Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Parish

People in Los Angeles fear downtown but they shouldn't - because among the maze of one way streets and heavy traffic are little jewels of amazing restaurants.

The Parish is at the intersection of Spring and Main on 9th, for years it was an odd little corner but what it does have going for it is fairly light traffic downtown traffic and it's surrounded by an abundance of both street and lot parking.

Housed in a tight corner the restaurant is quite open and inviting. The windows and front patio offer a lot a cozy sunlight that brighten up the small interior. The seating is open and first come first served - getting there the earlier the better is your best bet because closer to 11 it starts to fill up fast.

The Parish breakfast menu consists of various breakfast biscuits and baked goods. Of course the Fried Chicken Biscuit was calling my name. The biscuits are a decent size and quite filling. Other items include sausage or bacon biscuits and vegetarian options. Nice and fluffy, the biscuits are lovely - just as decadent alone as they are bookending a perfectly fried piece of chicken smothered in maple dijon piled high with pickles.
But why stop there? A side of beignets is where it's at. Three of them lightly fried and heavily dusted with powered sugar just like I like them.

The other pastries options are just as fantastic. What looks like an ordinary cranberry muffin is surprisingly moist and fluffy, almost cake-like studded with tart, fresh cranberries.

But the standout was the maple scone. Most restaurants scones are hit and miss, some are dry and flavorless but this one...this one I think I'd drive by just to pick up one of these maple scones and nothing else. Sweet maple glaze coated a dense (but not dry) flavorful scone. Perfect with a coffee or one of their offerings of Chado tea.
The restaurant closes at noon then reopens for dinner at 5pm. I must come back because upstairs is a huge seating area with a large open bar and tables that look like a cozy living area. All I could think was that this would be a great place for a party.

The Parish opens at 7:30am to feed the downtown residents and if you catch it just right it's fairly quiet with plenty of seating. The night menu is gastropub fare which I'll have to come back for, but I can't imagine not spending a quiet Sunday morning in the downstairs area with a biscuit and a few beignets. Definitely my favorite place for a quick downtown brunch.
The Parish
840 S Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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Blogger Jami Messinger said...

I was truly impressed that the biscuits were so reasonably priced at $4. Then again, muffins were $5, so...

Monday, November 12, 2012 9:50:00 AM  

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