Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the Ferrari or Jaguar switchin four lanes with the top down screamin out money ain't a thang

I took the kids to Target the other day to take a look around. Hey it was raining, there's nothing else to do in L.A. but go to Target. It turned out to be a lesson in money and math. Since they got money from the inlaws$10 to be exact) we talked about what you could you buy with $10. What WOULD you buy with $10?

It was interesting because we spent a long time in the aisles and we looked at the cost of things, compared how much you'd get for your value, etc. I had them add up the cost of : "Well, if a Clone Trooper is $8 and a LEGO is $5...can you buy that for under ten?" Answer: nope.

How it was spent was interesting too. An insight into personality, perhaps? The Baby decided to blow it all on one $10 item. The Kid made the most of it and bought lots of little things to make the $10 work for it's value. Personally, I'd save it up and pair it with birthday money and go for something HUGE - but I think it will take a billion birthdays for me to save up for that iPad...

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Blogger joyce said...

Ah, that's what my son does. Saves his money to buy one big thing...
I'm so glad today was not a rain day. Saturday was non-stop rain here in SF.

Sunday, February 20, 2011 11:08:00 PM  

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