Monday, January 19, 2009

Louder than bombs

It's been hovering around 80 degrees here in L.A. I had done my typical watermelon bombe for the Kid's birthday once before. This time I made an orange sherbet with rainbow sherbet filling and a chocolate bombe filled with coffee chip ice cream. Obviously the chocolate/coffee was for the adults. I don't need a bunch of 5 year olds bouncing off the walls, thanks. I'm not that crazy.

Bombes are always fun to make. I love coming up with new combos and it's fun to hear the OOHs and AAHs when you cut into it and people are shocked at the colorful centers. They also come in handy with these summer temps heatin' up the joint.

The Kid seemed pleased, and since he doesn't care for cake anyway, didn't miss a traditional birthday cake one bit. Course with this much ice cream, now we are stuck with leftovers to last us til the next millennium, but that's fine and dandy with me.

Coffee Chip Ice Cream recipe
More Ice Cream Bombes, how-to

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Anonymous Emily said...

I don't have any parties coming up but this really makes me want to make a mini bomb - a bomb for two. I mean, sure you could just scoop a few flavors into a bowl and kind of have the same thing, taste-wise, but the bombs are so pretty. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 6:01:00 AM  

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