Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fly girls

I am weeding through my cookbooks. I have a ton but if they haven't been used, or aren't special (hero and hero) to me, then no - out they go.

I have a ton of those 'local' hawaiian cookbooks as well as church cookbooks. You know the ones with that same old beef tomato recipe. We get it, there's beef. There's tomato. Boring. But this one made me stop in my tracks:
I didn't even know I had this or that there even was a "Hawaiian Air Flight Attendant" offiicial cookbook! And there were pictures inside...of flight attendants! Just in case you didn't believe them.

This thing is old, tattered and stained. And had some fantastically crazy recipes in there, many of which I have marked. To start tho, I wanted something simple, straight to the point and well, Hawaiian...ish. Pineapple Spareribs it is.

I changed the recipe up a bit to give it more oomph. They were REALLY good. Then I changed the recipe again and put them in the crock pot. Oh. Even better. Then...I made them again. Ok, so I may be on a quest for developing the best rib recipe ever, but these were really flavorful.

Makes me want to fly to the islands...eh, not really. Well it makes me want a bouffant hairdo and a 60's a-line dress, anyway.

Pineapple spareribs recipe, here.

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Anonymous Valerie said...

I believe HA comes out with a new cookbook for every anniversary. I have two so far that my auntie has given to me. The recipes are so ono, and some of them have been featured in the Star in HI.
You have ties to HI?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 8:50:00 AM  

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