Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend pics: Sunday

King's Hawaiian Bakery Paradise Chiffon Cake

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend pics: Saturday

Farmer's Market haul:
Garlic Onion Pistachios
Mini Gala Apples
one Peach
2 yellow tomatoes
one Roma tomato
Rockenwagner Pretzel Rolls
bag o' lemons


Friday, August 29, 2008

Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam...

I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful wedding this week. The Inn of the Seventh Ray is way up in Topanga Canyon, and so gorgeous. You forget you're in the city. The bride and groom are both originally from New York and the Mets vs. Yankees yarmulke cracked me up.One GREAT part of the wedding was - they had a photobooth! Who knew you could rent those things?! Excellent idea for the guestbook, I think it'd be great for any party.

It was like a blogger convention up in there. Since 3/4 of the Cupcake Mafia were there we were thrilled to see mini cupcakes for the dessert. I took more than one. Hey, they were mini. It was a perfect wedding on a beautiful day. The couple looked so in love and happy. But who wouldn't be happy when surrounded by this??


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clean. The cleanest I've been. An end to the tears and the in-between years and the troubles I've seen

I had a great birthday. My one complaint? No cake. No one buys bakers cakes. So sad.

My MIL is gone. Before she left she 'cleaned my room'. Hello, suddenly I'm 12. Good thing I didn't have porn mags under my mattress, that woman is thorough! Or nosey. Whatever, she cleaned that damn room top to bottom. Fantastic. She even went to far as to pile up and arrange my bedside books all nice.
I had forgotten about that Shinzi Katoh bag. He is a famous ZAKKA designer with a very distinct design. His art is so cute and loveable I just want to hug it til it pops. I especially covet his water bottles. His art is simple, clean, and cute. Very inspiring. I, myself, have been sketching lots of new things, so we'll see what I come up with.

Now that the MIL is gone it's back to biz as usual. I am looking towards getting ready for Christmas. Yes, I know it's August, but I'm ready to jump ahead. Yet, the fact that Target is pimping Halloween is too much for me. I'd like to just skip all the way to December please, thanks.


Elaine:Mr. Pitt eats his Snickers bars with a knife and fork.
George: That's the way these society types eat their candy bars.

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! I still didn't get a card from the kids but someday they'll have to feed me and put me to bed so payback's a-coming, baby.

I have always liked corn. I blame O.G. The woman is nutso for corn. Creamed corn, corn on the cob, corn soup, we ate it all. Right now is corn heaven at the Farmer's Market. You have to move fast though or you'll miss it. The sweetest corn is the white corn, I've found. And it's perfect for grilling. Like the true Mexicans we are - at least it seems that way, doesn't it? Damn we eat a lot of Mexican food. I guess we are just true Angelenos. Anyway, like the true Angelenos we are, I roast the corn with butter and cheese for the boys. They really like it.

Now here's the thing. You can REALLY tell the difference between the two kids in their style of corn eating. The Baby? Chomping on the cob like there's gold in there.Meanwhile, the Kid? Well...he's the Thurston Howell of corn eating.

Fake Mexican Roasted Corn recipe

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy,
what a kick just a buddy and me

I took a day off recently and spent some time with the kids. I know I spend 24/7 with them anyway, but most of that is me yelling at them to pee IN the toilet, not around it.

For our day of fun, we ended up at Disneyland. As always. Much like his overly organized mother, the Kid made a list, no, a schedule - of what we needed to do, and presented it to me before we left:Of course it was the hottest day of the year, and for some reason EVERYTHING broke down (some things AS we were riding them) basically, it was a nightmare. of our best days ever. I don't know, the Kid was never happier. Which made ME exceedingly happy. Needless to say due to the chaos, it did not go according to his plan, but he was still happy and satisfied. Thank goodness.

What DID go according to plan was me keeping them hydrated and fed:

That's trail mix where someone took out all the raisins and put them on my purse, (thanks, Baby) and juice. And here's my snack:That'd be two Excedrin Migraine. Did I mention it was hot? Oh. Let me mention it again, IT WAS HOT. I was trying desperately to avoid a migraine and thankfully I was successful. Back to more peeing. With both kids potty trained, this is a good and a bad thing. Because inevitably you get to the front of a line and HELLO MOMMY I HAVE TO PEE. Dammit. I miss diapers. Heck, if I wore diapers I'd get so much more done.

One mistake I made was not getting a 'birthday pin', because if you go on your birthday they give you a pack of free tortillas at the Tortilla Factory. Jigga what? It could have been 'Iron Chef Battle : Tortillas' up in here.

Since today is my actual birthday I can only hope that I get tortillas, and that someone pees in the toilet. Even if it's just me. Beggars can't be choosers.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

and the winner is... random number generator: SHERRY. Congrats Sherry! Email me your address and the prizes are yours!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Get in my belly!

The most talked about thing at the shower were the cupcake babies. The inspiration came from the well known fabulous Hello, Cupcake book! Great stuff in there. I saw the Slumber Party 'kids' cupcakes and thought they could easily be turned into babies. And they kinda looked like the babies I draw too.

I basically followed the books directions - except for using box mix and canned frosting. As you know I am totally ANTI box mix, so I made a lemon cupcake (the mom2be's fave) and iced it with a lemon frosting. Then I cut a marshmallow in half and used one side for the pillow and one for the body.Here's where I DID use pre-packaged frosting. And man, that was a hard decision, cause I hate that crap with a passion. But with the daunting task of 36 cupcakes in front of me, I thought what the hell, I'll try it - I bought one of those frosting in a tube thingies with tips from the baking aisle. It was a little thick, but it worked. I'd have rather used chocolate to pipe the face as the book suggested, I think it would have given me a finer line. But again, I was thinking of my Kid who can't have chocolate, and since he was coming to the party - I didn't want to take any chances. I actually adapted ALL the party food to his allergies. Shh. I don't think the guests knew the difference...

Those faces are just MINI nilla wafers. Neat stuff, that. Even though I made itty bitty ice cream sandwiches with them in the past, these cupcakes sold me on their versatility. Note: must think up more uses for mini nilla wafers.

The blanket - just rolled out Starburst. Man, when this kids found this out they gobbled it up! I found it kind of gross, and let me tell you, it was NOT easy to work with. Just labor intensive, then again if I only had to do a dozen cupcakes, not 36 - I'd be in the clear.All in all these things were a HIT. People loved them and I am trying to think of more opportunities to make them again.

Mayyybbe it's a little creepy to eat things that look like babies? Honestly, I am more about the cupcakes than the candies, and I...threw mine in the trash. DOH. Perhaps I should have safe surrendered it on the porch of police station.

Sleeping babies cupcakes
how to, here.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Buddy: We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

When this shower was planned I told Nanette, I dunno, but I think the theme might be diabetes. I definitely went for a sugar overload with the baking. Nanette's MIL hosted the event at her gorgeous home, she had a pink and green bunny theme and did amazing decorations and a lovely lunch.
Me? I just did dessert and favors. It was a great set up since that was my only responsibility I could just focus on that, which I really enjoyed doing. Here's a list of what I put together:

Burger bites (cause they were in the invitations)
Neapolitan cookies
Mexican Wedding cookies (Nanette's fave)
mini cocoa cupcakes
strawberry and chocolate maltballs
a cereal bar with four different cereals
'sleeping baby' lemon cupcakes
Broken Glass Jello

The sleeping cupcake babies were probably the biggest hit. They were surprisingly easy to do, and people seemed to get a kick out of them. I think I might do it again for one of the kid's birthday parties.

For favors made personalized cards (soon to be in the shop since I am redoing things) and (even more!) cupcakes. I put them in an individual cup-a-cake holder - those things work fabulous! I am so impressed with how you can even turn it on it's side and the cupcake doesn't even fall - fantastic! For the cupcake favors, I made a spice cupcake with cinnamon frosting. I knew those would hold up the best, flavor wise and not dry out.It was a hot day, but everything turned out just as I had hoped. I couldn't have done with without Nanners MIL that's for sure. That woman is a party animal. I got many catering biznass propositions, but as always, I say NO. Cause then all the fun would go away!

There's a theme here you see. If you look closely there are little pink hearts on everything, from the invitations, to the food to the favors. And since Nanette and I basically became friends over baking, baked goods (not diabetes) was a running theme as well. I think it went well, only the guests could tell you for sure, but I had a lot of fun baking. As I told Nanette, you know me and the boredom - now that it's over, NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

Thanks for all the contest entries, a winner will be picked soon.
More shower pics, HERE and on Nanette's blog.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

To the extreme I rock the mic like a vandal.
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.

I'm just checking in here. Wow, the contest was definitely not a means for me to get compliments, seriously - that's embarrassing. Perhaps I should have worded 'why do you come here' a bit differently, more specific. In any case, it nice to know people like to hear me...complain?

I am in the middle of my baking marathon, and hey, it's been a breeze so far, honest. See what planning can do for you kids? Remember that. As usual I have done things TO THE EXTREME (I can't help myself. It's a sickness) Tonight I made seventy cupcakes. Yes. Seventy.

You still have til Sunday to enter the contest. I say go for it, you've got nothing to lose, the prize is basically just handed to you. Just like today when my FIL opened his email:

FIL: "This email says I won the U.K. Lotto and I should give them my information!"
: "No. You did not. Especially not on my laptop."

Tomorrow. More baking. Wish me luck.
~enter the contest!~

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cupcakes or cursing.

My birthday is next week. Like every year I look forward to it with more joy than I can ever tell you. I am the only one, as no one else gives a crap. (Can I at least get a card from my kids, come on!?) To celebrate, as I do every year, I am having a giveaway - yay, free stuff for YOU! The prize? Well that depends...

When I laid out my inventory recently I realized that my cards are mostly sweets or swearing. Such is my life. So it's your choice -

package A
1 individual cup-a-cake holder, cupcake sprinkles, cupcake liners, 'cupcake crumbs' cards, cupcake tags

package B:
your very own sh*tlist, 'curse-ive' cards, pack of buttons

I am taking the next few days off to go on a baking marathon for the shower. From now until Sunday leave a comment. Tell me which package you'd choose, tell me who you are, why you come here, why everything tastes better with bacon, I don't know, whatever you want. I'm always astounded that people take the time to come by and read everyday. Thank you so much, your fake internet friendship really means a lot to me. Well, not you silent-lurker-hater, but the rest of you, yeah.

So delurk, it's my one birthday wish, and you get a prize for it! Here's a secret, most likely you'll receive both package A and package B. Unless you are super offended by cupcakes, then, you know, screw it.

Cupcakes and cursing. Two of the best stress relievers ever.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

S N double O P.
D O double gizee.

O.G. is still in full force Olympics mode. She watches any and all coverage she can get her hands on. Watch what you say in front of kids. It will be repeated. FOREVER.

O.G.: "Chinese people eat dogs."
The Baby: (horrified) "What."
Jenn: "Why do you have to say these things?"
O.G. "It's true. I saw it on tv. They eat scorpions too."
The Baby: "WHAAAT."
Jenn: "Please. Stop."
O.G.: "They put them on sticks like a lollipop. It's normal there."
The Baby: "Grape Gramma said Chineze peoplez eats dogs!"
Jenn: "Great Grandma is insane."
O.G.: (leaning into the Baby) "I hear dogs taste like hamburgers."
Jenn: "I. HEARD. HER."

Of course he's been telling everyone under the sun. THANKS OLD LADY. You think those dogs are bad, have you ever had a Downtown L.A. bacon wrapped hot dog? They're so bad they're ILLEGAL.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michael: I would never say this to her face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist.
Oscar: What? Why wouldn't you say that to her face?

Asian foodfest day 72. Or something.

When I was in high school I was teaching the architecture class (just 3 people), because I had run out of electives and my teacher said what the hell. He and I both knew that I was going to be an architect for a living, even at 15. So much so that he pressed me to go work at an architecture firm twice a week after school. Like Johnny Tremain I was to be an apprentice. Without the whole mangled hand thing.

While there, an older architect took me under his wing and decided he was going to school me in the ways of architecture. It turned out to be the best work experience ever. It was tedious, for sure. Lettering by hand for hours. Memorizing Sweets category numbers. Drawing and tracing buildings and trees, over and over. Back then neither of us realized that pencils would be obsolete in just a few years. Which is why I think it was so helpful. It made me have to learn how to draw and the artistry that is involved in creating a building.

Why the hell I put up with this I have no idea. The older, cynical me of today would be like 'screw you old man.' But back then I was in love with architecture and I wanted to learn every part of it. Little did I know 20 years later I'd be huddled in a bathroom stall crying, wondering why I chose such a low paying profession with such insane work ethic, at the cost of my children's well being. BUT I DIGRESS.He taught me all kinds of weird things. I think he was bored with his job and was happy to not work and just talk to me all day. So one day he gave me this recipe and said, 'When you are older and have children you should make them this recipe every week. It is easy and tasty and good for you.' In some weird way it stuck with me and I carried that recipe with me all through college up and up til today. He was right. It is easy. And tasty.

I don't know where that old architect is today, but I truly want to thank him. He guided me in such a way that while design school and after has not been easy, many roadblocks were a breeze for me because of him. Everything he taught me I still use daily. And I have a tasty recipe for my children as well. Just like he said.

Lettuce wraps recipe

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Words are meaningless. And forgettable.

My MIL was supposed to come back this week and she didn't. You can't fault the woman for wanting a vacation, but I needed her help this week more than ever to prepare for the shower and now I feel I am at a loss. Then again I found out that she filled my spray bottle with LIQUID SOAP, so maybe it's better she didn't come back. What the?

The fact that Julia Child was a spy makes me love her even more. I wish one of her missions was to kill Sandra Lee, but oh well, we can't win 'em all.

I sketch a lot and I am a Sharpie devotee. However at the Con the Sakura rep came up to me and gave me one of their identi-pens. Holy crap. I'm in love. I want twenty thousand more of them now.

Speaking of the Con, my 'Thanks for the Monkeys' cards SOLD OUT. Wow, people love monkeys. Or cards. Or something. So I'm having an August - with purchase promo. Free stuff is good stuff. (Later this week - more free stuff. Shh. Stay tuned.)

What are you in the mood for? I feel like eating scrambled eggs with bacon and some sourdough toast. Mmm. I think that's exactly what I'll make for dinner...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blind melon

I go to a lot of Farmer's Markets as you know. So when I saw in the Food Section of the Times that they were starting a new one at Century City, I packed up the kids and headed out there. It was kind of a disappointment. While the kids had fun running around the CAA lawn, and the band was FANTASTIC, the booths were few and far between. And that's what I was there for. The produce.

I did manage to pick up a few good things. Fresh corn, mango for the boys, a lemon tart for me (good god that was delicious) and a Japanese melon. What kind of Japanese melon? Who knows. It was really really good so I kept asking the lady what kind is it and getting the answer out of her was like pulling teeth.

Jenn: "Wow, this melon is fantastic, what kind is it?"
: "Japanese."

: "No, what's the name of it?"

: "Melon."

: "Yes, yes, but what
kind of melon?"
Lady: "Japanese melon."

Oh forget it. It was good anyway. The market was in front of the lawn between Century Park Towers and the CAA building. Say what you will about man made parks, I love seeing tall high rises next to patches of green. It makes me inexplicably happy. I was disappointed to see that Tom Colicchio's Craft wasn't open until 11:30, so we headed to the Stand for lunch. I love the Stand, great burgers, dogs DRAFT ROOT BEER (heaven) and more importantly - all you can eat pickles. We are a pickle eatin' family so we ate a TON.I'm not sure if I'd go back to that market, I think I'd rather stick with SaMo or Hollywood. They've only been open for two weeks anyway, hopefully they'll get their feet off the ground. Any chance for fresh produce is a good one, I say. Now I guess I'll dig into this melon. It's Japanese, apparently.

More market pictures here.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

I am Catwoman. Hear me roar.

Look closely at this activity book. CLOSELY. What do you see?

I'll tell you what, when the Baby opened this book he started screaming. Why?


Er...ok. I saw it as two separate pages, but clearly the Baby did not...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ticket to ride, the white line highway
Tell all your friends, they can go my way

In the June issue of Giant Robot, James Jarvis talks about the simplicity of design, and how designing something clean, simple, is actually extremely complex. I know in my own designs - stationery or architecture - it takes hours upon hours to make it look so...simple.

Except when it comes to baking. It is then I tend to go for overload. I'm not talking about 'cake wrecks' (which is an insanely funny blog) but when I bake I like to go for that 'wow' factor in how it looks and definitely in how it tastes.

A co-worker is (wisely) quitting and moving to the east coast tomorrow. To send her off I decided to make a zebra cake - in cupcake form. You may have seen versions of it making it's rounds on the internet. Don't get it confused with a marble cake, no way, no how. This is much more...time consuming. ~sigh~ If I had made a cake, it wouldn't be so bad - but a cupcake? Good lord. It took me 5 minutes to make the batter and 45 minutes to fill the damn cups. How did it turn out?
Pretty darn good. The layered lines were gorgeous inside. I used a freakin' teaspoon to make each one. Do you know how many teaspoons are in a cupcake? TOO DAMN MANY. I made up a quick mocha frosting which was delish, and I had to write it down quick so I did't forget how I did it.

The whole thing was really tasty and pretty. Was it worth it? Yes. Was it a pain in the a$$? Yes. Try it and let me know how it goes. For now, I think I should go back and apply my own design philosophy to baking and go simple. Next? White cake. White frosting. The end.zebra cupcakes recipe
mocha frosting recipe

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

They f*ck you at the drive-thru. They know you're not gonna turn around and go back. So, they don't care. I'm not eating this tuna, ok?

There's a reason the kids and I don't eat fast food. 1) It's gross. 2) It's really gross. 3) Just like Joe Pesci said, they screw you at the drive thru. I went to McDonald's today and they asked me if I wanted girl or boy happy meals and I said with emphasis, BOY. Guess what I got when I opened the bag. Yup. Girl dolls. You try explaining to your two kids who only want Happy Meals not for the horrible food but for the worthless toys, that said worthless toys aren't the ones that they were expecting. God how I hate fast food.

There's only one reason I'd go there and that's because we were visiting O.G. You don't go to her house bearing gifts, you go to her house bearing burgers. She loves hamburgers and would/does eat them everyday. She has been really sick lately, and since she seemed to be on the up and up, we stopped by to bring her dinner.

O.G.: "I feel better."
: "You shouldn't be eating burgers, I suspect."

O.G.: "I know. I don't feel well. I might barf."
: "Very funny. When was the last time you barfed, like 20 years ago?"

O.G.: "Last night."
: "What!?"

: "I had this Mexican pot roast, see..."

Jenn: "Oh lord..."
.: "It was so spicy I couldn't get it down but I kept trying and ate it all."

Jenn: "Disgusting."
: "Then I got heartburn and...blllaarrgghhh. ALL. OVER."

: "Thanks for the visual."

: "I'm going to give the rest to Uncle Joe."

: "Great, so he can get food poisoning."

O.G.: "He can handle it."

She is not supposed to leave the house, yet she drove ALL OVER TOWN yesterday looking for, what else, limited edition Olympic Coke cans. Good lord. Her search turned up empty, and she was disappointed so she drowned her sorrows by buying pizza. The hell? No wonder she's barfing up a lung.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pretending not to see his gun,
I said lets go out and have some fun

O.G. loves the Olympics. So much so, that she COLLECTS Olympic glasses/cups. So much so, that she has a VIDEO TAPE of the 1984 Olympics sitting on her shelf that she busts out every so often. Insane. So I called her up to see how she's been enjoying it so far and she said, "Michael Phelps makes me sick. Why does he have to win everything?" Ok...that's some Olympic spirit she's got there.
I am not watching the Olympics, I am entering the final stretch of my own baking Olympics in preparation for this upcoming shower. However, because I am a moron, I chose to take on things that can only be made the day before. Hi. I'm dumb.

So like a true athlete (not at all) I need to keep my skillz in check - so I've been baking whenever I can. Mornings. Late nights. In my dreams.

My MIL brought me some Hershey's kisses from Hawaii that have macadamia nuts in the middle. (Put one in the positive column for the MIL.) While eating a whole bag of those things did not sound appetizing, I thought I could make some great cookies out of them.

I had this grand idea of a subtle chocolate cookie with one of those kisses hidden inside. I checked the Hershey's website and of course, there is something there exactly like that. Except you won't catch me using Hershey's cocoa, no way in hell. I'll eat the chocolate, but the cocoa? Crap. So I used my one true love, Valrhona - instead. It made a world of difference and gave the cookies that subtle not too sweet flavor, with the extra punch of the kiss inside. Just what I was looking for.Hopefully all this pre-baking will pay off and the shower will go off without a hitch. Next up, I'm baking something special for O.G. Hopefully my critique will fare better than poor Michael Phelps. Damn, that old lady's harsher than a Russian judge.

Cocoa Mac Kiss Cookies

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Monday, August 11, 2008

I saw Cowboy Dan. I didn't like the look on his face. It was like I killed him.

My MIL is gone for a week. Which means I have no babysitter. Back to regularly scheduled programming. People without kids tend to think that those of us with kids don't want to spend time with them. In fact the opposite is true. I'd love to go out with my friends, but the logistics of finding a babysitter, spending the money for one, and the guilt of getting one, well - it takes a lot. I wish I could do things on a moment's notice, but things just aren't as easy as they seem.

That's why when the mom2be told me she wanted to invite kids to her shower, I was 1) in awe of her kindly thinking of those moms who may not make it otherwise 2) in shock at what could turn out to be a major headache. I love kids, (Mine, not yours. Yours are a nightmare.) but if you invite them to a party it might not always go so smooth. I blame the parents. Myself included. They just need to keep from being bored, and have something that will keep them entertained.

When I throw parties I like to make little fun packs especially for the kids. It not only makes them feel included but it also keeps them occupied. Yay on both accounts. For this upcoming shower, I made personalized circus notepads - having your name on anything makes you feel good whether you are big or small - unless it's a subpoena. I also included super cheap colored pencils I found at Target for just 67 cents. Score. And a little candy never hurt anyone, so organic TJ pops oughta do it too.So I made these for all the kids coming to the shower. These fun packs will keep them busy for a good 10 minutes. After that? Well, deal with it parents, I did my best.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kent? This is God.

I knew that the Farmer's Market would be full of summer fruits, so I couldn't wait to go and pick up some inspiration. Then I get an email to my phone and it's Martha Stewart and she is all 'What up, beyotch? Check out this recipe for peaches, yo.' Ok, that wasn't what the email said, but it was a recipe for roasted vanilla peaches with raspberries.

Well, the recipe sounded ok, with a few minor adjustments. One, I decided to ditch the raspberries and try and simplify the recipe as much as possible. I'm a woman on the go you see, I don't have time for no stinkin' raspberries. Or I just didn't feel like it. Whatever. Two, I added cinnamon. Cause I always do.

So I hoofed it over to the Farmer's Market and lo and behold, the loveliest of peaches. I bought a few because after I attempted her recipe, I was going to make my old tried and true one for baked streusel peaches. (Recipe later). The boys and I wandered the market. Eating kettle corn and drinking agua frescas.
With some adjustments, her vanilla peach recipe was fantastic. Like a sign from above, now I await another email to tell me what to make next. If she tells me to stand in a house in front of a giant jiffy pop. I'm in trouble.

Roasted Vanilla Peaches with vanilla ice cream recipe

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Are Gringos falling from the sky?!
Yes, El Guapo!

Ok, gringos aren't falling from the sky, but babies are. At least it seems that way. Well, that's cause storks drop them...right? Huh. I better look that up. Anyway, what is the deal with the baby boom? It's like babies, babies everywhere all of a sudden.

I received two baby announcements in one day. It surprised me only because I had no idea these people were even pregnant. That's the problem with living far away from people who you only talk to about once a year. You don't get that full experience of seeing them go through the 9 month thing. And I kinda like that cause it makes you feel like you are going through it with them.

I had a bunch o' gifts to send so I made up these baby cards. I made them to congratulate the new parents - who shocked me with the baby news - but I figured they'd be a good idea for moms who need a quick 'thank you' to toss in the mail. AND they have the baby's name on them, so you know - they're special.If you know a pregnant woman, (who doesn't, I currently know like, 4) these make great shower/congratulations gifts. You can find them in the shop, of course.

Hey Baby! cards, here.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Andy: Break me off a piece of that... huh huh huh...AP-PLE-SAUCE!.
Jim: Break me off a piece of that applesauce, I don't think...

I need a break, seriously. Gimme a break. Like a kit kat bar. Or Nell Carter. Whatever, the best way to forget your troubles is to window shop. And since it's too hot to leave the house, I'll just window internet shop.

Doc Sofa Bed
This couch is fantastic. I want anything that is like a Transformer.

Lil Sprinkles dolls

These dolls are made by two awesome sisters. The dolls are so freakin' cute. And look at them closely and they are well made, at that. Every one is different which makes them hard to choose, because lord knows I love the accessories.

Two Fat Ladies on dvd
Back in the day I loved this show. The two fat ladies, one on a motorbike, the other in the sidecar, would tour the towns and make food. Not good food, mind you, but it sure was fun to watch.

Buddha molds
I want these cause they crack me up. Kinda like that egg mold I have. I wonder if a Buddhist would find this offensive...or delicious?


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tracy: [upon seeing Liz in a wedding dress] Oh, no! Did a Korean person die?

Day two of Asian Food Fest 2008. I'm pretty sure I am going to have to forcibly make the FIL eat Peruvian food tomorrow cause I'm kinda over it. Tonight I made Korean food. But seeing as how we are not Korean, and the recipes are my own, I'll just call them FAUXrean.

I made my world famous (not really) kalbi. A true Korean would be horrified that I use a can of Sprite in my recipe, but hell, at least it's not the Korean "mint flavored Sprite". Blech.
In addition to that I also made some Chap Chae, again, a bastardized version, but hey, I'm going for flavor and simplicity. This was a really good, filling meal. I cooked it on an indoor grill, nothing like smoky meat to perfume up the joint. Man does my house smell good right now. I'm sure I do too. I should probably shower.

Kalbi recipe
Chap Chae recipe

*As you can tell my recipes site is f*cked. I have decided to never cook again. That or I have moved to blogger. Whatever. It will take me years to transfer everything because I am lazy and technically challenged. Just close your eyes and hope that it'll be fixed someday. That's what I do.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Michael: I need my entourage. Jim, Dwight, Ryan - come on, we're going to Asian Hooters.

My MIL came in the room screaming. I thought one of the kids was hurt. Instead she said, "THE PREGNANT MAN HAD HIS BABY!!"

God. Anyway, not only is my MIL here for another 4 weeks, but now my FIL is here as well. How does this change things? Well my MIL will eat just about anything I make, which is great. My FIL is skeptical of anything that is not asian food. This is hard for me, since the only time I really cook Japanese food is on New Year's Day. I can do it, I just prefer tacos. I'm Mexican like that.

So first thing we headed to the Japanese market. I put together a really quick simple dinner, with very minimal prep. Just boil the noodles, heat the sauce and toss stuff in at random.The 'stuff' was kamaboko, green onion, char siu and fried nori chips. Those things are damn good. They are considered snacks, and supposedly taste great with beer, but I put them in the broth with the noodles and it's really tasty.

Tomorrow - I make Korean food. sigh. I miss tacos.

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Out on bail fresh outta jail, California dreamin'
Soon as I stepped on the scene, I'm hearin hoochies screamin'

Saturday was wedding of two old friends of mine. I also got to see people that I only see about once a year, so it was like a mini reunion. In a weird coincidence, the I recognized the videographer as some dude I went to kindergarten with!

The wedding was at the historic La Venta Inn, a spanish villa high in the hills of Palos Verdes. It's a place where everyone tries to book for their weddings, and with good reason, the views of the Los Angeles coastline looking north are fantastic.This picture cracked me up. I took it after the ceremony when we all settled in for lunch. Everyone just happened to be be wearing VERY LARGE sunglasses on for this morning wedding. That's how we roll. The weather has been fantastic lately - cool breezes and just the most perfect amount of sun.

Both the bride and the groom are architects, as was everyone in the room. It was like an AIA convention up in there. The set up was gorgeous. I thought the table centerpieces were fantastic until I heard "and we are giving away the centerpieces..." and I thought - oh crap. I'm totally going to win. And I did.
Just how the hell was I supposed to get a six foot motherf*ing tall centerpiece into my car?? Cut to my friend and I hanging off the balcony, me holding the flowers while he dumped the water. Sadly, I had to ditch the flowers and I strapped the 3' vase in my passenger seat. That vase will stay far away from the kids is all I'm sayin'.

When the bride and I worked at the same architecture firm, we did a lot of late nights and listened to a lot of gangsta rap. The reception music, just as I figured, reflected as much. Some things never change.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Feeling unknown and you're all alone. Flesh and bone by the telephone

This weekend I was alone. I saw the kids for a few hours here and there, but otherwise, I was pretty much on my own. While I dream of all the wonderful things I'd do if I had the time to myself, I did absolutely nothing.

On my own, with all the time in the world, instead of baking cupcakes...I bought them. Man I'm weird. While Sprinkles is a total rip at $3.25 a piece, I do love them. I'd even say they were my favorite of all the cupcakes out there. I like the flavors, and the packaging design, of course.

Standing in line for them like a tourist was...odd. I've never done that - I stood in line at Magnolia in New York for THIRTY minutes, but that's cause I was on vacation. (psst - not worth it in my opinion. Go to Buttercup Bakeshop - no wait.) But still. I was happy to get my neatly packaged cupcakes.

Then I headed to another bakery. (Why am I fat? Hm.) Before our houseguest went back to Hawaii, people back home asked him to pick up rainbow bread to take back home. It's weird that King's Hawaiian Bakery isn't even in Hawaii. While I was there, I got a loaf too.

Then the kids came home. Chaos ensued. The Kid tore into his legos. The Baby was bad and got put on timeout for the third time in one day. Same ol' thing. Of course at that point, THEN I started 'doing' things. I made a big pot of chicken soup, fruit salad, and using the rainbow bread, made grilled cheese sandwiches.
I also started baking, doing laundry, filling online orders, and designing new cards. Which just proves that I only function well if I have a million things to do under total chaos circumstances. What is my deal? At least I had cupcakes to fuel my madness.