Tuesday, June 01, 2010

After the party it's the Waffle House, if you ever been here you know what I'm talkin about, where people don't dance all they do is this...

You know how Norm walks into the bar and everyone yells his name? I think I've found my Cheers. At least I wish it was so. This weekend I finally got over to Syrup Desserts downtown.

Downtown has changed so much since I worked there, the gentrification is astonishing. A once decrepit Historic Core is now bustling - with hipsters and crackheads sharing the sidewalks. And right there at 6th and Spring is Syrup Desserts. With a FULL menu of sweets, it will get your head spinning, but avoid the dessert case - no, really. The good stuff is on the menu.

See, this place specializes in waffles. Yes, waffles. aka the Kid's favorite of favorites. Want him to calm down? Give him a waffle. Stubbed his toe? Waffle. The menu is full: Belgian Waffles, buttermilk waffles and also 'Liege' waffles which are denser heartier sugar waffles. These were a little too much for me, but I can see it going well with coffee for an afternoon snack.
Which brings me to...the coffee. Intelligentsia and L.A. Mill are the best - NO, the only coffees you should be drinking in Los Angeles, and now you don't have to go out to their locations, Syrup provides both in the store. Not only that - the best Ice Cream in L.A., Scoops? They've got that too. I will never have to drive around town again.

In addition to all those heavenly things they also serve crepes, waffle ice cream sandwiches and sweet (not savory) grilled cheese. There is also a lounge area upstairs with couches and board games, that is good for hipsters but even better for bored kids. I know from experience. ~ahem~

Check out this menu: with a price point of everything under $6, how can I not frequent this joint? And the staff is SO nice - they were especially kind to my kids, which always wins my heart over.

My pictures are bad since it's rather dark in there. It reminds me of the tiniest little coffee/sweets place in New York, tucked away where no one can find it. Oh, but they will find it. And I will be back, again and again. And yes, I did let the kids have ice cream for lunch, so sue me. I got the leftovers...

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Blogger sara said...

I love your blogposts, but this title especially, makes my day! I love Welcome to Atlanta remix, ahhh good times!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010 11:57:00 AM  

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