Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Michael Scott: I have painted a portrait of the two of them, from memory. And I have another one of them in the nude. But that one is for me.

When my friends Paul and Darlene got married I didn't have a lot of money since I just got laid off, and I wanted to give them something unique for their wedding. Since I did their wedding cupcakes, and I know their taste for sweets pretty well, I thought a special gift would be to send them 6 months of baked goods! Believe it or not, I am now going on the 5th month!

I made 100 wedding cupcakes: 50 Ovaltine and 50 Red Velvet.July:
The first gift I sent them was chocolate chip cookies from the Baked cookbook. SO GOOD. I kept some and made ice cream sandwiches with homemade coffee ice cream. HEAVEN.
Darlene just so happened to have sent me the link heard 'round the world - for Pies on a Stick. I knew I wanted to try them and ship some down to them.

My memory is fading, but I do believe peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were sent. It was around the time of my SIL's baby shower, so I'm guessing that was it...
Ah, how can I forget this one. The disaster of all disasters - the cupcakes that I hand crafted lovingly drew in chocolate cupcakes that I made......totally destroyed by the Postal Service and I don't mean Ben Gibbard. Sad.

I got smart. No mailing. I suckered them into coming to me so I could hand deliver Peanut Butter and Boysenberry Jelly cupcakes.

And that brings us to December. The end of this strange wedding gift, which was a fun challenge for me and probably made them super fat. In any event, it was a good time. But what did I send them for their last and final gift in December...?

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Blogger Darlene said...

You had me fooled up until now about coming up to L.A. to pick up the cupcakes.

For the record, six months of baked goodies from you is too generous. A million thank yous.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009 6:44:00 AM  
Blogger Our Man Horn said...


We are? OK, cool Just checking. Totally worth it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009 6:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG that is such an awesome gift. I wish I was your real life friend instead of just your lurking blog reader. You are an amazingly talented person and I wish that 2010 brings you good health and a great job that utilizes all of your fabulous talents.

Susan from San Diego

Friday, December 11, 2009 9:56:00 AM  

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