Monday, December 27, 2010

Our house it has a crowd, there's always something happening and it's usually quite loud

It's almost time for my crazy over the top New Year's Day party, so I have to get prepared.

Every year I go to the Food Librarian's family mochi making party to pick up fresh mochi. I do my part to help out with the mochi making...

...but let's face it - parties are all about the food.

In traditional L.A. Japanese- American fashion, the food is mostly...Mexican. Enchiladas, burritos, usually tamales - that's how we roll.

There were a TON of other items of course but hey, I likez the carbs:

Another Japanese-American tradition, never go to a place you've been invited to without bringing something. So I made everyone's favorite red velvet cupcakes and I decided to put in a little time and effort for something extra:

Yup. A Mochi Factory made out of gingerbread. I put waaaaay too much time into planning this thing out but what else do I have to do besides sit around and eat carbs?

For all the mochi fest details go HERE.
And for all the plans, elevations, construction details on the gingerbread house, go HERE.

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Blogger Barb said...

Super cute gingerbread factory!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 12:54:00 PM  

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