Thursday, March 27, 2014

Keeping busy in Disneyland lines

Waiting in line at Disneyland can be anywhere from a few short minutes to hours. While a well stocked bag of snacks can only last so long, it always turns into the inevitable child rally cry: "Mom? Can I use your phone?"

When I'm standing in line I'm usually trying to work on something at the same time so using my phone isn't always an option. When we were kids, we didn't have smart phones! We just dealt with boredom! How? Well, I don't remember but we dealt with it!

Now Disney is coming up with fun ways to keep kids busy in line, and it has nothing to do with modern technology!
While in line for Toy Story Mania the CM's handed out mini Etch-A-Sketchs to the kids. I wondered how this old school toy was going to go over considering the kids can't even recognize a payphone.

I was happy to see that the kids loved it! My kids love to draw so they had fun seeing what they could accomplish by turning just two little dials and in one shake they could start all over again. I jokingly told the kids that Etch A Sketchs were the original iPad.

The line moved swiftly and at the end all of the Etch A Sketchs were collected to distribute to guests at the beginning of the line. It was fun to see the kids being creative with a toy that didn't require a battery pack. Such a fun treat provided by the park for the kids to enjoy during their wait!

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That's so cool!

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