Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Melrose place

I like when my SIL comes to town. She is good company and always up for going somewhere fun. I like to show her all parts of Los Angeles and she always amazed that there is so much to do. The one place she asked to go to was the newly opened Tokidoki store. I mean new - like last month they opened - new.

When we got there she was so excited she ran out of the car and didn't even close the door. Hello - geez louise, talk about excited.

The sad thing was there wasn't much there. I did desperately covet this shirt, after all donuts + Hello Kitty is what heaven looks like to me - but I passed. The SIL, didn't find much either, in fact she left with nothing. Full of disappointment, I took her to drown her sorrows in pizza at Mozza, Mario Batali's pizzeria.

We ordered Speck Pizza, which was nothing that she was used to but she liked it a lot, thankfully. More importantly (to me) we had dessert. Too much dessert, probably. I ordered a Caramel Copetta and while she was wary of it at first it ended up being her favorite.

She decided to order gelato. Mint chip, espresso and since her fortune at New Year's was to 'TRY SOMETHING NEW', she went for...olive oil ice cream. She didn't care for it, but I LOVED IT. It was light as air and just smooth as can be.

My inlaws are gone, but my SIL is here for one more week. It may be her vacation, but it means one more week of having a live in nanny for me. Whee!

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Blogger Jesser said...

I'm pretty sure I'll do the same thing if I ever get to the Tokidoki store. Or faint from sheer glee. One of the two.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 6:06:00 AM  

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