Monday, July 06, 2009

I got that boom boom pow

Fourth of July 2009 was...the same as last year. Same peeps. Same fireworks. I ate my weight in guacamole. Blah.

I love grilled bbq foods, however I was kind of repulsed by these hamburgers my Uncle grilled up from Costco. Why the heck are there holes in the middle? I felt like I was eating a donut burger and not the Paula Deen kind. It tasted good, it was just odd.Desserts were abundant, I made red velvet cupcakes that the kids decorated with sprinkles and my annual Watermelon Bombe. And this year, my Uncle's Annual Taste Test? Vanilla Ice Cream!

Of course it was the coldest Fourth of July ever. People were in parkas, ski hats, winter garb. I realize that we don't even live in snow country, but by the beach 50 degrees is cold, peeps! What I'm saying is, not ideal ice cream weather.

Which ice cream was the best? Let's just say that much like last year's ketchup debacle where I chose Hunt's as my favorite, I refuse to believe I'd betray my beloved Heinz and will buy that brand til I die. Er. Our family takes these tests a little too seriously.

Once again our family called foul on my Uncle's Taste Test. There's no freakin' way they were labeled correctly. I told him to show me the carton so I could eat of there directly to see if Dreyer's was really Dreyer's and Thrifty was really Thrifty. However the cartons were conveniently thrown away earlier in the day. Huh. A likely story. O.G.'s review? "Hm. They all taste like ice cream." Brilliant.

It was a good exhausting day, but too many annoying people and too much boom boom pow noise - is optimum irritation level for me. Maybe I just need to back away from the guac now and chill. Until next year...

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Blogger Jodi said...

That sucks that it's so cold where you live. I feel for you. Warm and sunny on this side of town! Not too hot, just perfect. Granted, I didn't have a bbq to go to, so I'm kind of a loser...but, I had the sun!

Monday, July 06, 2009 12:24:00 PM  

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