Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sitting here on top of the hill, I’ve got everything I ever need from this world

Sunset Junction is the intersection of Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd. There are lots of cool stores and restaurants there, and it's where I usually go for coffee at Intelligentsia.

Directly across the street is Forage - I've heard so much about it and never had a chance to go. Luckily I was going to meet Scootabaker for lunch and Forage was the choice! Perfect!

The original concept was that you could bring in your own fruits and veggies and they would cook them up for you. That was shot down by the health dept., but they quickly reworked the concept and got back on track making fresh, healthy, amazing food. Everything looks so delicious, it's hard to decide what to order.

Down the way is Secret Headquarters. I go to comic shops all over the city, so the fact that this one is right in the heart of delicious food is a major, major plus. It has a nice small boutique vibe and look how nicely organized this place is...

...and you know I love organization.

Next door is a brick walkway leading down to a little bungalow. It's pretty non-descript until you see the 'Spice Prices' sign on the wall.

Venture down the alley and it opens up to a lovely fountain courtyard and a bungalow lined with jars and jars of spices. This is the Spice Station. There are over 200 spices here! My mind races with ideas of new recipes that I can make with all of them.

I mean how can you pass up 'WHO DAT SALT?!' I am drawn to salts and sugars - I like to use them to top various baked goods to give them a little something extra.

This time around they were out of Strawberry sugar, so I settled on some Blueberry mind quickly filled with visions of blueberry crumbles, muffins...mmm.

I shopped, ate, caught up with a friend and went home with an AMAZING cupcake. No pictures of that. It was eaten too quickly...

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Blogger linda said...

I think they just filmed part of the recent L&O LA in Sunset Junction.

Friday, October 15, 2010 11:05:00 AM  

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