Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lemon Week: Day 5

The Lemon Fairy gifted me a giant bag of lemons - and here it is, the end of Lemon Week!

Oh thank god. I am at the end of my lemon rope. I made it through the week and the lemons are gone! Of course when you think of lemons you think of lemon pie. But I added a little twist and made a lemon ice cream pie.

This is what lemon dreams are made of. Creamy, not too tart and not too sweet. It came out so light you could eat the whole pan. I didn't...though I could have. Must. Share. With. Children. The secret though - is my NILLA WAFER crust. That's what really makes this pie come together.

I invited the Food Librarian over to taste test the pie to make sure it was really good. She loved it but was distracted by learning to play Bakugan. I told her never to darken my doorstep with lemons least until next year!

Goodbye lemons. I shall miss you.

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