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Disneyland, the suite life - part 1

Part 1/3

A few weeks ago the kids and I went to Disneyland for four ya do. I know four days sounds like a lot especially when we just live up the freeway, but there really are a lot of things to do that aren't even park related! Disneyland is like a second home to my family. I've gone several times a year ever since I was a born and we stay at the hotel quite often. Speaking of the hotel...

I've talked about my love of the Paradise Pier Hotel before, but this time we were staying there because my mom (who booked the room) was on a business trip in Anaheim. Paradise Pier is much more reasonably priced then the other hotels and you still get access to all the special Disney perks.
When I checked in I was thrilled to find out that they gave me a complimentary upgrade! We weren't 'family of the day' like last time but it still felt like it. Suddenly we had two beds, a living room, a pull out couch, a fridge, second tv and second bathroom. Second bathroom - always a plus when you have kids, just sayin'. Hm. That pic looks just like last time. I wear that jacket a lot...
The obvious plus of staying at a Disneyland Hotel are the magic mornings where you get in early to the park. Not only that, Disney's Grand Californian has a secret 'guest only' entrance into the park and since it's just a walk across the street from the Pier Hotel, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Where else are you going to see this in the morning:
No line on Star Tours and we were the only ones in the ride. Glorious.

The other plus is being able to go back to the hotel to rest. My personal fave. We went to the pool everyday and swam, took naps - then watched World of Color from our room. Sure it's not the same but the music is piped in through the tv in synchronicity to the show and really - the show (the crowds) is not that high on my list of things to do anyway. Relaxation? Always high on my list!
Lastly, the BEST reason for staying at a Disney owned hotel - they treat you like royalty. Thoughtful in every way, Disney knows how to keep you happy.

We came back from a day out to find the beds made up and the rooms cleaned per the usual, but the staff had arranged the kid's stuffed animals, added balloons and chocolates and even gave them an autograph book - all courtesy of the hotel. So much love! The kids were thrilled and couldn't contain their excitement! Disney certainly knows how to make you feel special!

Tomorrow - Disney daycare! What? (to be continued...)

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Blogger A Mom Like You said...

I have stayed @ all 3 hotels & have always been highly impressed w/ The Pier, the staff is my favorite of the 3 properties. Price wise it is the best deal & I love the water slide. So excited to hear about your experience w/ the Daycare, we have thought about using it buy have never seen any online reviews .Can't wait!!

Monday, July 09, 2012 9:03:00 AM  

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