Thursday, April 21, 2011

hip hop hooray! ho!

Easter is notoriously weird around here. Last Easter there was an earthquake and O.G. ended up under the dining room table. (crazy) Then there was year O.G. put packets of jam in all the plastic eggs. (totally crazy)

I'm wary about this Sunday. Easter always means bad things around here but I am going to fight fate and try and plan for the BEST EASTER EVAHH!! Yeah, I know I'm headed for disappointment.

If you want to try for the BEST EASTER EVAHH!! (that's trademarked) here are a few fun ways to celebrate!
Envelope Easter Bunnies (how-to, here)
A fun and quick craft, all you need is an envelope!
Chickie Eggs (recipe, here)
The Baby loves these. Not to eat, oh no. To keep as a pet.
Shaped Eggs (how-to here)
This is either the coolest or the weirdest depending on how you feel about eggs.
Spam + Egg Musubi (recipe, here)
Not at all Easter-y but still super delish.



OpenID said...

Is it ok to feed the kids spam? I don't even let the Mrs eat spam, I sure as heck won't let her buy spam to feed the kid (granted, it's not like he's even on solids, but...)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011 11:02:00 AM  

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