently just jumped into this business and I can tell they are going to be BIG. It's one thing to make stuff, it's another to do it WELL. These dolls are incredibly well crafted and have great detail, something that I am very particular about. I have bought many of these as gifts, the small rag dolls are my favorite. They make fantastic gifts and the Sisters will even embroider initials on the doll for free. Now that's custom.
My pick: Rag dolls $17.50

justJENN designs - custom stationery $6- $12

Yeah, yeah, it's my own stuff - but did you really think I was going to pimp someone else's stationery? Ninja, please. My kids need to go to college.
Anything custom is a GREAT gift because it shows that you're really thinking about someone. Well, unless you've spelled their name wrong. That's your problem. Personalized Circus notepads are just $6!! Custom gift sets include a 40 page notepad and 8 cards+envelopes. Or just get them a sh*tlist and be done with it.
My pick: Modern Gift Set $12 also FREE SHIPPING until Monday!

Paul Horn - custom avatar $50

This is pretty cool. Paul is a FABULOUS artist and a great friend. He does outstanding work and will do a custom avatar - sent digitally to you. His likenesses are amazing and I think this would make a fun 'surprise' gift for someone. Print it out! Iron it on a pillowcase and scare you spouse! The fun is endless! Or you can just pick up his very own comic books CoolJerk, also a great gift. Just don't ask him to draw Bigfoot for you. He won't even do that for free.
My pick: Custom avatar $50

Conduct Happiness - tees $24

I've known these guys for a few years now, known is relative in the internet world, but I always go and have a nice visit with them every year at SDCC. I also buy a TON of their stuff. It's so freakin' cute and makes for GREAT gifts for kids. The minute the Kid was potty trained he was in a Pea Standing Up tee. I love their new shirt: "Broccoli give you gas." Cause it totally does.
My pick: Pea in the pool tote $5

So there you have it. Some really great stuff to think about for holiday gifts, designed by some of my favorite people. Tell 'em I sent you.

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving...and a contest!

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Blogger Caveman said...

I got me a custom avatar from Paul Horn. I can't endorse it enough..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 12:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Sup J

"...giveS you gas"

Good lookin' out. Fuhsho.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 1:18:00 PM  
Blogger lilsprinkles said...

Thanks! THANKS!

It was great seeing you again! I hope you were able to find alot of "junk"!

lil sprinkles

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 1:23:00 PM  
Blogger Que Sera Sara said...

I received notepads that I ordered for some of my close girlfriends, at $6 I felt like it was taking candy from a baby, just wrong! Or maybe I should say something like, too good to be true, because they will make such thoughtful gifts and my friends will think I am a genius, Jenn - the notepads rock!!! Thank you so much for the added gift, a lovely card with MY name on it. Everything feels better personalized. Will be ordering again, sorry to pimp you out here, just saying thanks :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008 6:51:00 PM  

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