Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ink Sack

Like most tv food fans I was riveted by the brothers Voltaggio as they battled to the finish of Top Chef. Any appearance in LA I tried to see the chef in action - his Chef America dinner with Iron Chef Morimoto in Manhattan Beach was a once in a lifetime experience. (recap here)

So when Michael Voltaggio announced he was going to open an LA restaurant I was excited, but moreso that he was going to open a small sandwich outlet. I don't eat fast food, and in LA you don't need to and this is why - high quality delicious food that you can take on the run, perfect for me since I'm always out and about.
Ink Sack is located on Melrose right next to Sweet Lady Jane and across the street from one of my fave stores Alexander McQueen in West Hollywood.

As you would expect from a Top Chef the menu of sandwiches is a modern takes on classics. Sure there are reubens and banh mi, but also C.L.T. that's (chicken liver/chicken skin-lettuce-tomato) and a spicy tuna.

I went straight for the fried chicken sandwich - as I always do when I visit a new place and this one was great, fried perfectly, moist, it was almost...too meaty? Blasphemy, yes but the condiments on the sandwiches are so good you almost want more and more of them. No disrespect chicken.

Of all the sandwiches I tried, the stand out to me was their famed Jose Andres. Billed as the 'Spanish Godfather' it's his take on one of my favorite sandwiches in the city, Bay Cities Godmother.

While that one is large almost to the point of unweildy (but still amazing) this one is more compact. Still the amount of flavor packed in there is astounding. Serrano, chorizo, manchego all combine to make one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.

And of course I'm all about presentation and these slick black paper bags look unassuming but inside awaits something very special...

House made chiccarones! There were always chiccarones in the house when we were kids since they were a favorite of my mom. Paired with a spectacular Ink Sack sandwich and a Mexican Coke - that's the perfect LA lunch on the go right there.

everyday 11am-8pm.
8360 Melrose Avenue #107
Los Angeles

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Blogger Xenia G. said...

Can't believe how cheap it is! Looks good, dying to head up to LA now!

Friday, June 01, 2012 12:03:00 PM  

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