Thursday, March 01, 2012

Young Justice

Anything superhero related is a plus around here - but you can't pull anything over on the Baby, it has to be good.

One of our favorite shows to watch together is Young Justice, an animated series that focuses on DC Universe's young superheroes.

We enjoyed the series when it first aired on Cartoon Network and now the episodes are being released on dvd. All the episodes on this new release of Season 1, volume 3 just happened to be our favorite episodes!

One of my favorites is 'Terrors,' Superboy and Miss Martian acting as a sort of undercover crime fighting duo inside Belle Reve prison was fun to watch.

By far the Baby's favorite episode (even before we got the dvd) was 'Targets.' As you'll see in this clip, it's funny to see Superboy not quite...get...why everyone is wearing symbols on their chest. Hey, t-shirt cosplay is big here on earth, Superboy.

Also in this episode is one of the Baby's favorite moments, when Superboy assumes that his alias of 'Conner Kent' is an homage to Dr. Fate. You see, the Baby is a HUGE Dr. Fate fan.

And that's what brings this series full circle, it's a fun and renergized look at familiar characters in new and exciting situations. All the the hints at invested DC Universe characters, along with modern storylines make this series fun for comics fans of all ages!

Young Justice, Season 1 Volume 3

**full disclosure: Warner Brothers provided me with a copy of Young Justice: Season One V. 3 for review, all the opinions expressed are my own.

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My kids love YJ, too!

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