Monday, January 26, 2009

You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no

Two hours at my doctor plus one hour at the pediatrician told me this: I am sick but not dying (yet) and the Kid has allergies. Well, at least one of us is well.

So I say soup is in order, dumpling soup to be exact. And since today is Chinese New Year, what better way to celebrate than bastardizing the Chinese Culture like a good non-Chinese person? Yikes. I'm not Chinese - but if I was I'm sure I'd do a better job at dinner than this - but cut me a break, I'm sick, remember?
I originally got this recipe from the very non-Chinese Martha Stewart, I adapted it, and it's so simple that I make it pretty often. It's great for cold winter days like today when it's...70 degrees. Whatever. I have a cold, that's cold enough. Happy (cough) New year (wheeze).

Dumpling Soup recipe

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Anonymous Yo Bro said...

So a hakujin gal at work comes up to me and says

"Happy New Year's!"

I'm like "oh, ok, thanks."

"So did you get a lot of red envelopes?"

"uh no. maybe my wife did."

and I'm just sitting there wondering if I should be offended or not. Probably not but still... I wouldn't go up to the Puerto Rican guy at work and wish him a happy cinco de mayo... well, I probably wouldn't.

Monday, January 26, 2009 9:03:00 PM  

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