Thursday, September 02, 2010

There's something inside my body and it's called a heart

Man, do I love hearts. In any shape in any form, I am a sucker for them. So when I saw these kakimochi in a heart shape? I nearly died of cuteness overload.

Kakimochi aka Arare aka Rice Cracker is a Japanese snack. In Hawaii they are a little bit crunchier, soaked with a lot more flava. Think of it as a teriyaki cracker. wouldn't think to put it in a cookie, right? You'll find a lot of Hawaii cookie companies make an arare cookie - it's as if the rice cracker takes the place of nuts or cereal, anything that adds a crunch.I decided to try and make up my own recipe and load it with flavor. By flavor I mean packed with chocolate, of course.

I had visions of pressing the little heart crackers into the cookies, because the adorable factor of it all was beyond me. Is it sick that I have a sketchbook for ideas like this? Probably.

So I mixed up a batch and passed them out to friends, and they all seemed to like them! What better way to show your friends love than with a cracker? I mean cookie. I mean cracker. LOVE CRACKA.

Kakimochi (arare) cookies recipe, here.

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Anonymous Kirbie said...

I love heart shaped things too! These crackers are so so cute. I love to eat them anyway, but the heart shapes make it even better.

Friday, September 03, 2010 10:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Donald said...

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