Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pascal Campion

(part 2 - Part 1, here)

Whenever I have free time at cons (rarely) I usually make a mad dash to specific vendors which always seem to be at the furthest point from my booth. In the case of WonderCon, I had to look no further than across the aisle.

Small Press is filled with indie artists selling their prints, comics and wares. There is always so much to see, you can spend your entire con just roaming the aisles and finding amazing new creators.

Across from me in Small Press I spotted the work of Pascal Campion. Immediately his signage caught my eye. I knew that his work would be perfect for my mini-at-home gallery and I started going through his print collection.

What I found was amazing. Beautiful perspectives and wonderful colors. The imagery was sweet and whimsical.

What I noticed the most was his use of reflections, they were stunning. Reflections in light and water - he seemed to master it, which is far from easy. His aerial shots made you feel like you were spying into tiny little fragments of characters lives.

I tweeted his booth number immediately so that people could go and find his work. I sent more than a few customers his way but he didn't need it, his booth was packed with people lined up to buy his prints.

The very last day I went over there, hopeful that he'd have the one I'd been coveting. A fun drawing of a little girl having breakfast with a bunch of animals. Towering pancakes, messy monkeys - I thought my kids would love it because we have breakfast almost all day long!

Because he has kids of his own I feel like his drawings reflect the fun and adventurous side of life with a whole lot of imagination mixed in.

His online store is filled with so many colorful, warm prints, all evoking different emotions. I know I will be buying more than a few of Pascal Campion's prints in the future for gifts and for myself.

And the last of my absolute favorite finds at WonderCon is....(to be cont'd)

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Oh wow! I love it!!

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