Monday, May 21, 2012

We have a HULK

The other day the Baby was assembling (haw haw) Avengers toys and realized...we don't have a HULK! How can this be? I even have a Hawkeye action figure!

Thankfully, instead of begging me to take them to Target, the Kid tempered his brother by coming up with a grand plan to MAKE OUR OWN HULKS! Genius!

Like most of our after-diner-art sessions this revolved around crafts and superheroes, our favorite things!

It was an interesting problem solver - the Kid decided to make his totally from scratch, building the Hulk entirely out of paper. Because we had no green paper he used a crayon and 'made' his own green paper.

Then crushed those up into balls to form the head and body and then made cylindrical arms, etc.

 The Baby chose a different plan of attack. He started off with a green figure as a base, using Humungousaur from Ben 10. As you can see, his work station was mostly snacks.

He then insisted that I fashion purple pants out of paper but they had to wrap around him entirely. Sheesh! I feel like I work in a sweat shop sometimes.

 I used the same idea that I used on the FoodLibrarians' bag for her doll cake (here), where I made a pattern that completely wrapped around the object.

Once the pants were done the Baby made a chest and a Hulk face to complete it.

I'm sure we'll acquire a Hulk action figure soon, but until then I think we came up with a good substitution.

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Creativity lives!

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