Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween spooks, outside my window

It seems like Halloween came and went a lot faster than in past. Maybe it's just because I walked into Target this morning and it was like Christmas threw up all over the joint. It's not even December!!

Halloween is always at O.G.'s house. The streets are flat and the kids flood the neighborhood. It's very trick or treat friendly.

To get started I made a hearty Root Beer Pulled Pork on King's sweet bread and some mac salad and a few other things.

Even when it was still light out kids started hitting the pavement! Not wanting to be left behind, the kids scarfed down their food and off we went.

Since my nephew was just two, having him in tow was a little slower than normal - but it was all about the fun for him. He got tired after half a block so the kids picked up the pace.

We only went a few blocks this year but they seemed to gather even MORE candy than last year. Their haul contained a lot of chocolate as well as toothbrushes (there's always a dentist in the 'hood) as well as two VERY ROTTEN APPLES. Seriously? That's just mean.

Once home while the kids weren't looking, O.G. weeded through their loot and pulled what she wanted. Sheesh. Don't leave your candy unattended, kids.

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