Monday, February 22, 2010

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly

I had some business to take care of in Glendale and since the Kid was off school and O.G. was bored senseless, we all went on a field trip.

I stopped by the Local Collection at the Glendale Galleria to restock and take a look at my display. There are some amazing artists there, it's nice to be in such great company.

Of course since the Kid was with me we HAD to stop at the LEGO store. It's one of only two in Los Angeles (the other at Downtown Disney) and it's so much fun. There are areas to create your own toys, lots of amazing models and an entire wall of colored LEGOs.

I am as much of a LEGO freak as the Kid, so it was hard for me not to say, "YES, I THINK WE DO NEED THE $400 DEATH STAR!" O.G. was a good sport, we spent a long time in there and she feigned interest in the tiny models.

As the Kid looked for a way to spend his birthday gift card, I was drooling over the FLW Falling Water, but at $99, I just had to pass and cry myself to sleep over it. The Kid kept continually bringing over boxes that said, "3000+ pieces." Yikes. Sorry Kid, my brain and my living room would never survive.

Instead he settled on a Buzz Lightyear spaceship, I'd rather he had waited for the cool new Toy Story stuff they debuted at this year's Toy Fair, but you can't really tell a Kid to wait when YOU were the one who dragged them to the toy store.

It was around lunch time so we headed up the street to Portos. I regularly go to Porto's location in Burbank, but this Glendale one is pretty good too size wise. They also have a party store upstairs with some crazy pinatas.

O.G. got the soup (of all things) and I stayed with the potato balls. Two for lunch and a dozen to take home and keep in my freezer. While this Glendale location is nice, it still suffers from bad parking, much like the Burbank Porto's.
Our adventure came to a close and we headed away from the heat (ugh) and back to our lovely beach weather. Any day that ends in potato balls is a good day. GlenDALLLE!

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Blogger susbro said...

Portos is opening another location near my work! I'm so looking forward to potato balls for lunch.

Monday, February 22, 2010 10:09:00 PM  

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