Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's morphin' time!

I don't know how tides change but suddenly Power Rangers are big with the kids. Did you know there are over 16 different Power Rangers series?? WHAT?? I've been going through them on Netflix with the kids and I definitely have my opinions on which series are the WORST. Don't get me started.

As with all new faves around here it all ends up as inspiration for drawing. Not content with the array of Power Rangers series available, the kids decided to make up their own versions.

To avoid freakouts we follow strict drawing guidelines around here, basically the same ones the kids follow in their Art Class.

1. Think about what you want to draw. 2. Outline it out in pencil. 3. Pen is permanent. 4. If you get to 3 and mess up, DON'T FREAK I told you to work it out. There is no white-out in this house.

Keeping to those drawing standards cuts back on tears for all of us, and actually it gets the kids to work out design issues, since that's really what the drawing is about anyway.

Do you want a sword, what color is your outfit, can you fly? Important questions like that is daily speak at our dinner table.

Of course the kids developing their own Power Rangers wasn't enough, MOMMY HAS TO DO IT TOO. Man. Designing my own Power Ranger was way below folding laundry on my to-do list, but when your kids want you to be involved, you gotta bite the bullet.

So here's mine. Obviously my color would be pink and obviously I'd have a Hello Kitty bow. Obviously. Now back to folding laundry.

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Anonymous Woodsy said...

Love it! I remember J's Power Ranger days!!! Where does the time go?

Thursday, August 11, 2011 2:42:00 PM  
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